50+ Birthday Wishes for Twins Boy and Girl

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Twins

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Twins


Twins can be a blessing in disguise. When you talk about twins, you’re talking about a joyous day. Being blessed with twins can mean twice the joy of having one child, as well as twice the fun at their birthday parties.

When it comes to birthday wishes, twins, particularly identical twins, have a unique way with words. The best birthday wishes for twins demonstrate their wit and wittiness. Whether it’s a little over three years ago or thirty years ago, twins turn a major milestone every birthday that you should celebrate. Birthday wishes for twins are all about making that special day even more memorable than before.

Birthdays are the most special of the year. Birthdays make you feel loved and give you a reason to get together with your family and friends to celebrate as ONE! One of the favorite things in life is celebrating birthdays! It is exciting when it’s someone’s birthday or a holiday because that means you can gather your family and friends together to eat yummy food, share laughter, have good conversations, commemorate great times, and yes…even pull. Out some fun games! In this write-up, we are going to share with you our favorite sweet birthday wishes for twins.


Birthday Wishes for Twins Boy and Girl

  • Happy BirthdayBirthday, twins! You guys are the greatest gift of all! 😍


  • It’s so rare to see twins born on the same day. It’s even rarer to celebrate their first BirthdayBirthday together. Happy 1st BirthdayBirthday to these cuties! 🥳


  • Massive twin peaks move to a new house today! Stay strong and climb that hill. Have a sweet birthday!


  • Happy BirthdayBirthday to my favorite best friend twins, 🎂💕👯 … Keep loving one another, supporting one another, and lift each other. And as you’ve always done, keep making me #bowdown and #admireyou


  • May your newly minted 20-something years be full of all the joys a life-long friendship can bring. Lots of love to your family and you, my sweet twins! 🥰 #thattwinsfeeling


  • #HappyBirthday to these oh-so-sweet twins! I hope you have a day full of sunshine and smiles. ☀️🍰


  • I wish your twins a happy birthday. 🎊


  • Dearest birthday twins, you make our double lives so bearable. Happy BirthdayBirthday to you both. 🎉🎈


  • Happy BirthdayBirthday to my sweet twin angels; thank you for adding so much fun, laughter, and joy into every single day of my life.


  • We wish these two sweet twins a wonderful day.


  • We’re celebrating Hannah and Emma on their BirthdayBirthday today 😍😍 Happy Birthday, Twins! #tbt #twinning


  • Happy BirthdayBirthday to these two bright lights. Here’s to a particular year. #HappyBirthday #Twinning


  • We are celebrating our twins on the biggest day of the year.


  • So many BirthdayBirthday to celebrate on the 15th. Happy (quintuplet) Birthday, my loves. You’re our five favorites in one. Love you to the galaxy and back ❤️ #familyversionofheaven


  • 🎂🍰 Happy BirthdayBirthday to my favorite twins on the planet 💗 You’re two years old today. I am so proud of everything I’ve watched you become over the last 24 months.


  • Happy BirthdayBirthday to my incredible, sweet, talented, beautiful twins. So glad we all get to celebrate together!


  • Happy BirthdayBirthday to all the best twins in the world. Here’s to having your best BirBirthday!


  • Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most, like a birthday party that looks 😍 *almost* as good as you!! Happy BirBirthday my twin sister.


  • Happy BirBirthday these cute identical twins – enjoy your special day full of love and laughter! 🎉👯#twinpower


  • Happy BirBirthday you both! Each of your birthdays holds a special place in my heart. #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday the twins of my life 💗 I hope you guys have the best day ever 😊 #doubletrouble


  • Today is your day, and we are having so much fun celebrating your first BirBirthdayappy 1st BirBirthday, my sweet twins.


  • Happy BirBirthday our favorite set of twins!! Thank you for being a massive part of our family this year. 😘❤️


  • I just love my twin babies!! Happy BirBirthday the most relaxed, most intelligent, and most creative human beings I have ever met… it’s your day – let’s celebrate! 😘🎉🎁


  • Happy Birthday identical twin babies! How lucky to have a year’s worth of twin celebrations for you ☝🏻 #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday our favorite twins, Tina and Rachel. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways. 💕🎩


  • Happy Birthday, Little Angels! Our favorite thing about your special day is that it’s not just ONE BirBirthdayit’s TWO. 💕


  • So excited to share my BirBirthdayth, my twin. I’m happy we could experience life and all the things that come w being the different but same person. Love you🎊👊 #twins #twinssister #birth


  • Celebrating the best summer of your life with our favorite ones. Happy birthday, twinners 🎉🎈 #twins #sweetthismoment #smiles #birthday


  • May you always share a room, a birthday cake, a bedroom, and a big piece of your heart… and a lifetime of friendship. Happy BirBirthday my beautiful twin sisters—my best friend for life ❤️ 🎉 #besttwins


  • Getting ready to CELEBRATE with my twin brother and sister! Happy BirBirthday last 😉 #twinsofinstagram #bday #titosandtacos


  • Once upon a time, two precious bundles of joy were born and named with the most fitting names: Brooklyn and Blake. #HappyBirthdayBrooklynBlake


  • 🎈🎈🎈 Happy Birthday, Nicholas and Nicholas! 🎈🎈🎈 We’re so excited to celebrate another year with you guys – I hope you have a great day!!


  • May your days be filled with joy, laughter, and love. 💗 You are in our hearts always. Happy Birthday!


  • Enjoy everything that comes your way today, all the food, all the love from friends and family, but whatever you do, try not to get any sugar on your brother’s face. 🎂😊


  • Wishing a sweet birthday to these double the fun girls who are turning two today! #SweetToothTwins #BdayMonster #TreatYoSelf


  • Happy BirBirthday the sweetest little dudes in all the land. #happybirthdaytwins


  • Happy BirBirthday these two special ladies! You’re one year older and even better than ever. 😍 Happy Birthday twins #twinmas


  • Mama said there’d be days like these. But really, every day is like a birthday with you! #tbt #twins #Sweet16


  • ️Babe, you were born to be loved. And that’s precisely how I’ll love you for the rest of my days ❤️ 💕🎉 , Babie #twins.


  • Hey twinners, here’s to another year of being the best friends in the whole wide world. 💗 #HappyTwinDay #ItStartsWithUNDERCOVER


  • Today, I celebrate that you were born and that life isn’t worth living without you. 🎂 ❤ #twins


  • Our babies are one today, and they’ve celebrated their👶🏼 birthdays right with the greatest gift of all, each other ❤️ #ProudParents


  • Treat yourself, and a friend to a delicious cake this BirBirthday celebrate the new year. 🎂 #sweet16


Birthday Wishes for Twin Daughters

  • Hi twins, there’s no cuter way to celebrate your BirBirthdayan with these matching.


  • Turning up the sweetness factor today for my sweet twins on their special day! 💞🍰 #SweetToes 😘


  • Happy BirBirthday our two favorite people in the whole world. May your day be filled with sunshine and warm wishes from friends and family alike #twins.


  • This weekend, my twins celebrate their sweet half-birthday. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown into the best big sisters and the best tiny humans I know.


  • Double the celebrations, double the fun. Happy BirBirthday these beautiful twins – Hope and Grace!


  • To the birthday twins! May all of your wishes come true.


  • Hey 👋, we’re celebrating you, Lori and Lucia, on your special day. Wishing you a year full of new adventures together. ❤️ #twintwinbirthday


  • Happy BirBirthday a pair of sweet twins who like making their magical mischief. 🎂🍰


  • Haven’t celebrated your first BirBirthdayt? This weekend is the perfect time to join in the festivities with your particular twin at a party full of family, friends, and lots of blue icing. Have a super sweet birthday!


  • When you are surrounded by people who know how to have a good time. #happybirthday #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday my twinny! You are one of a kind, and I love you more than anything in the world. ☺️🧡💛💚💙💜


  • We can’t decide which one of you we love more—wishing you a happy birthday and many more from mommy and daddy.


  • Happy BirBirthday our favorite twins 💕🎉 We can’t believe it has been a year since you blessed the world with your beautiful selves. Here’s to many more years of giggles and sass. #sweet16 #sweetto


  • May your birthday parties be filled with lots of fun and lots of presents. And may you both forever remain as happy and bright as candles on a cake. ‼️ 🎂 #twinsiebday


  • Happy BirBirthday my sweet wishes – Ben and Ella! #twins #happybirthday


  • Happy BirBirthday my favorite twins. I love you both so much, and I’m so grateful to be your big sister. 😍😘♥️💕 #twins #happybirthday


  • You’re still tiny, but today you’re officially big. Happy BirBirthday these adorable twins! #🎂


  • Hey to the two most beautiful people in my life: my twins on their BirBirthday💕


  • From the moment we met you, we knew it was love at first sight. Here’s to all the laughs, twin pranks, and shenanigans to come. Cheers to your first bday!


  • Celebrating one year of being M•D•A twins. We couldn’t be more proud of you guys. You’re amazing beyond words. We love you to the moon and back! 💖😘


  • Having twins is twice the love and twice the fun. Happy BirBirthday my sweet little angels. 👶 💕


  • Happy Birthday! You’re the most significant thing that happened to mom and dad since double umbrellas. Happy early holidays! #twins_birthday


  • Happy BirBirthday my twin Celebes. Someone pinch me; it seems too good to be true that I’ll get to spend another year with these little gems. 💕


  • Happy Birthday these two sweethearts… May your days be full of joy and sunshine. 🙂


  • May the laughter we share today bring us closer to this crazy world. #pumpkindaze #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday the most excellent twins on earth! I hope your day is filled with warm wishes and lots of sweet treats 😊 🎂❤️


  • All geared up for your big day! We’ve got one thing to say… Happy Birthday, thin face! We love you both so much. 💗


  • Happy BirBirthday our darling twins. We love you so much. Enjoy your special day! 😍😘


  • Happy BirBirthday, my favorite pairs of twins, 💕 Hope your Birthday is double the fun! #twinmom #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday my big little boys! I feel so lucky and blessed to have gotten the best birthday present ever ~ you! 🎉🍰🎈☺😘


  • Happy BirBirthday the best twinsie 💕💕 We are so grateful for everything you have brought to our family. Love you! #HappyBirthday #firstbirthdays #twins


  • It’s never too late to celebrate your BirBirthdayspecially when it falls on a day as sweet as today ☺️🎂 #twins.


  • I ran into the twins today; I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Happy Birthday Nicki and Natalie. Enjoy the special day. Love you. 🎂🌸 #twins


Twins Birthday Wishes

  • Celebrating the most beautiful gift of all—YOU. Happy BirBirthday the best set of twins in the history of twins! 💕🍰 #TwinTuesday


  • Happy BirBirthday our cute little darlings. You’re looking more and more golden with each passing year 😌 #Sweet16


  • Roses are red; violets are too. One of you turned two, one of you stayed four. Happy BirBirthday our weird and beautiful twins.


  • Trippin’ into a whole new year this week with my sweetie twins. What a fantastic way to celebrate the start of their 6th year of life!


  • Life is a gift. Celebrate yours by cherishing every moment in your family. May your BirBirthday as sweet as you are, and may it always remind you never to forget how special you indeed are. Happy BirBirthday the best twins in the universe.


  • Happy BirBirthday these two sweet miracle babies. There’s nothing sweeter than twins. 💗🎂🍰


  • To the most amazing twins in the total universe. Thanks for inspiring me every second of every day. We love the adventures ahead. 🌍 🦄 #NextGenTwins


  • Happy BirBirthday the two most favorite people in our world; you’re only 11 once. Love you always, ❤️💕


  • Happy BirBirthday these sweet ones. Make a wish and blow out the candles; we hope every single one comes true! Love you both so much 🎂😘 #twinmom #birthday


  • Happy BirBirthday these two special little girls, who share a birthday and so much more. #HappyBirthdayTwins #HappyBirthdayBabies


  • Happy Birthday my beloved twin sister, who I admire and adore with all my heart. I love you and hope this special birthday celebration makes you feel loved, just as you are.‌


  • Happy BirBirthday you both! May every treasure of your heart be yours! 👑 #HappyTwinDay #HappyBirthdayTwins


  • Happy BirBirthday the twins of my life. There’s nothing I love more than you two—you complete me. 🥂 ❤️


  • Having a twin is like having two people who finish your sentences and have read the same book as you. #birthdayboys #happybirthdaytwins


  • Let’s get this party started! It’s your BirBirthday we’ve got three cheers for you! 🎉🎁🎂 #sweet #twins


  • Hey birthday twins, we love you so much. May those candles blow out super quick and your wish come true! May your sister does not steal your cake. 😉 Happy Birthday.


  • I wished these twin sisters a happy first birthday and many, many more to come. 💕💕


  • We can’t believe it. It’s your Birthday. We love you dearly and hope it’s the sweetest ever! 💕 🎂


  • Celebrating one BirBirthday two extraordinary girls. #HappyBirthdayDance #HappyBirthdayInnovation


  • Birthday twins! It’s not a crime to share the same BirBirthdayd look this good together. Happy Birthday ☺ #twins #birthday #couplegoals


  • Happy BirBirthday my twins, and I can’t wait for many more years of celebrating our birthdays together. 🎂


  • I wish you a lifetime of happiness! Happy BirBirthday my favorite little twins, from one set to another. 😍💕 #nssisters


Twin Birthday Wishes

  • Happy BirBirthday our special little twin angels. 👼🍼👱


  • Today, we celebrate your BirBirthdayd can’t believe you’ve gotten even more adorable (but also funnier) with age. Happy Birthday! #happybirthdaytwins


  • Happy BirBirthday these two beautiful babes. You’re now four years old. WOW! Keep being little human beings, learning new things every day 👶🏼 #twinning.


  • Wishing you the best a pleased birthday. Wishing her everything she ever wishes for on this day and every day—which is a whole lot of wishes to be extra special superwomen!


  • It’s hard to believe that our little ones are now turning ___. It’s been a fantastic journey with you both. We love you to ___ and back (or however far away college takes you). Happy Birthday, Taylor and Ken.


  • 🎈Happy Birthday. We are so happy to spend today celebrating you and your sister with your whole family. Wishing you two the sweetest BirBirthday! #twins


  • Happy BirBirthday my perfect pair. You shine equally as bright, and I love the balance you bring. I’m so lucky to be celebrating today, and every day, with my favorite twins in the whole wide world.


  • Yes, you are my two sons, but you are also so much more than that. You’re my best friend who happens to double as my little brothers.


  • Turning one today doesn’t come with candles, but it does come with double the excitement and double the love!


  • On your BirBirthday can’t help but think about how blessed I am to have you as my daughters and not just because you share a birthday. Happy Birthday, Miracle Twins! 😇


  • Happy BirBirthday our extraordinary little twins! We’re so proud to be celebrating with you today, almost as much as we’re pleased that you were born on our wedding anniversary. 🎈💕


  • Growing up seems to happen so fast. Happy Birthday to your twins on a day that will always be memorable for them. Have a fantastic day.


  • Happy BirBirthday these two sweethearts whose kindness and warmth brightens every room they enter. Have a wonderful day. ♥


  • You were born together and have been together ever since. That will never change. Happy BirBirthday the twins of my heart. #👨👩🎂


  • From the day you were born, I dreamed of when your first BirBirthdayuld come along. I cannot wait to celebrate with you two! 🎂 #HappyFirstBirthday #twinning


  • Today is special. It’s your BirBirthday you’re only *TWO* years old. We love you so much & hope you feel extra loved. 🎁


That concludes our compilation of the Birthday Wishes for Twins Boy and Girl. Hopefully, at least a few of them piqued your interest, and you’ll be able to incorporate them into your own photos. Please share this message on social media with your friends and family, retweet it, like it, or whatever your country’s equivalent is. You never know what could happen if we spread the news around the world. Thank you for sticking with me, and I hope to see you again here soon!

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