REMOTE CONTROL OF AIR CONDITIONER allows you to control the air conditioner from anywhere using your cell phone, tablet, PC, or smartphone. An air conditioner can be controlled through a one-to-one communication network or the Internet. The primary function of this product is to allow you to adjust the temperature, increase/decrease wind speed and airflow direction from any place in your house in case you are sleeping, in the office, or on a business trip.

Remote control of the air conditioner allows you to set the temperature while away from the air conditioner. It eliminates temperature swings that occur when your air conditioner cycles on and off due to short-term temperature changes. This article lists down five virtual devices which help you to remote control your AC unit.

Like every other appliance, the Air conditioner is a critical system needed in every home in 2021 and beyond, especially in the tropical regions where the atmospheric temperature is way too high. Having an air conditioner controlled by a remote will undoubtedly create a convenient working and living environment for you, your colleagues, and your family because you will not need to walk a mile just to put on the AC.

You can conveniently turn on the AC in hot temperatures by clicking a button on the remote while sitting on your seat! That’s cool. Well, before we go deep into this topic, let’s get to have a brief knowledge of what an air conditioner means. 


What is an Air Conditioner?

In a more simple term, an air conditioner, generally abbreviated as AC, is an electronic device used to cool down the temperature of a place by eliminating heat from the environment and moving it to the external area. The cool air can then be circulated all over the building through ventilation. The good news here is that you can smartly control your AC with a remote just in your comfort zone. 


How To Use The AC Remote Control

The device that will help you operate your AC most quickly is the AC Remote. However, before using the AC remote, it is pertinent to know the essential dynamics involved. These include but are not limited to; the different parts of the remote, symbols, names, and functions.

You need to familiarize yourself with the full features of the device and also know how they function. To use your AC Remote control most appropriately, kindly follow these two steps below; 

Step 1: Once you have the AC Remote in your hand, the first thing you need to do is to press the power ON/OFF button located at the upper edge of the device.

Step 2: Once the AC is turned ON, Press the Mode button to set COOL.  


Complete Parts And Features Of The AC Remote

The following are the parts and features of the AC Remote.


Complete Parts And Features Of The AC Remote 


Complete Parts And Features Of The AC Remote 


How To Connect The Air Cooler To The Internet

To connect your AC to the internet, you have first to set up WiFi on your AC. To do this, you need to download the Comfort GE Appliances App for free from Google or Apple store using your Android or Apple smartphone.

After successfully downloading and installing the Comfort GE Appliances App, open the App, create an account by clicking CREATE ACCOUNT, fill in the needed information, and then confirm your email address.

However, if you already had a Comfort GE App account, click on Sign In and type in your login details correctly. Now that you have successfully signed in to the App, the next thing is to connect the Air conditioner, thus;

Sign in to the Comfort GE App; on the home screen, you will see the Plus Sign (+); click on it to take you to the “Add An Appliance” area. Click on it and select “Window Air Conditioner,” you will immediately get to the welcome screen.

Then click on Next to turn on the AC, and press the “WiFi Connect,” wait a moment till you see the LED lights coming up. Once the light flashes, search for the connected Appliance information label located on the right side of the AC to get the network name and password.

Punch your login details, that’s your password and go to your phone’s and look for your WiFi settings. Ensure to pair to the GEA network shown on the AC label. This will initiate a process between the App and the AC. After that, the “Choose Home Network” will show on the screen.

Search for your WiFi network and type in your password to connect the appliance back to your home network. Once the LED light becomes solid and the text CONGRATULATIONS shoes on the screen, the AC is connected successfully. 

How To Clean Your Air Cooler

After using your air cooler for some time, you should carry out some sanitation in it, and in a situation where you can’t afford the services of the technicians, You can clean your AC by yourself by following these simple guides; 

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is turn OFF the AC by pressing the ON/OFF button using the AC remote control. 

Step 2: Open the AC panel and remove all the filters; now, take a toothbrush and gently clean the evaporator to remove all kinds of dirt. You must be careful when handling the sharp fins of the evaporator coil because it can easily injure you. 

Step 3: Allow the filters to dry and put them back into the AC panel and close it. 

Step 4: Cleaning the external surface demands that you turn off the fuse that controls the AC and opens the vacuum of the condenser fins. After that, you are required to use a soft vacuum attachment to clean any dirt that may be stuck in to block the airflow. 

Step 5: After doing the steps above, you are done with the cleaning of your AC. All you need to do next is to Turn ON the AC and start using it. 

How To Buy The Best Air Cooler For You

AC is an essential item we should have in our homes, and with several available choices to make, it may not be easy for you to pick the one which will best suit your want. This page will guide you on buying the best AC for your home in 2021 and beyond. We try as much as possible to analyze everything about these items and have come up with some excellent guides for you. After reading this guide, you will not have to stress yourself anymore because all you need to know about the specifications will be revealed here. 

Things to consider before buying an AC in 2021 and beyond;

1. The type of the AC window

Like every other home item, AC comes in different types, and it is pertinent for you to know which one you desire for your home or office. We have;

a. Window Air Conditioner

Another name for this AC is Monoblock. It can only be installed on a wall of 9-12 inches in thickness. However, you can use additional support mechanisms if your wall is thinner than that.

The Pros and Cons of Window AC

+ Cheap 

+ Easy to install 

+ Monoblock design 

+ Can be controlled by remote

– Noisy 

b. Split AC

This type is an upgraded version of the window AC. Here, the compressor and the heat circulating units are separated into the external unit outside the room. However, maintenance and cleaning are a bit tedious as compared to the window AC. 

The Pros and Cons of Split AC

+ Expensive 

+ Makes less noise

+ Can be installed on any wall 

– Difficult to install

– Higher risk of coolant leaks 


2. The Capacity or Tonnage of the AC

Before buying an air cooler, you need to check the capacity of the AC and compare it to the size of your room. Also worthy of observing is the number of heat sources, the number of windows in the room, the ideal temperature of the region, among many others. 


3. Efficiency and Rating 

Every home appliance has its energy efficiency rating. Before buying the AC, check the label and ensure that the AC has at least a 4.0 Star rating on the scale of 5.0 scale. The more the stars, the higher the efficiency of the Air cooler.


4. Miscellaneous Filters

You need to check the filters because they are the features that will help tarp dirt and carry out the air purifier process.


5. Timers

Timers assist you in setting the operating duration of the AC. Before buying an AC, check whether it has a timer. This is an excellent option, especially for bedrooms. Once the time you set has reach, the AC will switch off automatically. 


How To Maintain Your Air Cooler

Maintenance is an important aspect; you must not joke about it. Routine maintenance involves:

  • The regular cleaning of the item.
  • Removing dirt from the filters.
  • Cleaning the vacuum, among many others.

Interestingly, you do these all by yourself. But in a situation where you can not do it, it is advisable to seek the technician’s services. Please switch off the AC when you are not using it. Carryout out periodic cleaning both internally and externally. 


Where To Buy Your Air Cooler In 2021 And Beyond

There are many shops you can buy an AC. You can buy it either through online shops like Amazon, Jumia, etc., or you visit the nearest electronic and home appliances shop around you. Buy now, Click Here 



What are Consumers saying about this product? Consumers have expressed maximum satisfaction after acquiring this AC. Many maintained that it is easy to install, less expensive, less noisy, and highly durable. 


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