Best 50 One Year Memorial Anniversary Instagram Captions

One Year Anniversary Captions

Have you ever wondered why many people prefer anniversary captions on their photographs rather than the candid photos they take? It’s because anniversary captions are more novel than plain old regular pictures. Anniversary pictures are constantly being used to tell a story, as most couples use these photos to remind them of how far they have come. The best thing about these pictures is that you can convey the story with your facial expressions and body language while they are being taken. While it’s true that you can’t capture every moment with the aid of an expensive camera, it’s possible to make good use of the little moments in life.

Sharing your feelings about your first Anniversary can make an adorable caption on Instagram. Here you will find 50 ideas for “first anniversary captions.” 

One Year Memorial Anniversary Instagram Captions

  • It’s been a whole year since you and I have been together. Even though it doesn’t feel like long ago, a lot has happened in the past year; with all this passing time; I thought it would be amazing to go back to the day we first met and start our relationship again to celebrate our first Anniversary.


  • “We’ve spent one year together, and I wanted to celebrate it with you. We started with small things, and now we’re here. When I asked you out, I had no idea about this journey we are going to take. But here we are, and it’s a fantastic thing. This is our first Anniversary, and I know that we can make many good memories in the coming years to come. Happy first Anniversary, Babe! 


  • Wishes for our first Anniversary! Thank you for choosing me as your wife, thank you for being the best one. I am proud of what you have become, and I look forward to watching your future unfold before us. Thinking of you all the time, this day gets better because I get to spend it with you.


  • When you asked me to be your bride one year ago, I could never imagine this day. The love that you shower upon me every day has made me a better person than I had ever been. Thank you for all the beautiful memories and the promises that lie ahead of us. Happy first Anniversary!


  • One year ago, on this very day, my life changed forever because of a simple wink from the most beautiful girl I had ever met. Today is the best day of my life, and I want to thank you! Let us build our life together and make a happy future. I love you with all my heart!


  • A lovely day to celebrate our first Anniversary. It feels like a fairy tale to me, but the love and commitment you have shown me over the last 365 days have been a blessing. You are an angel sent from heaven above that I am blessed with. Love you so much!


  • February is the month of love. It is the month when lovebirds honour each other with birthday wishes. It is the month when they celebrate their Anniversary with a gift and a note. So, today I am here to tell you that I have written a message for you to be read on your Anniversary.


  • It has been a year of joy, laughter and love. Thank you for making my life so fantastic. Worth celebrating on this day! Here are too many more years of loving and laughing together.


  • Happy Anniversary to my number 1 hero. I hope that your life is filled with joy and laughter. You deserve all the happiness in the world, and I hope that you have found it here. Thank you for everything.


  • One year is officially over! Sometimes, it feels like only yesterday that we said ‘I do’ and exchanged vows at the most beautiful place in the world. It was our first date, the first night we spent together and the start of the rest of our lives. I love you, baby. You mean everything to me, and there won’t be a day where I will let you go.


  • Your presence in my life has been an inspiration. You have done so much for me. This one year has been unforgettable, and I thank you for being there through tough times. May your stars shine brighter today than ever before! All the very best! Happy Anniversary.


  • One year has passed, my best friend John and I have had our share of ups and downs. You have been a constant source of support through it all. Your unconditional friendship and the way you have changed my life for the better will always be cherished. I wish you a happy anniversary!


  • One year ago today, your world changed forever. I want to be there for you and help you through time, but I know that you must choose to face this challenge head-on. I will always be here for you if you need someone to talk to as you bravely take on this new adventure in life. Happy Anniversary.


  • You should hear my loud “Woo-Hoo!” now because we have been married for one year now. You never made me feel like a stranger in your life, but more like family. You not only have this heart of gold, but you also possess a beautiful soul that I will cherish and love forever! Happy Anniversary!


  • A year is a particular time frame. It is long enough for an old school friend to complete transformation, meet a significant other and get married. It is short enough for two best friends to forget for a brief minute the world around them. So much has changed, but you are still that lovable person. I like to share everything – from food to ideas. One year down, many more to go. Happy first Anniversary!


  • You are so precious in my life that I cannot even begin to describe my feelings for you. It’s hard to believe that it has been already a year since I met you. Today is also the anniversary of our first date. It was lovely and unforgettable! I hope your day will be fantastic! Happy first Anniversary!


  • Mike, today is a memorable day for us. It has been a year since we first met. I remember that pickup truck and the magnet you used to make sure I am always with you. Now, you are my husband and how lucky I feel to be married to a gentleman who’s witty, intelligent and honest as you are. Here’s wishing you a Happy first Anniversary!, honey!


  • Today marks the first anniversary of your birth to us. You have been a very kind and loving parent, and we want to show our appreciation by saying thanks. Thank you for all your efforts in raising a wonderful son.


  • I wish you warm wishes on your First Anniversary! I hope that today marks a grand occasion in your marriage. The memories of the challenges you’d have to go through to get there are memories you will cherish for the rest of your lives. Happy first Anniversary!


  • I want to wish a happy anniversary to the man that I love with all my heart. You have always been there for me, and you still are. You mean so much to me, and I can’t imagine life without you by my side. Wishing us a wonderful anniversary, and may we get everything we wish for! Happy first Anniversary!


  • Today’s memories are too special to forget. The first time you entered my life is known for being the most fantastic day of my life. You give me confidence, you make me feel good about myself and most importantly, you bring out the best in me every single day. I am grateful to be by your side and wish it will continue for as long as I live. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Happy Anniversary to you two, darlings! This is the day when I can say that my life has been fulfilled. Not only have I finally found true love, but this guy is so caring, so supportive and understanding. He is my best friend as well as the love of my life. Thanks for staying with me under all circumstances. I love you both from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for making this day special! Happy first Anniversary!


  • On this memorable day, I wish you a happy anniversary! I know your life always revolved around me and my happiness. You have taken care of me and made me who I am today. Thank you are small words compared to all that you have done for me. Happy first Anniversary!


One Year Anniversary Captions


  • On our first anniversary, I wish you all the very best! I am so grateful to have you in my life. My life without you is like a day without the sun. All I know is that I love you and will always do. Happy first Anniversary!


  • How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love you for your passion for life and your zest for adventure. I love you for waking me up every morning with a smile on your face. I love you for being a great husband and a supportive friend. I could go on forever talking about how wonderful you are to me, but I would rather spend every minute of it celebrating with you today! Happy first anniversary, baby!


  • Many congratulations on your first wedding anniversary! I remember the day you two came together as one. Today, you celebrate another year of being a good team. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness together. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Since the day we met, I’ve admired your courage, creativity, and captivating personality. One year ago, I was overwhelmed by joy when you made me your man. Today on our Anniversary, I want to tell you about my life since then. Every single minute has been spent with you and our little one. Through all the challenges we have faced together, hand in hand. You are my courage and creativity. Thank you for making my dream come true and for being such an inspiration to me! Happy first Anniversary!


  • One year ago today, our lives changed forever. We became a part of each other, and we keep evolving together. So I wish you a very Happy first Anniversary!


  • It’s a big deal for us to be celebrating our 1st year anniversary. We thank all our family and friends who have promised to stand along with us in this beautiful journey of marriage. Here is wishing you a very happy anniversary and many celebrated years ahead!


  • Wishing a delighted anniversary to my dearly beloved wife, ‘my better half.’ You used to be my best friend, but now you are my life partner. I know I wouldn’t have achieved so much if it wasn’t for your love and support. You are the one who has made me feel appreciated. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Sending you a lifelong love wish to celebrate our special day. I am honoured by the privilege to share a part of my life with you. Life has been full of laughs because of you, and I will love you for that forever.” Happy first Anniversary!


  • Having you as my man has been the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. I appreciate all your support and all you have done for me. Gazing into your eyes, you make me fall in love with you every single day. You are my best friend in this world. I’m glad I found someone like you, someone to share with. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Today is a turning point in our relationship. We have come a very long way, and today, I want to thank you for putting up with my selfishness and always making me feel like the only girl in the world. You have come a long way too, and I know that you will keep improving as a person. Happy first Anniversary!


  • A year has passed since our first date. Back then, I had no idea how much you were going to impact my life. I want to thank you for being such a caring person. You are incredibly loyal and generous, willing to give the shirt off your back to help someone in need. As I reflect on the first year of our relationship, I realize that we are made for each other. You always make me feel special and loved; true love is hard to come by these days. Happy first Anniversary!


  • There is no one else that can make my day shine as you do. You have been there through the bad times and the good times as well. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have found someone special like you. Thank you for being there with me through thick and thin and making my life even more beautiful every single day. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Today is an important day for you and me, as it marks one year of our journey together. When we started dating, I couldn’t even imagine that I would fall so much for you in just a year. You have made my life worth living again, and I wish you all the happiness globally on this memorable day. Happy first Anniversary!


  • Well, yesterday was our first anniversary, and you still remember it. You are thoughtful, intelligent and creative. I am lucky to have you as my (husband/wife). I will always cherish the time we’ve spent together and remember how you proposed to me. I want you to know that our future is essential to me, so make sure you let me in on whatever is going on.


  • One year today, we became husband and wife. We have already spent 365 days walking this beautiful path of togetherness. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us ahead. You are a loving and caring man who always puts others interests before his own. I love you! Happy first Anniversary!


  • Happy 1st Anniversary! This date marks the beginning of our new life together. I feel like a little girl stressing about our special day. I pray we have a happily ever after with no zombies chasing us and plenty of food to last us the winter. I love you so much, and it has been a long year of love, adventure, growing, learning, and teaching Each other new things. We are just getting started, but we will always be my best friend, soul mate, and best husband ever.


  • Our life together has flown by as though nothing. But I have been grateful for every single moment that I’ve spent with you. Thank you for a fantastic year and a half. I wish you the happiest Anniversary today!


  • In times of good and bad, you have always been there by my side. And I feel so blessed to have you by my side. The ability to see the brighter side of any phase of life is truly magical. And I hope that this ability stays with you forever. I wish you a very happy first anniversary. 


  • My marriage was the most significant event of my life, and you took the most beautiful pictures. I see your photos everywhere: on my table, wall, fridge, bedside table, and computer desk. Thank you for sharing the one year journey with me, and wishing you a blissful and happy first anniversary!


  • Happy first Anniversary to the man of my dreams! I know we have been married for one year, but it feels longer. You make me feel like the most important woman in the world. I love you and promise to be with you always. Happy first Anniversary!


  • It has been a year since we started dating, and all I can say is that every moment spent with you have been an experience even better than the last. You have made my life happier, and travel through the road of love together is worth it. Here’s wishing you a wonderful and happy first anniversary!


  • Today is your first Anniversary, and I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you have done for me. It would not have been possible without you. 


  • It has been one year since the day I met you. Thank you for making this world a better place for being my best friend and a fantastic companion.


  • The mere fact that you are celebrating your first anniversary is proof of your love for each other. Your pet has made it grow and blossom impossibly. I wish you a very happy first anniversary.


  • Best wishes to a fabulous person I have ever met! You are indeed one of the most outstanding persons on earth. Your one year is a milestone that should be celebrated with all pomp and show. It is the celebration of you, your achievements and what you are capable of. You have given me so much in less than 12 months. To appreciate all you have done for me, I send this “thank you” little message to tell you that it’s so much more than just a card—happy first Anniversary.


  • Happy first anniversary to me and my love.  We have shared the most precious moments, many sleepless nights, tons of laughs and great adventures.


  • My life wouldn’t have been the same if you didn’t come into it. I am glad the universe let me cross paths with you. Every year on your birthday, I will celebrate your existence. Today, we are a year older and wiser—happy first Anniversary.


So that was our collection of the One Year Anniversary Captions. Hopefully, you liked a couple of them so that you can use them yourself in your pictures. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with your friends and family on social media, retweet it, like it, or whatever else they call that kind of thing in your country. You never know what might happen if we spread the word. So thank you very much for reading along, and I hope to see you here again soon!

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