Instagram Bio for Travel Photographer

Instagram Bio for Travel Photographer

Instagram Bio for Travel Photographer: Travel photography is quite literally one of the most popular and eye-catching forms of photography you can take up. It has a huge following and travel photos can be found all around the internet and social media.

Travel photography is a very powerful and impactful form of art. But, becoming a successful Instagram Travel Photographer requires lots of efforts and dedication. To make it easy for you, we’ve come up with the ideal Instagram bio for travel photographers.

Instagram Bio for Travel Photographer

I am a travel photographer using my photos to connect culture and people around the world. The world is one big network, so let’s embrace each other through sharing our experiences!

@BradleyMayfield is a freelance travel and lifestyle photographer with a focus on documenting the people and wildlife along his journey. Originally from Michigan, Brad travels full-time and calls Seattle, Washington home. To learn more about Brad, check out his profile page.

Dreamer, Traveler, Warrior. My heart beats for adventure and my camera captures all the memories of love and laughter that follow. Working with @travelstoke and @fleetwoodescape to share my wild and wonderful world. Let’s get wild.

Travelling the world with @adventuretiffy document our adventures for others to enjoy. Tag us in your pics so we can see! 🇦🇺 #travel #photography #adventuretiffy

A wanderlust 🌎 traveler by day ⛰📷 #travel #tourism #luxyourworld

Travel the World. Tell Stories.

I capture inspiring photos of stunning landscapes, forests, deserts, castles, history and architecture 📷😍😎

🌃 Travelling the world is a side effect of a bigger issue: a love for exploring and a constant itch to wander, roam and wonder.

Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. 🇳🇱🇺🇸

Hello, I’m @ Adrienne Koles

Let the world inspire you! 🌎👭 #teampixel

Adventure is out there 👊🏻 #weekendwanderlust

Discover the world at your doorstep.

Sometimes you need to go far away to see the things that were once close to you.

I’m a Professional Travel Photographer, Blogger, and Adventurer. I capture moments in time to share the joys of the world in hopes you will be inspired to see further.

Traveling the world is my drug of choice. ✔️ #travelphotographer #mylove #globeexplorer

Professional Travel and Lifestyle Photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

I am a travel blogger and adventure enthusiast, with an endless drive to see the world. I especially love international and exotic places like the Philippines and Dubai. I also like to take pictures of random things and put them on my IG (instagram)

Travel photographer and filmmaker in the Pacific Northwest – Washington, Oregon & Idaho – love documenting unspoilt places, wild places and wildlife.

Travel. Photography. Storytelling.

I’m traveling across the USA to capture the landscapes that define this country. Come along with me! #AMLiesWithThomas #AMLiesUSA

Live. Travel. Create.

Amsterdam – A city for lovers of Art , Fashion, History and Coffee. An amazing day trip from Dublin is right around the corner, so be sure to include this beautiful country in your travels ! . It’s the perfect way to explore Amsterdam!

Never stop exploring this beautiful world. 🌎

Travel in search of people, not to seek how they live but to live in the way they live.

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

Sitting in first on a 787 Dreamliner. She’s a beauty! [[Dahab, Egypt]]‭‭🇪🇬‭

“Change is the rule of life. Accept it, welcome it, enjoy it.” – William Hazlitt

Marketing myself as a travel photog on IG with pics from my travels is opening lots of doors for my career! ☀☀☀☀☀

I’m a travel photographer on Instagram living in New York City. Visit my site for more.

Travel photographer based in NYC, but also a globetrotter, capturing candid moments of the world through a lens. 📷✈️✈️✈️

* High-resolution images •* Spacious Lightbox •* Unlimited, forever access to high-quality photos 🎥 🌸 #travelphotographer ##instagoodphoto

Travel the world through my lens.

My photography captures the beauty in every place I’ve been. Follow my journey to wild and beautiful destinations around the world. 🌎

I am a traveler and photographer. I like to hike and camp and forage and explore, and then I like to look at what I found.

Passionate about travel, trees, and portraits. Samples of work here:

Travel – inspire – create – adventure – trust – discover – wander – dream – breathe – live‼️

Scenery from across the world. My name is Jack Jack, photographer for @JackJackPhotos .

We #travelbloggers explore the world to find out what makes each city fun and interesting. Need a holiday fix now? We’ve been there, done that—check out our blog.

A girl, a camera, a traveller.

Documenting the world through the viewfinder.

Hello world! I’m a travel photographer specializing in adventure, nature, nightlife, weddings & events. With over 12 years of experience 🎥 #teamphotodesign

Married to my best friend. I shoot a ton of travel and adventure photography. I love to connect with other like minded travelers and I absolutely love photography.

Always travel with a camera. Find me on Instagram as @realtraveler

Travel. Capture. Tell Stories. #travelwriter #instatravel #storyteller

Travel + Adventure // Portraits // Documentary // Fine Art

Newly relocated back home after living in Switzerland for almost two years. I’m now looking to explore the United States and beyond with my camera 📷

Let me help you create the most beautiful and unique memories from your next family vacation.

Travel. Create. Inspire

Join international photographer and adventurer, Chris Burkard as he tours South Africa 🌍🇿🇦 to discover its epic landscapes, wildlife and people.

Two of my favorite things—travel and coffee.

Foggy London Bridge. Morning foggy scene on a lazy river Thames River 🌃 #London #foggy #river

There are two ways to be an artist — the one who knows what to do with a thing or the one who knows what to do with a thing

When you’re smiling at the thought of the journey, it’s okay to think about the destination.

Nothing beats the satisfaction of getting lost in a good story.

Travel Photography for #Instagram marketers @. All photos published in this account are copyright by TRAVEL_PHOTO_DESERT16 , please do not copy them without permission.

Travel Photographer 🌎 : Collective Kicks | Collective Drives | Collective Loves. Send me love to travel with you.

I am a travel photographer. My pictures take you to the most beautiful destinations on earth.

Let’s keep up with travel and photography, with inspiration from one of my favorite IG accounts @traveling_fotos. Keep up the good work! #travelshero #girlboss

Since I quit my job to become a full time travel photographer, I have seen more of the world in the last 4 years than in the previous 40.

National Geographic Featured Travel Photographer. Beaches, Islands, Mountains; Exploring the World by Air and Land through exquisite photography.

The high in my life is the adventure in yours. ‪#‎travel‬. ‪#‎photography‬

New York City is my playground! I travel around the world to take pictures.

“If you have the urge to travel, the good news is that it’s totally normal. The bad news is, so do 99% of people on the planet. So how do you know when you’re ready to go.

TIMELESS 🗼 #BeAlwaysSeeking

It’s my job to find the interesting in life. It is YOUR job to Live it!

“In the end, everything will be beautiful, as long as you let it. It’s only difficult when you fight against it.” -Unknown . 🌏

Photographer Instagram Bio

I’m a photographer. I tell stories through photographs.

Four years ago, I started doing photography professionally—and I’ve loved it ever since! When I’m not taking pictures of strangers, you can find me hiking granite rock faces in Yosemite or hanging out with my cat in Northern California

I’m a photographer who travels the world in search of soulful, authentic images. My work focuses on documenting people, communities and travel. If you’re ever out traveling in one of my destinations or want to know more about my projects, just send

Editorial Background Model, Brand Ambassador. I consult on everything fashion, style, makeup. I model for photographers on assignment/TFP basis…I am building my portfolio so if you are interested in working with me please send me a message!

About “[blurb about you]” [photo that stands out from your feed or a memorable photo from a shoot you did]. [phrase describing how you do what you do]

With a single-minded focus on the art of photography, I aim to capture those pivotal moments that can often be taken for granted or forgotten.

My life has always been about capturing moments, whether through photographs or experiences. Today, I’m lucky enough to be able to share both with the world. Discovering new places around the globe, connecting with friends right at home, and being

Follow on Instagram to see the places I’ll be capturing on my next travel adventure even before I set out.

Helping you see your love in a new light.

The world’s best hammock for this dreamers paradise under the sun. ‍♀️🌴❤️

Nothing lights up my day like seeing something you’ve made.

A creative life requires a creative outlet. For inspiration follow.

One of the most interesting places in the world is your own backyard.

It’s all about the light.

Aspiring young photographer aimed to inspire people that age is just a number and you should follow your passions

I’m a jack of all trades, master of Instagram. I’m 99% in a golden ratio. Follow for daily triptopheryl and masterful filmmaking.

#Astro_Photography from the heart of the universe. _Creativity is my gift, passion is my mission.

Photographer, singer, dance party thrower, traveler, weirdo.

It’s what I can capture with my lens that fascinates me.

This work is a collection of images I’ve made of the family business. Currently obsessed with: new coffee, funny dogs and stylish boots

In my world there are two kinds of cameras: the one you carry with you and the one you hold in your hands.

No amount of words can describe the adventures to be had in this great big world 🌎 . . . #letourmycapture

Travel, adventure, and a lot of capture with a Leica.

Finding beauty, in its many forms. Embrace the light, in all its ambiance’

Creating visually stunning imagery with clean lines and powerful messages.

Photo by – Your name

There is nothing better than spending an afternoon in the park with your dog.

I’m a 12 x published photographer and 3 x internationally published author. I like coffee and cake, and I’m too nice for my own good. I also write books about how to take awesome photos with your iPhone.

A Chicago wedding and lifestyle photographer based in the Windy City. Engaging, authentic and documentary style photography.

Award-winning wedding and lifestyle photographer in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sharing my love of photographs and beautiful imagery with you.

Travel the world, take pictures. Check out our portfolio | New York, NY

I am an artist who lives in Westchester County, New York with my husband, two daughters and two dogs. One of my passions is discovering the beauty in something ordinary. I am down to earth, easy going and comfortable with myself. Check out

My images capture a feeling – a moment – a specific point of view – a unique style.

Mother. Wife. Daughter. Sister. Artist. The desire to create never goes away, so I keep soaking it in and pouring it out, little by little, waiting for the next inspiration to call my name and draw me back into the canvas.

The heart hurts, it has been touched, and now can never be quite the same. #istilllivehere

I think my pictures speak for themselves. 😉

As an only child of mystical creatures, I document the world through my time traveling lense.

We are all beautiful in our own way.

Captures the feeling of being carefree, even when it’s freezing outside.

One Word Caption for Travel

One word: Adventure

Destination: Nowhere __ #NoPlaceLikeHere

Jet-setting across the country and taking in all the Old West’s breathtaking beauty 🗽

That moment when you find yourself at your flight gate, waiting on friends to board. #Waiting

Never miss another scene. We’ve got you covered wherever your adventures take you.

Beach. Waves. Sun. Sand. Surf. 🌊🏖 Tag a friend who’s ready to get away!


Just the right amount of sun, sea and sand 🌞❤️

There is no place like (insert place)!

Wanderlust: noun: a strong, innate desire for travel.

Sailing into the weekend with one thing on my mind…🌎 Utopia.

“Adventure is not outside man; it is within.”

Missing out on our #SouthAmerica trip is the most depressing thing happening right now. #Travel

Relax into that Sunday feeling #traveling

Find adventure at the destinations you don’t expect. #travel

When weather, travel plans, and work collide.

When one destination is never enough.

Traveling time again. 🇺🇸 .

Is there anything more rejuvenating than traveling to a new place? 🌴

We’re out here.

Be here now.

Every day should be an adventure.

Let’s wander…

I am very out there. -Cardi B

Coming soon to a #TRAVELCLUB near you. It’ll be epic 👌🏼

One Word, Taken.

Awards season never ends in the travel biz 🎉😎☘️✈️

Travel defines me.

I’m ready for this. #roadtrip

Today’s destination: The vacation you deserve! 🌴 🌺

Come fly with us to the beaches, islands and lush countrysides. 🌴😍

Live Adventures

Wanderlust: a strong desire to travel and explore the world.

Spring break (*merged with text*)

Let’s fly somewhere warm.

In the know…

Packing goals 🌏

Always remember, travelling is an act of love.

There’s a place where the buffalo roam, and the sun sets like lemon sherbet.

Now boarding…

Take me back to the Summer of Dreaming and the Beach of Boring (sorry, couldn’t help myself)—I Heart Long Island. ☀🌴

Sunset stroll.

Can’t wait to take off on this adventure.☀🌍 #flipflops

There’s no place like our own backyard. 🌲🌲🌲

A yearly reminder of how beautiful this world is.

There is no place like home.


You don’t need to put makeup on… why? ‘Cuz you already look perfect ☀️🌴

”Stay hungry, stay foolish.”


So much to see—let’s go.

Sight Seeing the world without having the responsibility of a job is a dream.

🗺🌍 We adore this fine city.

Name a place you’d like to go to?

Get lost for days.

Marking off another bucket list item: Having brunch in the Adirondack chairs at the base of The Matterhorn. 🏔

Hey, winter, you can’t keep us down.

The best things in life are the ones you don’t want to live without.

How d’you do? 👋- Florence

Take me back—👣

Let’s go. #MyChoicesMyFuture

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