Professional hair clippers for barbers

Professional hair clippers for barbers can be used to trim and shave hair, beard, mustache, or clean up the edges around your ears, nose, and brows. They are intended for professional use but are a handy tool to have at home if you want a quick trim or give yourself an easy buzz cut.

Professional hair clippers for barbers can be complicated. There are numerous brands on the market, and each one comes with its unique selling points. It can be hard to tell which clipper is going to work best for you and your salon.

If you want to keep up with the latest trends in haircutting and need some new equipment, then have a look at these professional hair clippers for barbers. There are many different kinds of clippers on the market, so it cannot be easy to know which one to choose. This is especially true for barbers who are just starting.

On the other hand, choosing new clippers might be just what you need if you’ve been in the business for a while and are searching for something new. This article will focus on the types, designs, and best hair clippers you should have in your shop this 2021 and beyond.


Professional hair clippers for barbers




What Is A Hair Clipper?

As we know, hair clippers are hand-held electronic machines or devices used by barbers to cut, groom, trim or shave a person’s hair depending on what the customer wants. A typical example of a hair clipper is the Paubea Hair Clippers for Men (which is made up of a cordless ceramic blade used mainly by men).

What Are The Main Types Of Hair Clippers?

Talking about the types of Hair Clippers, there are three types of Hair Clippers. These include; Detachable, Adjustable, and T-blade Trimmer Clippers.

Detachable Blade Clippers

This is the most powerful of all the types of clippers that are in use today. Just like the name goes, the blades can be detached to clean or replace with another blade depending on how long your customer wants his or her hair to be. The blades in detachable clippers range from 3 ¾ blades to the lowest of 00000 blades.

Remember that the smaller the number on the clippers’ blades, the more severe the clippers will cut the customer’s hair. A practical instance is; the 3 ¾ blades will cut the customer’s hair to about ½-inch length, while the 00000 blades, on the other hand, will cut the hair off the customer’s head, thereby giving him a bald appearance. Detachable clippers are powerful and can penetrate hair to any depth. 

Adjustable Clippers

This is another type of clipper, and as the name implies, it can be adjusted to change the length of the blade to cut hair to any depth the customer wants. It has a button on the side that can be set to any center and is commonly used in many barbing shops. 

T-blade Trimmer

This derives its name from its shape. The blade crosses the main clipper in a T-shape direction. It is mainly used for shaving delicate parts like ears, neck, and beard. It is not very powerful as compared to the two types above. It is best used during adding lines and cutting straight edges.

How To Choose Hair Clippers

Amid thousands of hair clippers in the technology market, choosing the best clippers could be a bit difficult. However, you don’t have to worry anymore because we got your back! Before selecting a clipper for your personal use or commercial purpose (i.e., barbing shop), you must consider few essential things. These are; 


1. The Reliability of the Clipper

Not that we are trying to blacklist a product, but the truth is told. If you had ever purchased a product or clipper from Walmart or any similar technology company, you would agree with me that you were trading in a false economy. Why so? Yes, because these types of Clippers are of the lowest quality one could ever imagine.

They are designed from cheap plastic materials, and the blades are shaky and hardly withstand stiff hair cut. So now the question is, how can you know the most reliable clippers to buy from in the market?

The answer boils down to the producers and store from which you order your clippers from. So far, the three most reputable manufacturers offer the best, reliable, and high-quality clippers worldwide. These are; Oster, Wahl and Andis. These companies have been manufacturing clippers for more than a century now. Although their prices are relatively high, it’s worth it. 


2. The Quality of the clipper

The next thing to consider is the quality of the clipper you want to buy. Here, it would be best if you looked into things like the materials in which the blade and exterior part of the clipper is made of. Is it made from inferior plastic or valor? Is there any guarantee that the blades will stay strong after being sharpened?

Can the blades be sharpened by themselves, or are you the one to do the work? How strong is the motor of the clipper? Well, to have clippers that meet the above standard, we recommend purchasing from Amazon.


3. The Motor of the Clipper

This gives you the best overview of what your clients want. Having a Sharp blade is one thing, but another thing has a powerful motor that will enable you to cut customer’s hair smoothly without dragging it. Clippers with excellent quality motor are always expensive but very durable.


4. The ease and frequency of use

Are you a barber, or you want a Clipper for your household use only? This is another area you need to consider before buying a clipper. Like we said before, whether you have an urgent need for household use or a barbershop, always buy a clipper from reputable sources. So far, Oster and Wahl are perfect brands for household use, while Andis Master and Babyliss FXMetal are well adapted for professional and barbing saloons. 


5. Accessories

Before purchasing a Clipper, check and ask if there are spare parts if you want to change it or replace any part. Although some clippers come with additional accessories, .n it’s is very important to go for the brands that you can easily find their position. 

What Is the Best Hair Clipper in 2021?

As a customer, barber, or individual who wants to derive maximum satisfaction from a clipper it other electronic products, it is essential to listen to the reviewer’s comment to know what is best for you. Below are the few best clippers you should buy in 2021 and beyond.

Best Hair Clippers For Men In 2021


Wahl Professional 5 Star Magic Clipper

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clip: This is one of the best clippers in the market today. It can be used in the shop or at home with or without electricity. It comes with 8 different blade sizes that can be adjusted or to give all kinds of cuts. With a magic clipper, you will find trimming of hair Interesting. It can be found on Amazon and Walmart at the price of $123 and $110, respectively. It’s a 5 Star rated Clipper.



Wahl Color Complete Cutting


Wahl Color Pro Complete Hair Cutting Kit: This is another strong, reliable, and good quality clipper that is very affordable. It is designed to be used at homes and barbing shops for professional cuttings. Buying this clipper guarantees you of getting a pair of comb and scissors for free. It can be found on Amazon and Walmart at the rate of $33.10 and $33, respectively.



Philips Norelco Multigroom MG3750 Attachments

Philips Norelco Flex and Pivot Multipurpose Trimmer: Anything manufactured by Phillips is always up to standard! With as low as $19.95, you can get this Multipurpose clipper from Amazon. It is best used for beard trimming because it can give you the smoothness you could ever imagine. The quality of the material used in making the blades is excellent, and you can sharpen the blades by yourself if it gets blunt.

Best Hair Clippers For Women


Surker Women's Cordless Hair Clipper


Surker Women’s Cordless Hair ClipperThis is the best clippers for women, especially for those with long and strong hair, because it has a potent motor that drives the blades at a drastically faster speed, cut, trim, or groom inches of any length and thickness. It can be purchased on Amazon at the rate of $19.99


Wahl Peanut Cordless Clipper and Trimmer

Wahl Peanut Cordless Clipper and TrimmerThis is very light and easy to use. It can be adjusted to cut into all depths and sizes, best for women and ladies with long and big hair. With $112.98, you can have this item brought to your doorstep from Amazon. It can be used at homes and in professional barbing shops!

Difference Between Hair Clippers For Men And Women

Having seen the different types of Clippers for men and women, one would be eager to know what is/are the difference(s) between the two. Well, as we have seen and reviewed above, you can hardly tell the difference between the two. However, a closer examination had revealed that ladies’ clippers are more sophisticated than the male counterparts.

Female clippers are designed to allow for deep penetration of the clipper into the thick and thin hairs it ladies compared to men’s own.

Unlike the men’s own, the rotary motor in women’s clippers is powered by a very high internal capacity battery. However, they both share some similarities, which are trimming, grooming, and cutting of hair!

Advantages of Hair Clippers

The importance of clippers cannot be overemphasized, especially in this 21st century, where there are many improvement ad trends in hairstyles. A closer look at the pictures taken some decades ago and those born today will tell the importance of sophisticated clippers. Clipper’s aid in the sanitary aspect of cutting our hairs and trimming our beards. Using clippers save time and energy as against the primitive method of a razor blade. 


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