Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac and is ruled by planet Pluto. The natives of this so-called power sign are said to be highly ambitious, intelligent, and powerful in their endeavors.

It is no wonder why these individuals who comprise only 8% of the world population have produced so many visionaries and leaders. Many people believe that each person born under a particular star sign demonstrates unique characteristics that fit into that category’s overall description.

Scorpios are passionate advocates for the things they love. They are intense, intense individuals who are intense about intense things. They are deep thinkers to their very core. Scorpios are intense—both emotionally and physically.

Scorpio is a sign that is very determined and seems to persevere no matter what the adversity. Scorpios are always ready for action and seize opportunities as they arise. They never quit. Scorpio is surrounded by legendary tales of dangerous love affairs, jealousy, and miracles. Scorpios are known for having adventurous characters, but they also know the value of what they possess. Even though material wealth doesn’t necessarily mean anything to them, they often indulge in luxurious products or services. Find out more about Scorpios in the Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram below.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes. Scorpio is one of the most mysterious signs of the zodiac, deeply intuitive, driven by hidden motives, and relentlessly secretive. Naturally secretive.

Scorpio…the mystical sign of the scorpion. A warrior in everything they do, Scorpios are intense and magnetic with a great sense of humor. They live for a dramatic flair, intense feelings, and intense experiences.

Scorpios are known for their tenacity, pizazz, loyalty, and passion. We love finding ways to incorporate these qualities into every part of your beauty routine—because you deserve makeup that fits your powerful personality. Here’s to

Scorpios—we’re known for being bold and intense and loving and mysterious and charming and fascinating and pragmatic and athletic and strong and committed and loyal and passionate and intense.

Scorpio. Loves anything mysterious, including themselves. Intelligent. Can be manipulative. Extremely outgoing. Loves to play with people’s minds. Fun to be around if you can handle them being in control most of the time!👾

Be Kind, fun fact: Even the most ruthless of the 48 Zodiac signs is actually really nice.  🌜❤

The scorpion is the sixth astrological sign of the zodiac. Those born under this sign have a natural affinity for leadership, owing to their determination, drive, and foresight – but they also possess great wisdom.

A sagacious look at the week to come. Ready, Scorpio?

This birthday I’m truly grateful for a brimming social calendar, a best friend who is also a partner in crime, and for you…

Are you ready for this? Whatever it is.

Understanding that you have everything you need to be successful, is the only thing that will keep life from passing you by.

Death is nothing to us since when we are, death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.

Scorpio happens to be my zodiac sign, so as a Scorpio I tend to gravitate towards other people who share this sun’s sign. With that said, here is a collection of inspirational and motivational quotes about Scorpio. Hopefully something

It’s a Scorpio thing, you wouldn’t understand. – #witty #funny #scorpio #scorpion #horoscope #zodiac

You have the ability to do what others won’t. Attributes: Courage, love for challenge. Unique traits: Secretive. #scorpio #zodiac

Scorpio is a great communicator, and she likes to know what’s going on in everyone’s life. She is often the center of attention and is the most socially active Sign of the Zodiac.

Scorpio likes to be mysterious. They are considered the most powerful sign in the zodiac, but they don’t often lead. Scorpios are highly secretive about their thoughts and feelings, but it is not necessarily because they’re deceptive.

Scorpio—iconic, mysterious, and adventurous; traits you’ll never regret taking.

These are all the signs of the Zodiac. We were born under one sign, why not embrace it? Let’s see which sign you are.

Scorpio – October 23 to November 21

Oh, I’m the biggest child of the Zodiac…

Don’t lose hope, because stubborn people succeed… just ask Taurus. Leave it to them to blow things out of proportion.

The future is always changing, but constellations will always be there to light the way.

So true!

Oceans can’t keep me at bay that I’m too weak to fight.

We are all mad here.

Zodiac Scorpio Quotes – I Wish We All Could Be a Little More Like Scorpios. Their Words Bite and Their Thoughts Sting. #ZodiacSigns

Seek the truth. The universe has a way of making your boundaries clear, and if you know where to look, you’ll find the answers right in front of your eyes. #scorpio #zodiacsign

Scorpio quotes that scream power, passion, and purpose—what we’re all about here at Zodiac 😉

Scorpios are known for passion, desire, intensity, and ambition. They are the true leaders of the zodiac, passionate about everything they do. They initiate action, are masters of self-confidence, are innovative problem solvers, have lightning.

Scorpio – a potent, powerful sign. Your energy turns the dullest thing into pure magic. You can transform others’ lives with your magnetism and intensity. POWER!

Dear Scorpio, embrace your intensity and rock it with confidence. You are a true force to reckon with.

Scorpios are passionate and powerful, but sometimes they’re also very sensitive. They like to feel safe within a loving environment that allows them to feel confident. Scorpios tend to want to be partners in an intimate relationship.

The stars (and the sun and the moon) shine for you. Celebrate your birthday month today, Scorpio! #ScorpioMonth

Remember, all you have to do is ask. . I’m here to help you navigate the waters of life. Together, we’ll find your balance, your truth, and your inner calm.

The one sign to rule them all, some stars were born under the brightest stars of 21st October- 21st November.

She’s full of mysteries, but she won’t always ask you to solve them. And don’t be fooled by what she refuses to tell you, because between the lines are her secret thoughts.

We’re all mad here. #FBF

Stretch yourself, don

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Captions for Instagram

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Quotes Captions Scorpio Horoscope Fact About Scorpio

Fine, I’ll admit it. I’m a Scorpio. Someone who loves with a passion that knows no bounds.

Scorpio is deep, intense and highly intuitive. Scorpios tend to keep in the shadows and in public appear aloof and detached, in order to prevent their true feelings from being discovered. They will always go out of their way to help someone

Scorpio is a water sign denoting depth of feeling and intense emotions. Never too busy to find time for close friends, you are a passionate, intense and jealous lover who expects total fidelity from your partner.

Scorpio is my birthday! 🐍

Scorpio is intensely magnetic regardless of their sign, signifying an intense depth to your personality.

Things that we don’t know is just the beginning. The longer we know, the more we know.  Scorpio

You are bold, zany, assertive, determined and even daring. And you don’t know where to stop. You are simply filled with passion.

The stars are aligned to make this week your best.

Keep your eyes peeled for adventures to capture, secrets to uncover, and deals to score.

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” —Tony Robbins

You are the ultimate people pleaser, even to your detriment. You worry yourself to death about how everyone—including you—is feeling. And this leads to a constant state of anxiety.

Real strength is the ability to overcome adversity.

Instagram Bio for Scorpio Girl

This is my bio. Unapologetic. Honest. @scorpio_girl.

Why be like everyone else when you can be yourself? It’s easy to be cool when you’re a Scorpio Girl. Join the movement!

Scorpio Girl is an astrology, lifestyle, and self-development blog written by Emily. She is based in Houston, TX.

Scorpio Girl is the best place to shop for the scorpions in your life. 🦂

Scorpio Girl. Current emotional state: Outraged at injustices -mainly perpetrated by men. Current political state: Outraged at the President -currently occupied by a man. Current astrological state: Wearing pants -all of them

Hey girl, you Scorpio girl! Hilarious captions for Scorpio women in all their glory.

My zodiac sign is Scorpio, but I have no idea what that means. All I know is if you are a Scorpio girl or guy, or know one-you are freaking awesome!

Delicate, passionate, intense. Scorpio is mysterious, powerful, alluring. 💪 Scorpio girls are full of vital energy, charm, and determination.

This Scorpio girl will bring you into the light, or break you into pieces. You choose.💪

Scorpio is bossy, ​ intelligent, and sensitive. Do you know?

Everything is happening for a reason 🌊 Scorpio ♏️ Sagittarius ☿️ Virgo ♑️ Pisces ♓️ Aries ♈️ Taurus ♉️

A Gemini by birth, Scorpio by the stars.

Scorpio Girl is a much-needed cup of fresh air amidst layers of social media banality. We’re an online, lifestyle brand catering to whimsically inclined individuals. We are a community. We are storytelling.

Scorpio Girl believes there’s more to life than being liked online.

Free-spirited Scorpio Girl striving to live life to the fullest and do fun, exciting things with people I love. Head over to @ScorpioGirl on Instagram for more!

Hi, I’m Scorpio Girl. When I was born, doctors thought I would never see the light of day. But you know what they say about Scorpios—we’re so strong-willed that we can be born delivered foot.

Hi, I’m a Scorpio Girl. My sign is a symbol of darkness but it’s also the hottest star in the constellation. Every now and then I wake up and realize that beyond all our noise, beyond all our quirks.

A Scorpio Lover, Scorpio Blogger, Scorpio Mom, Scorpio Woman. #ScorpioGirl

Scorpio Girl: Keep it classy, keep it mysterious.

Well… I’m a Scorpio Girl. When the skies are grey and people start to worry, I pack my bags and head to my beach house with plenty of candles, wine, and scented candles 💦 .

ScorpioGirl 🦂 ScorpioSays 💅GeminiOnTheGo ⛧CapricornPerk 🧘ScorpioPayne 👻KillerQueenOfTaurus🌕

Scorpio by birth, Scorpio at heart ❤️

Scorpio + Leo. I’m a Gemini 😉 Witty, sarcastic, slightly obsessed with Pinterest, the ocean…I want my wedding to be so big it needs its own zip code. Hopefully, someday I will have a million kids and a job

Proud Libra, Scorpio moon, Leo rising. Aquarius Sun. I am a fire sign, born on the cusp of Leo and Sagittarius. But I live my life according to the song lyrics of my Moon in Scorpio

I collect hearts, not for Valentine’s Day, but because they’re full of good intentions.

Scorpio Captions Instagram

We’re learning the secrets to a Scorpio in love, and we’re going to spill ‘em. 💘🐛

Scorpion, a highly independent and resourceful sign, is a born leader who can adapt to any situation. They possess a shrewd mind and a knack for turning every challenge into an opportunity. If this sounds like you, then you’

Passion is the ignition that ignites our spirit to do what we are meant to do. Scorpios are known for being driven, strong-minded people who will stop at nothing until they have reached the genius of their full potential. It’s true…

Scorpio: isn’t it time for a little hot-lava action in our life?

Fountain of youth….it’s called a sign of the Scorpio ♏️

This leather wrap bag is so versatile styled with minimal neutrals and classic with jewel tones for fall 👛 🍂

Today is your day. You’re going to do great things. ─ Oprah Winfrey ♓️ Aries: March 21 – April 19

You’re the ocean, I’m the river. Let’s make waves together. 👑 ❄

We are electric, magnetic, intense, flirtatious, impatient, lighthearted, reserved, & very aware of the sensual world around us. We are ruled by our hearts & emotions. We are ambitious, powerful leaders.

We’re going on 🐍 energy!

Never miss the chance to pursue something you love.

It’s me.

May your wishes sprout wings and fly into the garden of possibility.

Killing it in the kitchen 👌🍰 #GMSScorpiosPlutoNatives

What’s your sign? #Scorpio

Scorpio: Still waters run deep and they’re proud.

We may not fall in love with love, but we can’t help falling in like. #thisisntlove #fatalfall #beyourself

Triggered by your ex? Pump up your defense with Moon Juice’s Moonlight Matcha.

You are witty, shrewd, and charming. You have tremendous love for people and are exceptionally caring. There’s just one slight flaw– you’re an obsessive perfectionist.

You don’t need a lot of money or fancy brands to accessorize—just a sense of adventure.

The energy of Autumn reminds me to shine my light brightly so I can be seen, remembered, and appreciated.  🍁😎

C’mon let me see your real smile, c’mon let me know that we belong.

Power. Poison. Poetry. Passion.

“This above all: To thine own self be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” -Shakespeare

Don’t worry about what people think, they don’t do it very often. -Elbert Hubbard

Is it something I said?

Scorpio Bio for Facebook

They say that you need to know yourself better in order to be aware of what appeals to you. Scorpio Bio is dedicated in every way to the people who are good at managing their lives while helping others through the process of self-understanding

Taurus you’ve got to stick to your guns. Geminis, don’t spread yourself too thin. Leos begin fresh. Libras watch how others react. @ScorpioBio

blogging all about #scorpio now. Link in bio… why is it always Scorpio season?! #adaptshareinspire #bloggerlife #mercuryinvenusruleday

There are more of us than you think. There are over 15 million Scorpios on earth

The sun entered Scorpio and we can’t wait to see what this zodiac sign has in store. Take a trip with us as we explore the October horoscope.

Why Facebook? Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks in the world. It has almost 1.5 billion active users, 500 million photos are uploaded every day, and 100 hours of videos are uploaded every minute.

Nobody fights like us; with passion, resilience, and wit. We go into battle for our life purpose with one goal in mind, to win with strength, grace & individuality.

We turn passion into power. From all walks of life, see the person you were meant to be.

We are so honored to have been awarded the “Green Product of the Year” from the International Plant Production and Processing Ass…

Don’t let fear hold you back from living your best life.

I have a thing for people with a good heart and a big imagination. They’re the ones who help me realize my dreams.

I’m the ruler of my own life, and no one else.

It’s always a good time to start building your legacy.

Excited to be part of the @ScorpioBio team–a #biodiversity dream come true. Bring on 2019! #ProtectTheParadise

Scorpio Bio encourages you to go for brighter, more playful colors in the summer months; we’ve got a range of shades for you to experiment with.

Scorpio Season is here where all signs are welcome! Book your appointment today to get the VIP treatment.

You’re never too young or too old to learn how to be a Scorpio. 😜

Scorpio Awareness Month. It’s now or never to realize the potential within yourself. To take back the power you have been feeding to others.

Scorpios are intensely passionate and magnetic. It’s no wonder they fascinate people so much! If you were born between October 23rd and November 21st, you share your birthday with all of these incredible people.

Can a Scorpio be a rose? If a rose is loved deeply, it turns into a scorpion.

Get your Scorpio horoscope done by Dr. Roach for FREE! This fun interactive quiz will reveal your unique astrological character and let you see if astrology can really predict your future.

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is rather like its namesake – which carries both positive and negative connotations.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Scorpios are dogged, determined, and always ready for a good fight.

We all have a zodiac sign.

There’s so much more to you than meets the eye…

Stories begin. Beginnings begin. Begin.

You can’t blend in while steering your own course.

Scorpio Instagram

This isn’t a Scorpio caption. Ladies, let’s set some boundaries.

Scorpio season is in full effect! Our blood runs deep, our passion burns hot, and our moods are always mysterious. The only thing predictable about us is how unpredictable we are. #ScorpioSeason

🦂 Scorpio season is here so get on your throne and shine your light 🌑☄

Scorpio activates on October 23. Mark your calendars and get ready because this star sign rules the world and there’s no one better equipped to make a difference than you! 💪🏻

Gettin’ lucky 🦀😱 #Scorpio

I Feel Scorpio Today.

I can agree with Susan Miller when she said it best: “Scorpio is the sign of illusion. Illusion gives Scorpio power. Scorpio has the ability to change situations, to affect people in ways that they don’t think of or

🦂 Ruled by the ancient yet fierce King of Scorpio, this sign is a true perfectionist in every sense.

Scorpio through and through.

You’re fiercely independent and don’t like commitment…

The stars never look down on us. They always shine right through us—making us part of their world and giving us just a glimpse into the endless sky that circles our own, making us realize that we are connected to everyone and everything in ways that

Found my sun.

It’s about time to let go of what you can’t change.

When an irresistible force meets an immovable object.

Scorpios are highly ambitious, courageous, and fearless kind of a person. A lot of people might think that Scorpios are selfish in a way they’re not in their social circle.

Shake off the dust, get ready to shine. #Scorpio season is about to commence! 🔖

Water’s in Scorpio’s nature, in your body, in your life. ☔️💦

We’re silly, outgoing, imaginative creatures with an unquenchable thirst for self-expression. Shine brighter than you ever have before at

Hey #Scorpio, get excited because it’s your birthday! 🎉

All in our feelings for this Virgo season.

Your birth month is October 24–November 22, 2016

I don’t care if you’re a whisper or a scream, a big van or a tiny car, a dot in someone’s world, or a star. Shine bright and own it.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.👁‍🗨 Get up, get out there and make it happen. 💫

Your stars are aligned for some long-term relationships.

The stars have aligned, and you’re ready to make the most of your new moon.

We’ve never met a thing we couldn’t master—and we really do feel like we’re the only ones who can get the job done.

Go big or go home. The only thing worth dying for is the life you’ve lived.

When the stars in the sky align in perfect harmony.

Scorpio Attitude Quotes

October 15th, 2016 – I feel like the best day of my life is still to come.   #ScorpioRules

Scorpio Born between October 23rd-November 21st

What do you call a Scorpio with 100 dollars? A bag lady.

Scorpio loves attention and freedom and longs to be romantic and passionate.

Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.

I think the biggest misconception women have is that you have to have a baby because you can’t have a baby because you want a baby. Plenty of us had babies because we wanted them and as much as we love our children…

Your true colors are beautiful, shine bright 💡

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth. 😀

To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

Today’s a good day to feel good. Make it happen.

There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.

Moments where we separate our minds and bodies for a balanced day.

Go within. Be still. Listen for the voice of your soul. – Rumi

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.

Scorpios are known as the most secretive and elusive of all astrological signs and they love to keep things mysterious. They make no apologies for who they are and they’re also extremely passionate.

Alert: Scorpios are liable to walk up to you on the street and just start talking. They’re loud, opinionated, and won’t hesitate to tell it like it is. Don’t underestimate the quiet ones either—Scorpio has some serious

The stars say: throw a party and throw out the rules. – Scorpio

Today’s forecast: Scorpios bring the chill to everything they touch, but it’s worth the cold shoulder they give to everyone else.

Capricorn strut, Virgo work it. Makeup, break up. Cancer’s still crazy. Gemini gets both of them right. Cancer still writing songs about you under the covers. 💙

The Universe is on my Side.

Clutching for change, I dreamed of you. I prayed for guidance, I prayed for patience.           Recalling every stray dream that had ever come to me…

There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in. – Leonard Cohen

Can’t handle all this hotness going on right now 🔥

We look at the world through rose-colored glasses, and we’re not even aware of it.

Let go of the idea of positive and negative, so you can experience everything as part of your adventure.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore. 🍕

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