St Andrews Day Quote and Captions for Instagram

St Andrews Day Quote and Captions for Instagram

St Andrews Day Quote and Captions for Instagram: St. Andrews Day is celebrated on 30th November each year. The holiday is named after the Scottish town of St. Andrews and is often referred to as “Scotland’s national day” and also celebrated in many parts of the world like Canada, Sweden, Australia, and the USA.

Here’s a collection of St Andrews Day Quote and Captions for Instagram to help you share your Scottish pride and describe your feelings on social media.

St Andrews Day Quote and Captions for Instagram

A crisp fall day has the footballs flying. And on St. Andrews Day, play some golf before sunset. We’re cheering you on! #StAndrewsDay #PlayGolfToday

Watching the golf tournament at the same time that all your friends are out playing just might be your Sunday for this year—and that’s okay. 🏌🏆☘ No matter how many times you go to St Andrews

The way it feels to play golf at St Andrews can’t be duplicated anywhere else. The place is the greatest round of the greatest game ever invented.”

The #1 place to play golf and the #1 place for romance since 1957. Scotland’s Old course is everything a golfer could want.

My heart is in Scotland 🎩🍾🥂

🍀 No matter how your score goes you’ll always walk away with life lessons. And Walking, Golfing Lessons are free! Ӄ

“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” – Rabindranath Tagore #themostbeautifulplace #universitiesquare

As the old song says, “life is but a dream” 🎶

Place your bets on the next hole, everyone.

There are two outcomes to every match. Either you win or you learn.

Go after one dream, with all your might.

A happy St Andrews Day is guaranteed when you stay in your comfort zone. – LIONEL BLAIR

Another successful #StAndrewsDay is behind us, celebrating the patron saint of Scotland!

Today we celebrate #nationalsaintandrewsday and raise a glass to Scotland’s patron saint…. and that cute little breeks! I’ll just leave this here for now.

What a day!  Don’t know when I’ve had so much fun 😂😂😂. #standrewsday #instagood #sunset #stewies #pogue A post shared by Stuart Pogue

We’ve got the perfect putt for you, tee off with our #Outlander inspired caption about this Scottish holiday 😂

Today we celebrate the patron saint of golf, Saint Andrew (aka The Apostle, aka Dude With The X-Acto Knife On His Face).

May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that you find. (May 4th is St. Patrick’s and St. Andrew’s Day)

Scotland is a treat.

Never a better day than today to remember that you have a friend on every continent. ¤

Every Day is a chance to start anew.

Oh! The places you’ll go! 🚣‍♂️-Dr. Seuss

May you always hear the murmur of the sea, may you never forget the sunshine or rain. May you have warm hands and a strong grip, may you have friends come to visit often.

I’ve walked an empty mile, I’ve tried to fill my cup. There’s no joy in life for me without you.

It seems the best leaders are the most dependent upon other people. They are sort of like beggars in that way. Good leaders are always doing things to help others. -Zig Ziglar

St. Andrews Day is the National day of Scotland celebrated on 30th November every year with great fervor and enthusiasm!

I’m no more English than a St Andrew’s cross, but here I am with the fern just the same. #StAndrewsDay #LoveScotland ”

St Andrews Day in the USA is known as a day when Americans don Scottish clothing and observe a number of interesting traditions. The main celebration takes place at the St. Andrew Statue, in Central Park, in NYC. This holiday is celebrated on November 30.

A day in the life of a great way to celebrate St Andrews Day.

Today is a day of golf, chocolate, and rather a lot of drinking. I hope you have a wonderful day, don’t forget to wear sensible shoes and Happy St. Andrew’s Day. – Gail Porter

Happy St Andrew’s Day from the team at @The_Golf_Bible 🍀

Happy St. Andrew’s Day to the folks across the pond!

May the luck o’ the Irish be ever in yer favor.🍀May we never meet a day we can’t laugh at.

Scotland, the home of golf, and now, Quiescent Ultima–the ultimate golf grip tape.

Merci…mille mercis…thanks a million. And here’s to another year of friendship and fun!

Let’s appreciate the history of our past, but let’s focus on the progress of our future.

If you’re feeling bad, cheer up. If you’re feeling good, cheer louder.

To us, this is the sweetest sound.         The sound of the earth turning to greet the morning light.” — Neil Peart

A man without imagination is like a fish without a bicycle. -Bill Vaughan

Drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:

Keep calm and put on #StAndrewsDay

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. This means that the R&A are busy preparing for another fantastic #StAndrewsDay 🎄

I stumbled across the finish line, but during some parts of the day, I felt like I was on top of the world. #standrewsday

Finally caught up with my self-imposed September deadline to finish reading ALL of @golfdigest’s GO READ articles. Now off to enjoy this gorgeous day on the coast of Scotland filled with sunshine, cheese, and all things golf 🎩

To be a champion, believe in yourself when no one else will – Willie Anderson – #standrewscross #golf

Today is ___ and it’s a proper day for playing golf ❤️

Just a reminder to treat yourself with the respect you deserve. This holiday, make sure to take time out for you. 💪

If I win, you must come to Scotland next year, and I will take you for a walk in the heather.

There was a point to this self-portrait 📸

Aye there my friends, This special day, will surely lead you to some serious and eccentric coolness. Time for donkeys and rainbows intertwined with some true joyfulness of the highest esteem.

It’s a Great Day for Ireland! – Irish Blessing

The course is what you put into it.” –Arnold Palmer

‘Touch not the cat bot a glove’

If you’re not too tired tonight, remember to wish a happy St Andrews Day to your friends and family across the pond.

Rejoice – our dearest, our fairest, our darling Saint Andrew’s Day is finally here! 🎉

Teach me to feel another’s woe, to hide the fault I see. – Alexander Pope #StAndrewsDay

May you have a blessed St. Andrews Day, a day of bright colors and cool breezes to keep away all that summer heat!

Scotland Forever! St. Andrew’s Day is celebrated on 30th November. This Scottish festival is celebrated by Scots all around the world with lots of food, fun, and live music. It is also known as Scotland’s national day because it honors.

No matter how many times I travel there, I always find something new to enjoy about St. Andrews. It’s the best university in the world for a reason. 🍂🌸❤️

The name “St Andrews” is thought to come from the place of its founding, an area where two rivers meet.

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain. -Khalil Gibran

I would rather play 4 rounds of golf than all 9 months of the pregnancy.

No wind, no waves, no problem.

Is the grass really greener over there?

The best small things lead to the greatest things.

No two persons ever read the same book.

St Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland and he is credited with bringing Christianity to Scotland. Here’s a set of Saint Andrew’s Day quotes and captions for your ST Andrews day photo/video you’ll post on Instagram

From small acorns, great oaks grow. On this day in 1034, the patron saint of golf was born. Happy St Andrew’s Day! 🍁

You have to be a good player to win a major championship, but you have to be a very very good player to win more than one. #HappyStAndrewsDay

Lest we forget that every day is a chance to grab a hold of our wildest dreams and celebrate the people in our lives who make it possible.❤👑🇹🇷

Take me out to the ball game, I don’t care if we sit in the nose bleeds, as long as we’re together. 🏆

Headed to the beach today. #lovethesebabe

Play golf as if you were a sculptor and your Jay-Z’s

What’s your “PET AF” this weekend? #FridayFeeling #Friday #HappyFriyay

Places I’ve Lived: Scotland, England, United States…Places I Call Home: South Dakota

O’er the Glittering Fields of Go👐🏼

Happiness is having a new putter in your hands, not a new man in your life.

Thanks to the invention of the golf ball, literature professors will never go hungry.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

Aye! Let’s get this #StAndrewsDay started with a glorious whisky and a celebratory caption on Instagram?

Keep calm and celebrate 🎄St Andrews Day!

Happy St. Andrew’s Day! Celebrate with us on this international day of golf, join in the spirit by sharing your favourite golf images with us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using @ntslawnandgreens

Happy St Andrew’s Day to those who celebrate it – a big celebration in #Scotland, the land of my ancestors 😘

There is NO place like St Andrews, it’s like nowhere else you will play. I love it.” – @dannyalder

Founded in 1128, the University of St Andrews remains the 3rd oldest in Scotland. This year marks its 1150th anniversary 🥂🎓✨

On this day, so so long ago. The clans, united under their King. Swords are drawn for an epic battle on the old course 🏌️‍♂️

Not all those who wander are lost -J R R Tolkien

We are shaped by the people who come into our lives. The relationship we have with our partner is the most important relationship of all. #couplegoals#relationshipguru

There is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there IS a whole lotta European deliciousness 🍀

My heart is in the Highlands, my heart is not here; I’m longing for the hidie-ho!

Will you be my Scotch tape so I can stick to everything I want?

The traditions of old, the lessons of youth…learn from both and trust yourself.

Through wind and rain, with many a twist and turn

The Frisbee has to be thrown for man to catch it, but the Great Spirit only has to breathe for man to stink.

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