Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day and Christmas

Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day and Christmas

Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day and Christmas: A substitute bank holiday (also called a Christmas casual day) is a provision in the employment laws of the United Kingdom, European Union, and the Republic of Ireland which mandates an employer to give its employees a public holiday on another day if one of the employee’s own religious festivals has fallen on a normal workday and if the employee does not have sufficient leave in respect of that day.

This article, therefore, addresses all banks in UK, Europe, and Ireland. The days when banks were liable to remain closed in commemoration of declared feast days — used in former times for purposes of piety — have long since gone by.

Substitute Bank Holiday for Boxing Day and Christmas

If Santa Claus does not bring you what you want this year, remember that it’s a Bank Holiday coming up – Happy Holidays from NatWest! #natwest

It’s a Bank Holiday oooohh 🎁🎁

Christmas was great, Boxing Day was great, New Year’s Eve is great. Where did 2017 go?

Christmas shopping with @swiftscoffee has all of our Christmases come at once! #Swiftmas

Christmas isn’t the only thing that comes once a year, take advantage of our best rates ahead!

December 25th will never be the same again.

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas…

Merry Christmas. #bestyearever

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!☃️🎄⛄️

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. ❄️🎅🏻

Time for some holiday shopping with this round-up of the best local gifts 🤩

♻️ Santi Claus is coming to town. 🎄🎁✨

When you really need a bit of new year positivity but are not quite ready to embrace the season 🎅🏻

Perfect weather for walking in the sunshine ☀☀☀. Here’s to today, and whatever adventures may await us tomorrow. 😎

It’s a bank holiday, so let’s go out for a Boxing Day feast and find the perfect gift 🎁

The best way to spend a bank holiday is with your pets, family, and chocolates 😳🐰😘😋

Merry Christmas! We hope you enjoy this free day off with your family. #bankholiday #xmas

Boxing Day is on the way.

Boxing Day. Time to make merry, not war 👊.

Grateful to have spent my bank holiday with family and friends! 🎊❤️😘

Get your kicks this bank holiday weekend. No really, we have lots of ways for you to #TreatYourself 🎉

We’re in the spirit of giving with this Collab, and the holidays with these surprises (and savings) in our stocking.”

Take a deep breath. You made it. And so has Christmas. Christmas is over, and now you have a day off unless you work in retail – but even if you do – rejoice – Christmas is over. In one sentence, substitute December

Have a lovely time off and we’ll see you on Tuesday 3 January.

They’ve introduced bills to support women who are starting businesses, so today the bank is closed. #July4th

Merry Christmas in July. 😏

It’s that time of year again when you get the day off cause #Christmas! Let’s hope Santa has been good to you 🎁🍺 🎁

A day off and presents. Sometimes, that’s all we need to give us a little lift at the start of a new year.

A day where you can relax, unwind and sink into a sofa without feeling guilty.

What a bank holiday weekend! And what a coincidence, it’s the weekend before Christmas too. What to do? Who cares! 🎄🍾

A home is not a home without a dog and a few dozen boxes. Happy #BankHolidayMonday

Hope your summer went better than mine (that’s a joke) 😜 #bankholiday 😇😇

Presents, presents, and more presents. We’ve got you covered in the fine print in case you were wondering what to do in a substitute Christmas.

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with an adventure! #BankHoliday #AdventureFrothers

Have a great day everyone, celebrating the Holidays ❄😎 #BoxingDay #Christmas

Curling up with a good book and hot cocoa and enjoying the fresh chilly weather is one of our favorite things to do on Boxing Day. And we’re so excited for Christmastime!

Staying indoors on a rainy bank holiday has never felt so good 😍

Wishing everyone out there a Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Sleighbells ring, are you listening? Here comes Santa Claus. 🎅🏼

The most wonderful time of the year (when the streets are all shopped out) 🎄

Two days off? Two days off.

Feeling all merry and bright. Hope you had an amazing Christmas!

Ready. Set. Crazy HOT 🔥🎄🎁✨

It’s beginning to feel a lot like _________.

A Bank #Holiday when you’ve been given a whole extra day off to rest and recharge. 🤩

Happy bank holiday (or Christmas) everyone! 🎄❤️😇

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day from Natwest! 🎄🎉

What are you up to this Bank Holiday? Get your 💯 on.

Yep, it’s a Bank Holiday weekend. Time for some serious team bonding with a lot of food involved! 🍽

Get your hangover and your Boxing Day sale on. #CrateCaptions

Boxing Day Affogato: the perfect way to ease into a day off ☕️ 🥶

Get in the festive spirit! Spend up to ₦100,000 on any MasterCard, get a ₦50,000 additional bonus.

We’re all about the mix of fun and freedom, which is why this Black Friday is like Christmas for us.

Life is short, but if you make the most of the time you have it lasts much longer. Hope you enjoy the #ChristmasSpecial

Summer holidays are over, but even with the colder weather, let the good times roll. 🎆🍾

Holidays mean one thing: more time to relax with friends, family, and food 😋

Did someone mention time off?

So 2018 is finally here! No point in looking back, but let’s not forget the moments that made us smile. Here’s to an awesome year ahead. 🎉

The holidays are an exciting time for most, but it can also be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and remember to take things one at a time. Enjoy the holiday season an hour at a time through this Bank Holiday Weekend

Shopping will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday at 95% of stores! Will your bank remain open?

Boxing Day is on the 26th December this year, which means Christmas will be here before we know it. 🎄🎅

There’s no substitute for time spent with the ones you love, so spend it with us—opening our doors an extra hour on Boxing Day.

It’s a long weekend late this year, late for a Thursday anyway. We’re dogs waiting for a bone, just a whole week of bank holidays about to happen.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a bank holiday? We asked 10 of our employees that very question. Here are their answers.

Man. I’m about as hot as the turkey on Boxing Day 🦃 😎 . #givingtuesday

Oh the weather outside is frightful ☹️☃️ but the food, oh my gosh…so delightful. It’s almost time for #BoxingDay 😍

Cheers to that sweet time of the year when sandal season and Christmas Align. 🎅🍾

We’re down for all the feasting, selfies, movie marathons and secret Santa filling.

At this time of year, it’s the perfect time to catch up with family…or just watch The Santa Clause.

Let your hair down and throw a party, wherever you are.

Hey y’all. Sometimes the only thing you need to make a day perfect is a slice of cake 🍰🥂

Time for some serious pampering. ☕️

Happy Substitute Bank Holiday from Citibank! Everyone deserves a present or two today 😊

Bank holiday. Boxing day. Christmas. The day after. The day before. There’s no better time to enjoy this ocean of popcorn 🍿 and our new sea salt and caramel flavour 🌟 .

Leftovers, TV and a bank holiday – MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Feeling sleepy?  Have a nap. Not feeling fresh?  Have a shower. Feeling hungry?  Eat a snack. This bank holiday isn’t a national holiday, it’s a personal one! #BoxingDay #Happy

Cheers to a Bank Holiday weekend filled with great food, friends, and family. 😎 🍾

Enjoy your bank holiday 🎉

Wishing you all a very relaxing, chilled bank holiday 😎☺️

Boxing Day means FREE CHOCOLATE 🍫☕️💪🏼 #notSorry

So how does your life feel right now? Let’s celebrate the new year or Bank Haaaaaaaa-day.

The most wonderful time of the year… it’s finally here.

Spending the day with loved ones and taking a moment to reflect on what’s made this year so special. We wish you all the very best as we approach the New Year! 🎊

Wishing you a warm and cozy holiday 🎄🍃

May the spirit of the season always be with us.

😎Let the kids run wild near a local pond 👶🏻  before you spend the holiday with your family at home 🌲☀🍂🇬🇧

Man kid ready for present-day after playing in the leaves all day 🍁🎄☃

A Bank Holiday that’s not a Bank Holiday: Boxing Day. Happy day, everyone!

The only way to make a #BankHolidayMonday perfect is with a duck egg and chestnut meringue pie and some puppies and kittens and seasonal jumpers and…#BoxingDay 💕🐶😍

We’ve got you covered this bank holiday so you can enjoy the time with your loved ones 😃 ❤️ – Just Eat

Best. Bank. Holiday. Ever. #NewcastleGateshead #Christmas …

We’ll be open on Boxing Day, so you can crack on with the cracking 🥓

Fancy a holiday?!  Enjoy up to 25% off with our festive sale!

When you’re broke, Christmas will still always be 🌲🎄😇

Wishing you all a relaxing festive period🎄 😜

Now that all of our big holidays have come and gone, it’s time to celebrate the small joys of the season. 🎁

👏👏👏Who’s ready for a Winter wonderland?! 🌲

We wish you a big feast 🎄🎁🦃 so full of goodness,

The week’s almost over, but we’ve still got plans.

After an extra day off, it’s time for a walk-about.

Boxing Day is not all about shopping. It’s also about giving. So surprise someone special with branded cash this Xmas.

May the Fourth be with you, this bank holiday Monday.

Celebrating a special Boxing Day with those you love 🥐🍆

Don’t be tempted to succumb to the Boxing Day blues. Relax and take it easy—you deserve to chillax after all those Christmas parties. But if you need an incentive, here’s one: look at that sunny sky

🥂Make the most of your day off this bank holiday whatever you do, I hope it all goes well for you! 🍔🎄

Boxing Day Special. We’ve re-opened for Christmas 😃

Get out of the cold and stay out in style—All expenses paid by #CapitalOne 👣 🥂 #bankholidayparty

Happy Boxing Day! May the year ahead be much better than the last.

And spending this Christmas…

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When the cold sets in and your flatmate lump all the casseroles into the bin, just because they’re three weeks out of date. Hope everyone is having a great day off. #

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Christmas is here 😃

Time to leave the lights on for one more night, exchange gifts under the tree, and have one last Christmas dinner 🎁🍴

Hear the jingle of sleigh bells? It’s time to bust out your best festive sweaters, throw on some holiday jams and cuddle up with your crew.

How do you celebrate the holidays? Hop on a train and head for a winter wonderland of trees, crafts, and all things Christmas.

It’s been a crazy year… #FeelingSecondHand

This is the season to be jolly…of bank holidays #24thxmas #BoxingDay

Boxing Day, Christmas Day, or any day – there’s no wrong time to treat yourself to some chocolate 😋 (Bank Holiday Captions)

Boxing Day says ‘Hooray for all things Boxing Day’! Stove on high, lads. 🎁

Boxing Day – canceled brunches, hot cocoa in bed, presents to open

What’s your greatest season? #BoxingDay…

Enjoying the best parts of Christmas all year round 😵 💕🎄☃️

Jingle all the way with our array of new presents this holiday season 🎁 .

It’s #SUBBday! Enjoy ✨this special day✨ with family & friends. 🍁❤️

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…and I’ve got these savings locked in. 🎁✨💰

Get your hands on a copy of our brand-new Coffee Table Book! It’s time to shop for that special someone… or just treat yourself. 😛

The days between Christmas 🎃 and New Year’s 🎆 are a time for catching up with family, friends, and loved ones. And of course, entertaining. 😀

Time was running out to find your boo, or your momma, or your best friend something sweet, so now you can shop knowing that time isn’t an issue. 😍

It’s the most wonderful time of year! 🎄

A much needed ❄️❄️ day off. May you all be safe 🙏

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