Queens Birthday Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Queens Birthday Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Queens Birthday Quotes and Captions for Instagram: In the United Kingdom, the Queen’s Official Birthday is marked as a national holiday. It is celebrated on the second Saturday in June. In Australia, known as Her Majesty’s Official Birthday, it is also a public holiday, and it doesn’t always fall on the same day as in the UK.

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Queens Birthday Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Queens Birthday is our ―delicious‖ treat.

Celebrating Queens’s birthday in style with some delicious summer cheer. 🍻

Happy Queens Birthday to all of you—here’s to a year full of 🎈💫💗😝 #QueensBirthday

Happy Queens Birthday to all our wonderful mates and allies. Hope it’s a good un!

In New Zealand, we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday on the Monday before the actual birthday. So this week-long holiday means a lot to us!

In celebration of her majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 92nd birthday 🙏

The queens are sweet sixteen. Happy birthday to them all, plus some 👑

Sometimes the prettiest gifts in life are right in front of us. HBD Queens 👑

As the summer hurries by, may you find relaxation at this time of year? Happy birthday to the Queen of Summer ✨🎂👑

We #LoveNZ 🇳🇿 from the bottom of our hearts.

Throwback to the official photoshoot for my book cover… it’s coming! 📚 That’s me, standing next to the Queen of England. I don’t know about you, but I always feel like celebrating when it comes to my birthday

Celebrating the many good things the city has to offer: great entertainment and experiences, and amazing people. Experience all of it and send me a postcard.

May there never be a cloud over your head on your Birthday.😊 Happy Bday.

For the longest time, I didn’t know what fall was. It was my first fall with you. I can’t wait for all of the autumns that lie ahead.

Here’s to having big goals, dreaming even bigger, and always giving back. Hoist a pint to our incredible European adventures this year @queensbirthdayquotes 🦁

Happy Queens Birthday @queen_elizabeth_official !!!

Happy Queens Birthday! Here’s to Charlotte Brontë, women of the arts, and a long summer weekend.

Celebrating Her Majesty’s birthday with 92 years of 💁🏻‍♀️

Celebrate 91 Years of Her Majesty with these festive photos. Viva la Reina.

May everyone bask in the glory that is a queen’s birthday. Happy Birthday to you, Queen! 🎉

Been rich all my life. I just didn’t know it. #QueenDay

Celebrate the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II on April 21 locally with a barbecue, a picnic, or festive foods such as cupcakes and strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Wishing every Queen out there a very HAPPY INTERNATIONAL QUEEN’S DAY 😘 Also, since you’re all so amazing I might just throw in an extra day off this week ❤️💎

Celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s official birthday today with the relaxing feeling that comes from a whole day of tea.

Celebrating the birthday of the kind who has the best hugs ever.

Happy birthday to the only girl born to rule us all. 🎂💕

Have a great week, filled with loveliness. This week you could surprise a friend by becoming their personal shopper and bring them a book from nowhere. Talk about a lovely surprise! Or perhaps you could whisper some compliments into your partner.

May Queens Birthday be the start of a beautiful summer ahead. Happy Queens Birthday ❤️

Happy Queens Birthday Kiwis! Take pride in being bold, brave, and always original 🐾

Happy Queens birthday to that party of one 👸🏻 #usd84

Happy Queens Birthday weekend to you!

Hey fellow New Yorkers, this is the perfect time of year to celebrate the City we love 🗽 #QueensDay

Celebrate the women in your life who inspire you with this inspiring quote from an iconic soul sister. Happy birthday, Queen. 🎂😘

May you always find the rainbow after the rain. Happy Birthday to the Queen. #Queen #queen #birthday #happybirthday

Today is the official birthday of our beloved Queen. Celebrate with us by taking part in one of the many events around the city!

Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth II! May you continue to be a guiding light and an inspiration to the world: 🙏🇬🇧 👑❤️

May it be the year that you bloom where you’re planted, may it be the year that you train your heart to dance in the dark when everything feels like it’s falling apart, may it be the year where all our efforts emerge with love.

What you can do or dream you can begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

Find the direction in which you can contribute most and go there.

A book is a gift you can open again and again

April 21st, the Queen’s birthday is a holiday in England yet it’s not celebrated by many New Zealanders. So the girls at #GirlBossHQ are celebrating with their own style! We must say, Pippa Middleton is looking.


Happy Queen’s Birthday, Girl!

Celebrate Her Majesty’s special day with the perfect gift 🎁🍰

Celebrate 73 years since the birth of Queen Elizabeth II with these festive floral cocktails 🍀✨💫

Happy Queens 🎂Day!

Cheers to this Queen 👑🍾

The greatest gift you can give someone is the gift of unconditional love. Happy National Parents Day ♥️💛

♛ Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear Alexa, happy birthday to me.

Way back when we’re just getting to know each other…

Adventure is out there! 🎣

Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself… and especially to feel. Or not feel.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Happy Queen’s Birthday 🎂

Today we celebrate the wonder of Queens. Our colorful characters, who give voice to who we are, where we live, and how we live it. And who inspires us all to create a more aspirational future for New Zealanders.

Today is Her Majesty’s Birthday. We’re wishing her many more years to come, and that all will reflect the Queen’s own commitment to service, duty, and dignity.”

Celebrating Her Majesty with a ✨feeling inspired✨ look.

Have a great Queen’s Day, everyone! Hope you all get the chance to spend time with your loved ones tomorrow. 🎂💕

Because we know it’s your birthday and you deserve a day off. Have the best day ever!

Here’s to another year of celebrating life with loved ones.

Happy birthday, whoever you are! 🍰🎂👑

May you always love with passion, dream with wild abandon and dance like no one is watching. 💃🍀🎈💃

For me, life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.

Celebrate the Hard-Working & Loved Queens of Great Britain this summer! No better way than on a beautiful island, surrounded by world-famous sites and breathtaking views. #QueensBirthdayGreetings #WhenInEngland

Celebrate the Queens birthday with these fun emojis!!!😍💚😅❤⭐⭕️👑

“The Queens Birthday is a chance for us all to celebrate everything that makes this country great.” – Scott Morrison

There is only one Queens who successfully rules my heart. Happy Queens Birthday @thereallaceyj

Queens’ Birthday is the perfect opportunity to host an authentic summer picnic or backyard BBQ with all your family and friends, no matter how far away they are.‍♂️

We’ve got a lot to be thankful for—starting with #QueensBirthday 🤴🏻 #HappyQueensBirthday

The special bond between a mother and daughter is forever 💕 #HappyQueensBirthday

May the spirit of the Sovereign Lady be with you and watch over you. Happy Queens Birthday!

You are awesome, Queens. You are awesome!

For the queen in your life, inspired by our signature Queen-inspired lippie shade. We are #RedHot.

May the people that you meet on your journey inspire you, uplift you, and delight you. Happy Birthday New Zealand 🎂🎁

Bonne Fête 🎂👑

There is no such thing as good old age. It is impossible to be old and wise.

This has been a season full of beautiful and positive moments and we can all help each other feel proud and strong.’ – Janelle Monae #QueensBirthday

Celebrate all the Queens in your life, great and small. 💁💁❤️ .

Everything is beautiful in its time. Have a lovely Queens birthday, New Zealand!👑

Happy Queens Birthday this weekend! We hope you’re enjoying the long weekend sun ✨💫

Queens Day is a national holiday in celebration of the birth of Queen Elizabeth II. It is celebrated primarily in the Netherlands but is also celebrated elsewhere including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and other Commonwealth Countries.

Pray the loudest when no one is listening. Thank you @kingsandqueens for your #QueensBirthdayCake 🎂🎉

Let’s celebrate the Queen’s Birthday Holiday with some quick facts about the longest-reigning monarch in the modern world. 🎂

A very happy Birthday to my queen *MommaT 👯‍♂️🤴👑

No one can know what New Zealanders feel about Queen Elizabeth,” wrote Michael King in his book about New Zealand. In a statement that would have been unthinkable anywhere else, he continued: “In practice, her popularity is beyond question.”

Get the royal treatment from our Luxury Face Masks. Simply add water, turn on your fave Netflix binge watch and let them do the work 👸🏼

Friends and family give and share and your life becomes a tapestry of love and friendship. – Martha Stewart

When Queens discovers there’s a holiday for them, they get excited. If you know someone who should be celebrating this way, why not wish them a very Happy Queens Birthday today.

Be prepared for celebrations to begin tomorrow with these #Queensday quotes by #MarchionessOfWakefield. Whether the day is spent at Wimbledon or Windsor, remember to treat her well. 😎

Cheers to this amazing city and the people who make it what it is: the most lovely place on earth! Happy Birthday, Queens. 😘

Happy birthday, New Zealand. It’s your day and we’re proud to share it as Kiwis. #queensbirthday

Celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s birthday with us…

Thanks to all of you, Queens has been voted one of the happiest cities in the country. Keep doing what you do – inspiring others and putting a smile on everyone’s face.

Happy Birthday to our spectacularly regal queen! 🎂

Happy birthday, New York! We love you even more after the snow ❄️

Happy Birthday to my Auntie J! Hope you have a day filled with smiles and giggles.

Today, we celebrate an American hero who embodies the values of hard work, persistence, and dedication. Happy Birthday, @MichelleObama 🎉

To have a friend in need is lucky, to have a friend is blessed♥️♡

May you live through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and every rerun of every Hallmark holiday movie. Happy birthday to the best sister ever!

Happy #QueensBirthday! Show us how you celebrate today with your “birthday” pic on social media. We will share some with you! (Hint: it can be any photo you like taken today.) 🙌

May your summer be as sweet as the Queen’s! #queensbirthday #QueensBirthday2018

May your life always be as beautiful as a summer morning, and may you cherish every moment that brings you closer to happiness. #QueensBirthday

Happy Queens Birthday! We’re celebrating the winemaker’s birthday this year- Queen of Vintners. Cheers to all things wine! 🎂

Let the incredible queens of the world be your daily inspiration for boldness, innovation, and imagination. Queens unite! 💚

What better way to celebrate #Queen’sDay than by nibbling on delectable pastries (or cutting the calories 😉) with loved ones! 🍰

🎈☀️L O V E🍂 #queenstheband

Be the queen you are.

Happy Birthday to the best city in the world! We’re grateful for all you do to help us get out of bed every morning. From subway mishaps to rodent sightings, we get what it means to shift through the craziness every day.

Maybe your Adirondacks have a queen.

Floating into this long weekend like we’re in a Nancy Meyers movie ☀

Just remembered that it’s National Rum Day 🍸

Happy Queens Birthday to our favorite Aussie monarch! Watch the Palace lights up in a spectacular show of color! #QueensBirthday

It’s the Queen’s birthday, so raise your glass to her. Happy Birthday Ma’am! 🍾🎂

Queens never get the week off, so raise a glass to women who get sh*t done! Happy #QueensBirthday 🍸 #QueenDay

Queens get the best birthdays. Let’s get to partying 🍾👑

When Queens get together, the world gets Together 💘

For every queen, there’s a king; who walks beside her and supports her, for he is her king. Happy Birthday to my King ♥️🌹❤️

Be the queen of your domain. Love your energetic, fearless, strong & amazing self.

My Queen 👑 is the ultimate Millennial: she always puts me before herself and she’s determined to make a positive change in the world. Happy Birthday @lovemysonqua #HappyBirthdayToMyQ

Happy birthday to our fierce queen! For the past year, we’ve made it our mission to celebrate women around the world in ways that are inspiring, aspirational, and empowering. 2016 was 2016—let’s continue to pivot towards

You’re a queen because you need no crown.

May you make the most of all that comes your way, and rise to every opportunity. Happy Birthday 🎂

Celebrate all that makes life worth living, by helping others.

“As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.”

Born and raised right here in New York City, you’ve got a real queen who reigns over the Big Apple today. Happy Queens Birthday and we wish you all the best and much success. May your crown never lose its shine and may

Have a happy and safe Queens Birthday weekend. Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth II

Isn’t it quintessentially beautiful to see the best and the brightest align and celebrate? Nothing compares, Queens Day.

Celebrating the big 6-0 with your favorite Queens 👑☝🏻❤️

Happy Birthday, Queen of Australia. Millions of Australian lives were touched by your majesty.

Be persistent and courageous! You can do it.” – Anna Jarvis #QueensDay

Celebrating the Queen’s birthday with a pink and gold watermelon cake 😋🍰

Celebrating the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria! May you reign over us for many years to come 💛🎈❤

For those who dream beyond reason, achieve greatness and find joy in simple pleasure. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty. -Cadet Taylor

To all my lucky ladies out there, wishing you a very happy birthday. 🎂💕

Celebrating our birthday way with all-day-long happy hour 🍹 on us! Join us for a chance to win after every round of drinks.

True beauty shines prior to smiling.

“The world is your oyster” This means there is no limit to what you can do and the sheer possibilities that the world has to offer.

Joyeux Quatorze juillet, friends! It’s time to kick back and celebrate with a glass of bubbly and some sweet pâté.

We 💚your #QUEENSBIRTHDAY messages.

💕 Happy Queens Birthday to all the Queens (and Kings!) out there! May your day be filled with rainbows, glitter, and good vibes. Bless up, buttercup. 💯🌈

Go out and do something that scares you today. Happy Queens Birthday! 🎉

Let’s celebrate the strength of the Queens this weekend by pampering them how they deserve it most. Happy birthday to all Queens!

Happy Birthday, Your Majesty. We love you.

To Queenstown, just thinking about it makes me feel like shouting.

Happy Birthday to these two girls, turning the big 2-1 🎊👑😎

There is nothing more powerful than the heart of a volunteer.

Harvesting some new lemons for a ridiculously delish homemade limoncello this weekend 😋

You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading your last one.

When you do things from your heart, you feel no pressure, and when you don’t…

I pledge allegiance to froyo. And to the fro-yo so free, of course, I’ll be down for my country, until it puts vanilla on my yogurt. Then I dig chocolate—so I conclude all froyo is good and

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm. – Lucius Seneca

Happy Queen’s Birthday! Thanks for all that you do. 💓

It’s the most wonderful time of the year—Queen’s Birthday! May you have a wonderful weekend.

To celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, we’re saluting her with this cupcake recipe. 👑 Make them for your friends (total #queenmoments) or bring them to parties. The cake remixes

Can’t wait for this weekend’s @queens_city_fest 😎! 🎉

“My attitude towards gardening is that of a Southerner to whiskey – I never drink it when I have it, but I always wish I had some.” #august #august_queen #august_birthday_queen

The weather outside is glorious, so let’s have a party. Happy Birthday to Queen Elizabeth II 👑👸🏼

Hello there, Lion! The sun just came out and we’re celebrating this glorious season with a new collection to show our thanks and appreciation for all the queen bees who’ve inspired us.

It’s a Queens kind of day. So get your power on. ☀💪

Happy Birthday, to the best borough in the world!

Congrats 🎉 to the lady that runs the world. May today be your day.

Welcome to the summer of your best self 🔥😎

A wise woman builds her life around principles, not people.

It’s never too early or late to celebrate Queens birthday. Here’s to Her Majesty the Queen of the most populated city on earth, celebrating her 88th birthday on the 21st of April. Happy Birthday Your Majesty.

We’re celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s 94th birthday on the 21st of April. So, we decided to compile a list of quotes from her throughout her reign and compile it with some beautiful Royal Wedding captions for you guys.

Gather round and celebrate the 🥰 & 🎉 joys of a Queen’s birthday! 💒

Oink! Today marks the Queen’s birthday! 🎈Join us in celebrating a remarkable Monarch with a regal caption.

I may not be a princess, but princesses definitely call on me. #HappyBirthdayAllAboutQueens

In honor of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, we celebrate Her Majesty in this archival portrait from the 1940s 🎈👑

Happy Birthday to our gracious and charming Queen!

She has set an example of dignity, duty, and service. On behalf of all New Zealanders, I offer her my sincere congratulations on this significant birthday.

Happy birthday dear Queen. We love you 🇬🇧

To Queens and Girls (♀️) across the globe, wishing you a happy International Women’s Day!

Celebrate the spirit of summer with a crowd of friends 🍾💥 This weekend!

May the Queens Birthday be as special as you. Happy Birthday, Queen. #queensbirthday

Celebrating all the Queens in my life 💛

May the warm summer breezes caress your cheek, the shimmering summer skies dazzle your eyes, And through it all, May happiness beam upon your face. Happy Queens Birthday.

Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday is this weekend. A thoughtful plea from her granddaughter, Princess Eugenie:

First, we blossom. Then we bloom. Finally, we go out in a blaze of glory. Enjoy your birthday weekend, Queens. #RoyalWedding #GoldCoast

Today we celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, who has reigned for 65 years. That’s two-thirds of a Millenium. Cheers to Her Majesty!

Virtue, honor, and a love of adventure. May you be celebrated in a fashion most royal.

Happy Birthday, I’ve found the perfect place to celebrate your day with you.

Life is better when you make it a point to celebrate the little moments…! ♥️

The hustle never stops. So go big or go home whatever you do. 👑🎉

Make time for your friends, the ones who make you laugh until you snort.😂

So many great shows to see but #LiveAtJBs is the one I plan on catching again -Stevie Wonder

Now you’ve grown up, and to me, you’ve grown old.

Don’t stop believing, even when you can’t see beyond today. The power of positive thought is stronger than any obstacle life throws in your path. 🌸💛

Wishing all the Queens out there a happy Birthday! Thank you for being you and shining bright. We all want to be the queen of something!

It’s Queens Day in the Netherlands 🇳🇱 Happy Birthday to Queen Beatrix!

Today we celebrate our beloved Queen Elizabeth II on her 91st birthday with photos from her life, and a photo for each year of her rule.

May your heart be warm, may your soul be peaceful, and may the love of family & friends surround you in this season of joy. Happy Queen’s birthday to you all!

Let’s do some Queens, queens! 😎

Raise a glass to a queen, she’s a legend in her own right. Happy Birthday to the Queen. Enjoy the weekend.

Queens never go out of style 👑

What is more radiant than the sun? A child at your side. What is more refreshing than water in the heat of summer? A smile from a friend. Happy Birthday to my sunshine Queenie.

I was born to be wild about you. You’re so extraordinary, so beautiful 👸🏼 Happy Birthday!

Wishing a very happy birthday to this beautiful woman, the coolest person I know and my best friend.

Celebrating the dynamism of women

If this isn’t the perfect weekend–I don’t know what is. *Sips on her delicious @corona.us* 😎

Wishing you all a safe and happy long weekend.

Don’t be content with what you have, strive for more. -Anthony Robbins

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. —Lao Tzu

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