XRP Captions for Instagram With Quotes

XRP Captions for Instagram With Quotes

XRP Captions for Instagram With Quotes: Technology is often considered a disruptive force that changes the status quo and upends entrenched markets and businesses, but some people say XRP cryptocurrency is just the opposite.

It’s designed to be a tool that banks and financial institutions can leverage to help them speed up processes, cut costs and better serve their customers — all without disrupting anything about those institutions that makes them who they are. XRP is the world’s most efficient digital asset for settlement with payment speeds of just 3.3 seconds…

XRP is the fastest & most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. It currently processes more than 1 million transactions per second, making it the most efficient digital asset from all perspectives.

Ripple’s distributed financial technology allows banks and other institutions to send and receive money across borders quickly, reliably, and cost-effectively. Ripple’s diverse team of innovators, deep roots in the financial industry, attractive pricing for enterprise, and a growing global network puts us on a path to achieve our goal: an Internet of Value that allows money to move like information does today.


XRP Captions for Instagram With Quotes

XRP is faster than other digital assets, making it useful for international micropayments. It’s also the name of the company that created XRP and the Ripple protocol

The most revolutionary technology for global payments is Ripple’s XRP. It is the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world.

What is Ripple? Use #Ripple and send $XRP to any valid address. Once the transaction has been completed, you will receive an alert notifying you that the payment has been applied.

XRP: Transaction time 4 seconds, vs. 1 hour for BTC; Market capitalization is 6th in the world at $25 billion, vs. 16th for ETH

A trailblazer in the blockchain industry, CEO of XRP capital @patrickdgalvani says that “Eventually, all fiat currency will be tokenized on blockchains. Then, it will be easy to use across borders.”

What truly separates us from the rest is our culture. So much in this world remains uncertain, but the Ripple Effect—our culture of purpose and trust—isn’t one of them.

“Crypto is like the Wild West,” said @cevlelezz, a former advisor to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, who cofounded a cryptocurrency data analytics firm.

The future shines brightly with unrestricted growth, global adoption, and decentralized development—the sun is rising on a new day.

The Internet is only as powerful as we make it. Where will you take it?

If you dreamed it, you can do it.

What gets measured gets managed. –Hallmark

“To think clearly is to think for oneself” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

We know that the best way to learn is by doing. We don’t just tell you, we show you. XRP Captions for Instagram

Coming soon: an #XRP based card for xRapid transactions. And since it’s XRP, there’s no need to pre-fund an account.

XRP is the fastest, most scalable digital asset enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. Open up a new world of opportunities today. #xrpthestandard

XRP Community: Ripple publishes bi-monthly updates on RippleNet progress: Ripple team predicts XRP payments will reach $28.5 billion in Q4 2018, up from $22 billion in Q2 2018.

Our XRP community is growing!

Today, I’ve made a decision that will forever change the future of digital currency. My choice is to join Ripple 🕺

Ripple provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power of blockchain.

Much like other payment exchanges, Ripple helps banks reduce the time and cost of settlement. Ripple provides global financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information – giving rise to an Internet of Value (IoV).

The @rippleinc mission is to enable the world to move money quickly, reliably and at almost no cost.

Sending and receiving money shouldn’t have to be stressful. FetchXRP helps you do it in seconds.

If you’re looking for trust and speed, All Ripple products have been created for the global financial sector.

“Everywhere is nowhere and everywhere is not the same.” ― Jack Kerouac, On the Road

XRP is the fastest, most efficient digital asset for payments.

Sending a heartfelt thank you to all the community members who have helped support XRP adoption around the world in 2018. We are looking forward to another productive year. Read our recent blog post to learn more about where we are going next and what we accomplished this past year: https://t.co/W83shGX1sB

XRP is the fastest and most reliable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world.  💱

XRP: The only cryptocurrency specially built to facilitate real-time, high-volume payments.

Peer-to-peer money transfer made simple. XRP makes sending money so easy and cheap that it’s like sending a text message.

Powering global payments, XRP is faster and cheaper than ever. Now averaging 70,000 transactions daily.

Experience the new way to the bank and solve payment problems instantly. #XRPcommunity

Purpose-built for enterprise use cases, XRP has a growing list of customers who are building on it and using it to change their industry. Our goal is to make underground value exchange global.

At Ripple, our mission is to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information: instantly, securely, and at a negligible cost.

It’s a great week to be at Money 20/20. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why. Join us Dec 4-7 in Las Vegas and let’s show the world what Ripple is all about! @money2020

New @ripple_xrp accounts are now available on @bithomp 🙌

Ripple is an Internet protocol that interconnects the world’s disparate and disorganized payment networks so quickly.

Start Investing in XRP

What would it mean to have bank-grade security in every cryptocurrency transaction? Till now it was science fiction—but now @ripple has invented an entirely new type of crypto, using the same methods that banks use to secure money transfers.

These are some captions for XRP, a token that Ripple Labs has created. The goal is to serve as a bridge currency between any two assets. It allows first-generation remittance companies and other financial institutions to process payments in real-time, without having to pre-fund Nostro accounts.

When your idea comes to life, all you can say is “Wow.” #XRPcommunity

XRP anchors the world’s fastest and most scalable digital asset.  Learn why millions of people are using XRP!

XRP consistently powers nearly 70% of global digital payments 🌏

XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world!

Using XRP, you can make and receive payments just as quickly as sending an email 📩 🤖

Join us on our journey to modernize global payments and take XRP to new heights ➡️ @ripple

Ripple is the global provider of financial settlement solutions to enable the world to exchange value like it already exchanges information – giving rise to an Internet of Value (IoV).

Money transfer is the new normal. Be a part of the movement🚀

Cryptocurrency is all about reinventing the wheel in the most progressive way possible. And the possibilities have no boundaries!

While faith in fiat currencies is fading (ask a Greek pensioner if you don’t believe it), there are digital assets that are serving a functional purpose for the benefit of anyone who believes in their potential.

Just a hint of fall in the air. That is my favorite time of year. 🎃

[Look of wonder] Ripple is proud to partner with @ISMGF, the world-class leader in bringing blockchain technology to mainstream business. Learn more about their upcoming conference, #RippleAcademy, and the XRP community. #BlockchainWeekNYC

XRP gains 1,000% in a month! Join Ripple’s growing global community of @XRPcommunity and learn more:

The Internet should be free. And decentralized. XRP offers privacy, speed, and scalability. Every day, more #CryptoStrikers and companies around the world are joining the growing #XRPCommunity to drive mass adoption of @xrpthestandard

XRP is faster than Bitcoin and Ethereum, making it the best digital asset for payments.

XRP payment technology frees up credits for everyone to send and receive digital assets quickly and easily.

Ripple’s xRapid product uses XRP to facilitate cross-border payments. Learn more about xRapid here.

Ripple is the only company using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems. Our goal is to increase global transaction volume and accelerate the flow of money.

Today, #Ripple‘s XRP ledger is handling a volume of more than $500 million, the highest it has been since May. Authorities have expressed growing interest in Ripple and its blockchain technology, which has led to a rapid increase in market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies that use the technology.

Ripple is faster than XRP which means it can be used by banks and payment providers to source liquidity on demand.

Helping banks and payment providers connect to RippleNet.

Enterprise-level blockchain solutions on the XRP Ledger enable banks to transact seamlessly across borders.

Ripple makes it possible to send money globally using the power of blockchain.

Welcome to a new era of international payment processing.

I’m partnered with @XRPTipBot – the easiest way to send money. It’s a perfect mix of modern and traditional. Twitter:@XRPCaptain

Now is the time to push for adoption. Add some XRP to your holiday shopping. Don’t be left behind as we enter a new era of finance.

Ripple is a cross-border payments technology powering real-time global payments. We’re on a mission to enable the Internet of Value.

XRP #XRP is the top digital asset for payments, boasting incredible speed and liquidity.

XRP (XRP), is a digital asset for payments. It powers Ripple’s XRP Ledger, which is the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments.

XRP is now available on Bitso. XRP/MXN trading pairs are live. Visit any of the connected exchanges to trade: www.bitso.com/exchange-locations

“…XRP is an interesting development in the cryptocurrency market. XRP can handle 1,500 transactions per second, making it one of the fastest digital assets out there.” – Invest In Blockchain

XRP is a powerful digital asset that’s fast and cheap to send, making it ideal for payment providers and banks.

Ripple connects banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

The next big move for XRP and Ripple is increasingly becoming clear as more financial institutions adopt xRapid.

With the latest update on Ripple, we’re excited to announce that MoneyTap has been live in Japan! Our partnership with SBI Virtual Currencies will bring new users to the ecosystem.

Building a payment channel across borders— Ripple connects banks, payment providers and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

Clearing up common misconceptions about Ripple.

“Blockchain will do for payments what the internet did for communication.”

Ripping off the band-aid. With little fanfare and big impact, the #XRPCommunity, our partners, and Ripple’s leadership boldly embraced the inevitable disruption and decentralization of digital assets. Join today:  Xrpcommunity.com/

Innovation. Fintech. Disruptive Technology. Blockchain. The Future of Money – Welcome to XRP Community.

The #XRP community is the most passionate and engaged group of the three digital assets we support.

An amazing fact about XRP is you can send it from one country to another within seconds and at almost no cost.

Exchange your assets into XRP to experience seamless, lightning-fast money transfers at a minimal cost.

When XRP gains wide adoption and becomes a universal payment solution for every global currency, it will not only make transactions faster, more secure, and efficient but also reduce friction costs currently being encountered by modern payment networks π.

The #XRP Ledger is designed to process 50,000,000 transactions per second at its peak. If a better technology comes along someday, XRP can be effortlessly upgraded—that’s the beauty of code.

Today, xRapid is being used by three companies on the RippleNet – Cuallix, Mercury FX, and Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union.

As the world’s only enterprise blockchain solution for global payments, #xrp has independent value.

Earn $1 per week + $10 per friend signed up using your unique code link. A simple way to earn passive income doing the things you love.

Growth, Innovation, and a willingness to push beyond old paradigms have been key to our success. We are committed to bringing value to the network we participate in and invite you to take part. Let’s get it!

Settle for your work. Never settle for a problem without one.

Every day looks a little brighter. Red = good, yellow = caution and green = go.

No one is a prisoner of their circumstances. It’s your choice to be the architect of your life. -John Maxwell

XRP Ripple is faster than bitcoin, better than gold. It’s the best digital asset for payments with real-time settlements and zero fees. XRP #xrpthestandard

Money, time, and speed. Ripple provides all 3. #XRP

XRP added to Coinbase Wallet. Trade XRP right from your phone. https://t.co/UD1dXt2bCG

This week, $XRP was listed on #Bitrue for trading! 🙌 🏦 📉 NEW! Become a Partner – with@bitrue_official.

Full of potential and purpose, Ripple works with everyone. Who’s ready?

A new day, a new month, a new you. It’s up to you to wake up and chase your dreams. #BeYourOwnBoss #RippleForGood

Ripple’s vision is to enable seamless payments across borders. By joining Ripple’s growing global network, financial institutions can process their customers’ payments anywhere in the world instantly, reliably, and cost-efficiently.

Introducing the Ripple Latitude. Where global payments move faster than ever.

To create a sustainable crypto economy, XRP must be utilized by market makers for their own dApps and payment rail.

The real-time, cheaper, and more secure payment structure of Ripple enables businesses to explore new ways of doing payments.

Bringing you the latest Ripple and XRP news, insight, and analysis. Stay tuned for more.

Getting data into the hands of users quickly, reliably, and at a low cost.

Insight from the #crypto market Jun 12, 2018.XRP: Ripple Luxury: Ripple’s founder Jed McCaleb’s company Coil announced it will use XRP for a “micropayments channel” to fight high fees charged on bitcoin and Ethereum transactions.

xRapid and cryptocurrency payments have proven to drastically reduce transaction times enabling businesses to spend more time adding value to their business. Visit us at xrpcommunity.com#XRPcommunity

Ripple’s XRP is now available on @getbabb.com, a cryptocurrency exchange designed for people who want to buy and trade #cryptocurrencies using their local currency.

XRP is the fastest and most efficient digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world.

Ripple is proud to be working with @XRPUniversity as a member of the Global Payments Steering Group and CEO Brad Garlinghouse will join GPPG as an executive member.

The only way is XRP.

XRP is very easy to use. You don’t need any specialized skills or even a bank account. With XRP, anyone with a crypto wallet can send money just like that.

Glad to start off the week with some more great news for #XRPfam! @fidelity Takes the Crypto Bandwagon!

Moving value quickly. XRP to the Future

Ripple is creating new solutions to send money globally like messaging. Ripple is simple, frictionless, and transformative. It’s about time money caught up.

XRP is transforming cross-border payments and there are only two ways for banks to use XRP as a liquidity tool. They can use XRP, or they can use a network of correspondent banks that all use XRP.

Curious why we’re so excited about xRapid? Watch our director of market operations, Ross

A market-ready platform designed to solve the problems of the digital asset industry. #xrpthestandard

XRP gives you a real-time view of all the money moving around the world. We’re powering payments in emerging markets, helping businesses scale, connecting platforms, and building an Internet of Value.

When it comes to digital currencies, it’s wise to invest in the right currency. Learn more about #XRP, the fastest and most scalable digital asset—available now on @CoinbasePro.

XRP is an enterprise-grade digital asset for payments 💲 💬

XRP Community is the only community you will ever need if you are planning to invest in cryptocurrencies or are an investor at Ripple. Our slogan is “Don’t buy,” and there is a reason for it. The XRP Community is all about sharing insights, guides and strategies, helping each other grow, and encouraging the use of XRP.

The fastest and most scalable decentralized payment platform, XRP moves up to 1500 transactions/second. It’s like 2 weeks with 1 blockchain.

Ripple’s technology is transforming how money moves around the world.

Ripple’s vision is to enable the world to move value as easily as information moves today, driving efficiency in both cost and time.

“I’m really proud of where we are. We’re doing something really, really important in terms of trying to understand payments and make them more efficient. I think we have the right team. I think we have the right approach…I think it’s a good time to be at Ripple.” —Brad Garlinghouse

With xRapid, we’re removing the need for Nostro accounts and foreign exchange spreads. We’re saving crypto exchanges time and money and helping to spur transformative growth in emerging markets.

XRP Ledger is a free software tool that enables the transfer of value over the Internet. It’s the first distributed ledger technology to be used in production on a large scale.

Financial technology for the new era, built on the blockchain.

*Running on a beach*And the winner takes home $10

XRP, a leading technology for payments, is transforming how business is done. Today we’re proud to present our new team member, Norah Jones.

Your one-stop-shop for all things #XRP. XRP: The Standard in Crypto.

This holiday season, you can buy the gift of health and wellness with Ripple products and experiences. We can’t wait to see what you create. #RippleGiveaway

Calm, cool, and collected might be the XRP motto. In our liquid state, we move freely and easily between exchanges (as well as wallets). 🔸 🏦 🔹

XRP is about efficiency—for payments, for banks, for businesses, and for you.

XRP is one of the fastest and most scalable digital assets, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world.

It is time for companies to look at blockchain as an option. The days of cumbersome payments are over. It’s time to use XRP.

XRP offers a high-performance, low-latency settlement service that helps financial institutions source liquidity for cross-border payments.  Learn more about how current helps with frictionless payment services in the following video:

Ripple is about connecting banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

The New Year is a momentous milestone in the crypto industry, and it is just getting started. Ripple’s reach is growing globally at a phenomenal pace…

XRP is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. What makes XRP so promising? Let’s break it down by the numbers:

We believe that the Ripple technology platform has the potential to bring meaningful change to the way money moves around the world. Get involved with us!

We’re using Ripple XRP to protect your devices from malware and other cyberattacks. Read more on our blog: https://blog.bitdefender.com/blog-security-by-design

Today’s blockchain-powered world is changing the way we interact with money.

Imagine a world where virtually anything of value can be moved in minutes, where payments are immediate, and fees don’t exist.

The Second Largest Cryptocurrency by Trading Volume, XRP Captions for Instagram is a digital asset that can be used for payments.

#XRPcommunity is 10,000 strong and growing! Together we’ve made Ripple the # fastest growing digital asset protocol. We’re leading the way in transforming the way global payments are processed . . . and it starts by providing more access to faster and cheaper settlement services than ever before.

Streamlined payments. XRP 2.0 xRapid by Ripple saves you time, money, and resources. Unlike Bitcoin, payments are settled in a matter of seconds not hours.

Excited to chat with you at #WCEF2018. You can find me at the XRP booth and learn more about Ripple’s innovative solutions for payments, xRapid, Current, and XRP.

XRP is Ripple’s fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world.

The XRP Ledger is the world’s only public permissionless blockchain. It’s open, decentralized, and supports tokens representing anything from USD to airline miles.

Ripple connects banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally. Learn more about Ripple at https://www.ripple.com.

When you’re building the future, you need to get things done without fail. Ripple makes it happen.

Ripple, an enterprise blockchain company, connects banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally 🌍

Learn more about the recent changes in Ripple’s leadership as Brad Garlinghouse, CEO, explains its overall strategy and vision.

Making a friend, investing in a merchant, accepting a store payment, or sending money to a friend can take as little as three minutes—Faster Payments.

“No matter what your role is, standards for professionalism apply to everyone.” —@BillGates

13 ways to be a better you—Health, Wisdom, Prosperity, Psychology, and More.

We want to show you around our new office #XRPcommunity

At Ripple, we’re using one of the world’s most cutting-edge technologies—blockchain—to transform global payments. Someone should tell them about XRP xD

Ripple on about @xrpthestandard, the #1 fastest growing crypto token.

We are proud to launch #xrpthestandard, which aims to be a stable currency central bank with a floating exchange rate. Instantly transfer money across the border.

XRP is the only digital asset created to facilitate payments. Great for sending money across borders quickly and at almost no cost. It’s open-source, decentralized, and controlled by no one company or individual.

A #decentralized system built on principles of #opensource and #peer2peer. Let’s discover the real value of XRP together.

XRP is one of the top cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $10.47 billion, with a price of $0.26

Building on our progress of the last quarter–coming off a strong year for XRP adoption and innovation–we’re continuing to diversify our network and build our ecosystem. It’s increasingly clear that the financial services industry is ready for a superior, more efficient global payments solution, such as XRP. The crypto revolution is here, and it’s powered by XRP.

It’s All About Ripple XRP: Ripple’s Global Reach, Scalability and Interoperability Make it the Ideal Global Settlement Solution for Financial Institutions and Payment Providers.

Ripple’s new multi-hop capabilities connect multiple payment networks—from RippleNet to banks’ existing private systems and networks—in an easy, one-step process.

The future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed. – William Gibson

Innovation leads to efficiency.

Pioneers and crypto enthusiasts are very familiar with the @xrpcommunity and its passionate supporters across the Internet. However, many people still don’t understand what makes it distinct from other blockchain projects. Here’s a look at how XRP is different. #Ripple #XRP #CryptoFollow

It’s time for a new generation of payment solutions. One where every connection is in real-time, and payments are sent in seconds. XRP delivers on this promise.

Ripple’s XRP has utility as a bridge currency, making it the fastest and most scalable digital asset for payments.

XRP is one of the industry’s most innovative payment technologies, aimed at making international payments secure and fast.

XRP is fast, safe, and scalable. XRP transfers in three seconds. With a variety of use cases and partnership announcements, it can’t be ignored by the mainstream media.

The world’s only enterprise blockchain solution built on the XRP Ledger.

For those who find comfort and inspiration in the freedom of uncharted waters but prefer the security of a map, Ripple invites you to take a crack at plotting a new course.

Ripple is an enterprise blockchain solution for global payments, powering faster settlement and lower foreign exchange costs 🌐

Swell is Ripple’s conference for all things blockchain and fintech. I’d love to see you there. #BlockchainIsEverywhere

xRapid is a great tool for banks and payment providers looking to reduce liquidity costs and increase transfer speed, transparency, and​ accountability.

Making progress across our business and nearly ready to share some exciting news! More soon!

Nell Henderson – It Pay To Start Using Crypto Day Trading

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