Instagram Bio for Bike Riders

Instagram Bio for Bike Riders

Instagram Bio for Bike Riders: Whether you love biking or not, you can’t deny that nothing compares to the feeling of the adrenaline rush after doing some acrobatic stunts on your bike or simply cruising around the sunny streets. You feel like pitting yourself against nature itself, and it makes the picture-perfect moment even more beautiful.

Riding a bike is an activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial, but it can be hard to know what equipment will best suit your needs. There are a number of different things you need to consider when buying a bicycle, from the type of material it’s made from to how much your budget is. It is very important that you understand all these details completely if you want to get a bike that will last you for a while and give you full enjoyment while riding it over extended periods of time.

Instagram Bio for Bike Riders

We’re in it for the long haul @bikerideshare because there are no short rides when you’re miles deep in the game. 🚴👟

Live the journey. Bike fast, smile often 🚲

🚲 Cycling has taught me to encapsulate the feeling of freedom, to love the simple things, and to treasure time spent with friends.”

You don’t have to ride a bike, but if you do, then this is for you.

Life is a story best told on a bike. We’re here to help you write it.

EVOLVE MOTEV: A contemporary bike company that marries function and style without compromising performance.”

Join us on Instagram for photos of inspiring riding tips, industry news, and to stay up-to-date on the latest products, gear, and events #rideongram

Biking – because not everyone is an awesome rider.

Ride day and night 🌅☀🌞🌌✨

You never need an excuse to ride.

Have you ever felt that thrill when you’re flying downhill but then the adrenaline rush when it’s time to climb up? Join us for a #cycling event.

Life moves fast. Get a plan that doesn’t.

Where the roads are paved, destinations are miles away, and a view at every turn awaits.

sweating our butts off this summer so we have something nice to show off in December 😁😁

Bike riders who want to share their passion for riding and want it to inspire others

Cool bike rides with a functional hands-free hydration system. #betabetterride

Riding bikes is a way of life – and we believe that the best moments in life should be shared with friends.

Our founder Adam Koehler believes that the thoughtfully crafted bike makes the ride better. Shop our favorite bicycles for all types of riding @bikex

Meet BIKE. The adventure-ready steed that takes you to new heights and never tires! 🚲

I’m not just riding for fun, but to clear my head. Riding is freedom. The freedom of speed, freedom from being stuck in traffic.

All eyes are on you as you glide through the city on your new Schwinn. 😎🚴‍♂️

You don’t need to be riding to enjoy the view.

Pedaling toward happiness!

Life is a moment on a bicycle. -Ferris Bueller

Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?

Bike riders: posting daily cycling photos and videos to Instagram and YouTube. Be sure to visit the Bike riders website for more information on how we can help you share your cycling experiences with your friends and family.

Bike riders can “New Rider?” Riders need new gear.

Cycling is so much fun—it deserves its own holiday. Happy National Bike Month, everyone!”

From the coffee shop on a leisurely ride to that first cup of coffee and commute, we’ve got you covered. Find more Bike Rider gear here.

Biking is our passion. Find inspiration to keep riding in these locally-designed kit pieces.

Do you love cycling? Follow CycleTownUSA to never miss a bicycle event, news, and product reviews. We’ll be there as your local resource for everything related to bicycles.

Join the thousands of cyclists already receiving our newsletter for tips on riding in San Diego. Also, enter our contests and win great prizes.

Going the distance in the spirit of adventure. 🚴🏼‍♀️ #brightbicycles

Your mountain is out there. Stronger than yesterday, better than tomorrow, and a hell of a lot cooler 👊 .

We’re in this for the long haul. Your miles, our miles … same miles. Just say ‘yup’ or ‘nope.’

🚴🏼‍♂️I never met a mountain I didn’t want to climb. #keeppedaling

Bumbling on two wheels

One life to live, live it by the seat of your pants. Enjoy the freedom.

The right road can lead you to everything. What’s your next?

To create a feeling of serenity, among other emotions

Cyclists use the hashtag #bikelife to share their biking adventures and inspire others.

Bike riding opens new doors to outdoor exercise, connecting with nature and creating stronger communities 🚲 😎

This is the season for riding your bike,🚲 preferably without a helmet, 🗽without a pump, 🚴 on a gorgeous day. #SugarMtnBikeRide

The journey is as important as the destination #bikeride

A bike ride in the park is one of life’s spontaneous adventures. Pack light, have fun, and hydrate. #alwaysbiking #ridetolive

Always Bicycling. Always.

Join the movement to help fight climate change. Bike to work, take transit, and #SaveThePlanes.

Our hearts are on two wheels.

On the open road, where there are no promises, no certainties…only adventure. Enjoy the journey!

May your trails be smooth and your friends firm as a freshly paved road.

Just beginning or just getting better, thankful for the ride.

“Messengers should not ride in packs. That way they can’t form a union.” – William Safire

Caption for Bike Lovers

Meet Mike, today’s #BikeLover of the Day. He is a proud owner of 3 Fixes, 2 Scorchers, and 1 Bullet. He doesn’t just ride bikes—he is inspired by them. What inspires you?

Gearing up for fall with the new Schwinn Wayfarer on @womenshealthmag this month!

Happy Saturday! We love seeing you ride #yourbikehere. Have fun out there! 🚴

Get on your bike and enjoy this sunshine 🌞 😎😎😎

Today is a bike day, and it will be here tomorrow. Get out there and ride.🚲

All you need is a bike and a few good trails. Or maybe that’s all you want with ____ in your life?

There’s so much to be said about therapy through cycling. Let your bike take you places this weekend.

Endless fun awaits you on three wheels; it’s time to #RideFree. 🚴☀

Summer is the time to ride with your friends. Let’s go ✊🏽 #GetOutAndRide

Riding eases the pain of working for a living.

Who needs work when you can ride like this?

When you’re up to no good, summer brings all the goods. 👊🏼😎

Anything you can do, I can do better.” ~ Iris

Not all those who wander are lost. (J.R.R. Tolkien)

Riding your bike is like connecting with life in its most raw & natural form. There’s nothing like the wind in your face to make you feel #alive 🚲

Riding a bike has got to be one of the most joyful experiences on earth. It’s so good for your heart and so good for the soul.

Look 👀👀👀👀what just rolled in 😎😎😎😎 #bikesareback

🚲 Be safe and smart with these tips on how to navigate Brooklyn with your bike this summer 🚴🏽‍♀️

You can always make time for a bike ride.

With spring comes fresh air, new adventures, and of course…new bikes. 🚲🚲

When it comes to riding your bike, race car drivers have it all wrong! #ShareTheRoad

What comes between me and my Calamari Bike? Nothing. Stranger.

Bike. Nourish. Repeat.

Looking for a fun way to get outside and explore the city? Try biking! 🚲 #cycleSD

Pedal to the metal and kick it old school on your cruiser. Roll with the times and zoom through the city!

Sunny summer just got a whole lot better. 😎

Whether you’re cruising Greenwich Village or the cobblestone streets of Prague, it’s never been easier to #GetOutAndGo.

It’s been a great summer, but we’re looking forward to leaving those hot summer days behind as the cooler weather of Fall approaches.

Just a couple of bike lovers…

There is no better way to discover a new place or rediscover an old favorite than on two wheels. Bike Happy.

There’s something about the wind in your face. It’s invigorating. Indulge in the freedom this summer in a Schwinn’s new bicycle.

It’s biking season! And it’s taco season! 🚴🌮 Tacos are for riding bikes, not walking.

Good things will come to those who wait 🙌🏽 until the perfect bike arrives in their life. # October 26

Pure motorcycling joy. ✊

Rolling around the city with my CyclePal who joined me on a bike ride this afternoon.

Tight pants or baggy pants? Let’s see who can go the longest without hugging his BMX bike today.

Burning coffee while pedaling—it’s a thing. Our new bikes are engineered to move you from A to caffeinated B with no wasted motion.

If the mountain won’t come to you, you get off your bike and carry it.

It’s never too early for a ride. Get outside on one of these perfect spring days.

Grab your helmet and head to the hills 🚲

Close your eyes, lean back, and relax. Let the weekend do the pedaling for you.

Road fall: Getting into the groove and flow.

Savage Bike Captions

Nothing but unadulterated euphoria and elation as I fly past the trees and shoot down ravines at breakneck speeds.

I spent way too long in an office and this feels pretty good right now. Ready to get back on the road again. #savagebikes #defygravity

Climb Savage. 💪’ #yourewelcome

We don’t ride bikes to race them. We ride them to have fun.

Daily bike commutes in NYC are like putting yourself in the firing line of some intense psychological warfare–from aggressive taxi drivers to aggro pedestrians to reckless cyclists. Kinda fun in a masochistic kind of way.

Grinding gears, pounding pedals, and crushing trails. ⚠️ ⛷🌲 😎

Got up at 10, pedaled on the salt flats at noon, raced on the dunes at sunset…another epic day in the desert with these legends.

Tie your shoes, get on your bike and enjoy the view!

So let’s talk about this epic adventure that began a couple of weeks back in Tarifa, Spain. It was a sun-soaked forty-mile ride down to Cadiz where we met up with @adamMares.

Through the trees, through the fields, out of sight this is where we ride.

No matter what happens, I’ll just keep on pedaling.

Drop your phone. Just do it. You’ll thank me later (for telling you to do it…just kidding, keep your phone).

Blessed are the weirdos, for they shall inherit the earth.

Our journey is written in the road we leave behind — Confucius.

Let’s roll! #savagebikes #urbancommuter

Climb mountains. Conquer your city streets. Whatever path you choose, we’ve got your back with our top-of-the-line bikes, gear, and service.

It’s no secret that bikes can be fast. But nothing makes them faster than a little Savage Speed Cream.

Riding bikes with these two. Savage.

We don’t just make bikes. We tell stories and create moments.

I used to be a human. Now I’m a Savage.

You can ride all day, or you can just take pictures of your bike. But never, ever try to do both at the same time.

Riding bikes is fun. The hugs are real.

Bikes are for having fun with your friends, whether you’re riding to school or hanging out on the weekend.

I love bikes and I love new wheels. Makes me feel like a new person.

Ride hard 🚴🏻‍♂️‼️

Let’s crank up the heat and go for a ride, the asphalt is scorching today 🚲🔥

Rollin’ through the neighborhood like your name was HOV.

It’s all fun and games until someone breaks a bone 🙃  🚴

No need to charge. Just ride more and worry about the battery later. Savage Bike: Out on a charge…

When a ride is a mission. Savage.

Left hand down, right hand up. Savage Hurricane 7 Carbon 2017. Visit to learn more. #rocksolid #crushingit

This is the Savage Hour. Be here now.

Celebrating two years and counting of women, bikes, and body positivity 🖤 #bikerbabesofindia

Go big, ride hard and stay in the zone, whatever zone you find yourself in.🌬☀

Riding a bike can be easy and enjoyable when you’re in the right gear, with fresh tires, and a little bit of confidence.

Whipping the snake, shredding the gnar, and kickflipping into a manual.

Let us ride in total freedom

Isn’t it you that I’ve been lookin’ for?

Don’t be afraid to push past your comfort zone—in grooming, style, and in life. Always Keep on Growing.

If you can’t respect yourself, at least have enough respect for the people with you to not do this.

Never Give Up.

Mountain Bike Captions

Life is better when framed by the view from a mountain bike.

The mountains are calling and I must go. -John Muir #ascentmaxx127 #overmountainbikerob #mtnbikejunkie #mtb #mountainbikelife

Putting dreams on the trails. 🚵

Going all in at the full moon ride ☺️✨🎿 #enduro #mtb #singletrack

“There are two kinds of cyclists in this world: those who are fast and those who are slow. I am both.” ― David Gordon

Riding along sandstone cliffs with the sun setting behind you is one of life’s true joys. Happy Friday! 👋🚵

On a ride that’s got you feeling free, feeling wild, wide open.

Put your foot down, get back up. Keep riding, keep dreaming. #keepridin #motivationmonday

All the feels when your ride is just right.

When it’s game on, there is no place like home. #mobo16 📺 @foilmx

Cranking up the right coast like I’m on some sort of secret mission.

Life is a journey, enjoy the ride.

The funny thing about fear…it tends to have a funny way of showing itself. Confront your fears, no matter how small or large, and embrace your dreams!

Pulling through adversity is all about momentum. You get it from taking the lead. And sticking to it.

You know it’s mountain bike season when you find out there’s a whole new store on the other side of town. 🚲😎

Wide-open road. Fresh air. One life, two wheels. #mountainbiking #mtnbikelife

Mountain biking is life.

First tracks in the snow. A great day to be a mountain biker. 🌲🏎

Ripped shred. Turning down the trails with the crew. So many mountains to explore!!

When adventure calls, answer with an aggressive, downhill style. Welcome home to the new Pulse XC 🔌

You know it’s gonna be a good day when you get to roll out of bed, lace up your ride, and head to the hills 🌲

Life is a highway and I wanna ride my bike all day long.” — Joe Strummer — 🚴‍♀️🌍

Hey, man. We should ride more often. ~ Awesome idea!

Today’s forecast? Cycle-able. 👈🏼

Never underestimate your ability to adapt your body to the trails. The reward for this lesson is a fresh perspective on your limits. Make it a personal challenge to keep setting those limits higher.

Ride your path, but never forget where you came from.

This is my happy place 🏔🐾

Helmet Captions for Instagram

The helmet is a symbol of safety and protection. We think it deserves your #attentionscrew. For a limited time only, get a free helmet decal with any purchase over $50 at the Fox Head NJ Store! #helmetnever

Ever wonder how we create helmets that match your style? Learn more in our latest blog post. 💛 #daddydotcom #lolabunny

Immersed in years of exploration, our team has partnered with the very best in the industry to develop a helmet line that is unparalleled in design, style, functionality, and safety.

Wanna ride on a motorcycle? We have a full range of motorcycle helmets, whether you’re a casual rider or a veteran.

Did you know that bike helmets reduce head injuries by 85% and brain injuries by 89%? Ride safe and wear your helmet!

Love the smiles you’ll get on your ride every day—because where there are smiles, there’s the potential for awesome. #CatchSomeGoodVibes

Let’s ride together on two wheels. 🚲 #minibike ##moped ##motorcycle

It takes guts to get on a bike. It takes guts to not get on a bike. Which are you?

Bike. Home. Repeat.

Bold. Never Boring. Bold Never Boring. Our motto since 1906.

Trying to fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee this summer 🐝❤️☀️

You only get one head. Don’t mess it up.

Let’s get serious.

It’s that time of the week again! #wednesdaymotivation

Protect your brain from the elements.

This is not a test. You may proceed to the next message when you feel ready. Thousands of lives have been saved thanks to helmet laws, but millions will be lost unless we change them. Unless we take action now, the next generation won

You never know what the day might bring, so always be prepared to take on whatever life throws at you. Always protect yourself with an AGV helmet equipped with the best safety features.

My life is on the road, so my ride has to be right. Take control of your risks with Smith Optics sunglasses and helmets.

Life is short, ride the scooter. 🚲

You never know where your trip will take you. #cebupro

Every day is a new day for this ride. #LessThanZero

So much adventure out there. Don’t forget to protect it!

Life is a dangerous road. Me? I’m just its safest driver.

Stay strong, stay safe, and enjoy the ride. Soar high enough to touch the sky below.

Taking Sunday off to start this week strong ✌🏻️

It’s a gut feeling.  Maybe I’m just a fool for your love.

Keep your speed in check. You can go fast—but always stay safe.

What’s your safe word?

Steely determination.

Be fearless enough to carve your own path, but wise enough to take someone with you.

Bought New Bike Quotes

What’s this? I have a brand new bicycle! I can ride it up hills. I can ride it down stairs, across parks and even over sticks and stones. My legs will get stronger. I’ll get faster and faster on my bike.
Just because your old bicycle broke doesn’t mean you can go back to walking.
Enjoy the feel of a brand new bike as you rip through the urban jungle. ✂
Have you ever noticed that riding a bike makes you happy?…If you are searching for the best mountain bikes, I highly recommend checking out…
Once you go bike, you never go back.
There are two types of people. Those who ride bikes, and those who wish they could.
Bought my new bike on Friday and immediately went for a ride in the country. The only problem is that I live in the city, so I’ll just have to keep going back to whichever countryside town I bought it from.
*”Desiring a new bicycle and finding the old one will suffice” ~Henry David Thoreau
I started riding bikes when I was six and haven’t stopped since. It’s a lifestyle, not a hobby.
Riding my bike makes me feel like I can conquer anything under the sun.
No one rides for free.
I wanted a Bottecchia, but my wife said ‘Bottecchia who?’
12/10 would recommend these bad boys. 🚲😍
I will ride to the end of the road until the road ends; then I will ride on the pavement; then I will ride on the grass; then I will ride through the hedge; then I will ride into a tree.
I mean…if you could get any more classics, it’d be in a museum.
Picked up a new bike lately? Share a pic with the tag “#boughtnewbikequotes” and we may feature it on our story. Here are a few you can start with:
This bike is so bad, it can go from zero to guacamole in seconds. Quotes For Pictures
Just bought a new bike, which also happens to be my first bike. Looking forward to exploring the city at a different pace! Cheers guys 🍻🚴🏽‍♂️
Got a new road or mountain bike? 🚲 Turn your rides into adventures with these tips, tricks, and highlights.
Took my new bike for a test run. Feels good to have the wind at my back, so I’ll see you in 6 days.
That feeling when you get your new bike for the first time.
Thinking of upgrading your bike? Let us know if you think this beautiful, smooth ride is better than yours. 😎
I was so excited to ride my new bike, I rode it all the way here.
Riding a bike gives you a connection to the rhythm of the road. You can’t get that from driving.
Treating my legs to some fresh mechanical fitness.
This classic beauty has been calling my name for a while now 🚲♀️
I’m here to help you with your fitness goals or achieve a great physique. If I can do it, you can do it!
I feel like I’m floating on air!
I’m not afraid of the journey. It’s going to be a good one.

I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not too sure.

Attitude Caption for Bike Lovers

Life moves a lot faster on a bike. We’re going to need a bigger basket

No matter how tough the situation, you’ll feel right at home if you ride one of our bikes.

The best way to get from point A to point B is with a positive attitude and two wheels!

On my bike, feeling grateful for this beautiful day. Be out, be safe. 🚲

We’re all brave in our own way. Are you ready to spend some time on two wheels?

Just like you, we’re ready to ride on the weekend. And all day, if we could. 🚲

Never underestimate the power of a woman on a bicycle.

Road trip, here we come. Let’s hit the road. We are getting ready for adventure now. Also let us check our bike to share an adventure with their fan page followers.

Biking through the city at sunset—that’s happiness right there. 👩‍🚲

Pedal hard. Push the limits. Reach the top. What are you waiting for?

Keep pedalling, I’ll meet you at the top. ⛰

I own the road.

Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. –Bruce Lee

Don’t ever tell me the sky’s the limit when there are crazy people flying around in jet packs and we haven’t even built a staircase to space.

We are bike people. We are bike all the time people.‖

🚲 You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. #BikeLovers

I wanted to title this ‘Stop looking at your phone when you’re on your bike’, but that would sound like I was trying to be stern. So, let me say it in a nicer tone: I love it when

Just another day on the bike.

One of the best things that have happened to me since I got into cycling is that it makes me aware of my surroundings more. You start paying attention to what you see 🚲🗺

Cool-weather riding means we get to ride more often. After all, nobody likes a sweaty rider. 😉

Biking. It’s more than just healthy, it’s healthy to the core! 😎😎

Always ride with a smile on your face and life in your heart. 🚲👊 #bikerbackpacker

When your tire pops, don’t freak—CO2 cartridges fix flats in seconds. Watch this quick video now.

Throw your leg over Harley-Davidson’s Street 500 and feel the road under you, just as it should be.

You gotta ride it to feel the power. The chaos, the freedom. That’s why I’ve got to ride, I’ve got a fever! 🌧

Without failure, we would never learn from our mistakes. That’s why we support those who love to achieve impossible feats with a little help from a friend or two.

Let’s ride, take a break from the concrete jungle and discover a whole new world out there #UberEats

Getting lost in the moment. 🚵🏼‍♀️

The feeling of freedom is priceless.

Bike Ride With Boyfriend Quotes

Nothing beats a bike ride with the one you love. ‭‭☀ ❤️
The only thing I like better than riding my bike is riding it with you. – made by me -#bikeride
Take a ride with me..I’ll hold the handlebars, you hold my heart❤ ❤
When your BF whisks you away for a romantic ride through the city. 😍🚲
Come ride with me!
Winter is coming and we’re already craving warmer weather. We’re enjoying the last few rides of summer on stylish new bikes from @target 🚲🚲🚲
I’ll race you, handsome—all the way home. ॐ
$10 for a smooth, stable ride like this sounds like a bargain. 👍
Take a long walk with somebody you love—everybody else does.
My only love, my only friend—You get me, you get me through everything 😈😈
It’s nice to have somebody to rely on when you need them. It’s an even better feeling when they are your best friend, your champion, or your lover. Life is pretty awesome when everything clicks into place.
Ahh, the weekends—a chance to re-connect with your partner after a busy week (red wine optional). 🚴🏼‍♀️
I like the feeling of the wind in my hair.
Self-doubt is what keeps you from getting started. Fear is what stops you in your tracks. Success is what pushes you onward”
Riding bikes with my boyfriend is one of those things that make me really happy. We do it every weekend.
After that bike ride with my bf, I feel like we’re on our way to the end of the rainbow: there’s a pot of gold waiting for us at the end.”
Wish I was with my boyfriend on this bike ride right now 😍🚲
My new love is riding with him🚲👫
Riding bikes together is a great way to enjoy…
We’re just two bikes and a couple of bags on a golden afternoon #BikeLove
Hiking with you makes me feel like I’m living in a John Steinbeck novel #bycyclewiththeonei ❤️
Mornings are made for two, bicycles are made for one. ❤️
Sam, I am coming to your city this weekend. Let’s nip the dog days of summer in the bud with a bike ride on Sunday! 💃
Stay Flawless on your Ride 🚲 Throwback to this cutie’s #biketoworkday makeover- we’ll always be bad 👋 at this. 😎
Riding solo feels like pissing in your own hand and shaking it at God.
This city never sleeps—so neither should you. Keep it going, 24/7 with a bike.
There is no greater happiness for a man than to have a young wife and be loved by her.             – C.S. Lewis

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. -Mark Twain

Dirt Bike Quotes for Instagram

Nothing beats the smell of fresh dirt in the morning. #dirtbike

Wheels and tires and rims and handlebars: for this hobby, we’ve got it all. #motocross #dirtbike #motorcycle

♻️ One of my favorite things about motorcycles is that they free you from chains, both figuratively and literally. ♻️

You can’t believe your eyes. Is she really doing that? – Motocross girl

What I love about bikes is everything. If you’re not doing something you love, you might as well be dead. (David Bailey)🚲

Keep your wheels on the ground, and keep smiling. 😂☺

When it comes to getting dirty, I’d rather deal with mud than lies because lies will stick with you forever.

Just another day in the office 💪🏻…

Just when you think you’ve reached your limit, you look back and see how far you’ve come. 😊

Peace, love, and donuts.

Just finished an awesome ride. Now I’m really excited for tomorrow!  Cheers to bikes, beer, and big days in the outdoors!

Let it rip!!

It’s not easy to get it right—it’s easy to get it written.

Be the person you wanted to be when you grew up.

You set the pace and never look back. You meet your goals and then you raise them higher. You push yourself further than you thought possible and then you do it again tomorrow. You know that goal is around the bend and around the corner

Maui’s new @secretislandmx track is looking so good. Can’t wait to ride it later this week 👌💨 #Maui #pinkbike #dirtbikequotes

Build the kind of relationship with your dirt bike that leads to unbridled fun.

“I like dirt. I like it a lot. And I’ve mastered the art of scrambling up climbs and sliding down hills; avoiding roots; popping off of little jumps; and, most importantly, getting extremely muddy.” –

Riding a motorcycle is to fulfill a dream. In the dreams of adventure, the flavor of nature, to be far from civilization and explore new roads, etc. motorcycle life is very simple. Only for this purpose, you need to look at the

It’s not about how fast you ride, but how much fun you have.” – Jeff Ward

Life is short, so ride on.

Step 1: Get on the bike

Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting “Holy Shit! What a ride!”

Going from 0-60 in a second is the best feeling in the world.

Riding is the reason I wake up in the morning

We are stronger, faster, crazier.

Lost in the woods without a Swiffer. What are these crunchy things? Oh, you’ve never seen the Simpsons? I’ll be here all day.

We aren’t fast, so we have to be good.

Getting ready for the weekend.

Funny Bike Captions for Instagram

Loud and clear that you’re a cyclist with these gifts that only a cyclist would love

Just when you thought it was safe to ride your bike again.. #bikes #bike #cycle #cyclist #cycling

Forgot about your helmet? No helmet, no problem. #NoHelmetNoProblem

I flow through life like a bike lane floweth through a city… #bikestagram

Giddyup! We’re going to need a bigger bike…

My 6-pack of air conditioners just arrived 🎈

I’m not peddling today—only to keep my bikini bottom in place 😋

Just when I think you have the table in check, you go all in my 🍑.

Never give up on those dreams. This Woman’s Incredible Journey can teach you everything you need to know! 🤸🏽‍♀️🙌💪

I’m so excited to get home from work, pop opens a cold one, and take a ride. I’ll see you later tonight @redhook

Today, tomorrow, forever.

Like the breeze, I am here today and gone tomorrow.

I ain’t got nowhere to be, I’m riding into that long weekend like (yeehaw)

When that train of thought gets too crowded and you gotta get off.

Bikes are great 4 every1, especially gurls. Isn’t that right? #BikeLife

Oh, I love my bike, cause it brings all the boys to the yard 🚲💨

Bikes 🚲 are awesome—and awesome is awesome 😎 .

Urban biking, minus the helmet. That’s right. No bike helmet. Pretty much the most badass thing you can do on a bike right now, IMO. We’re taking you for a ride by letting @pedalw

I love my bike. And it loves me. Love is mutual.

Happy #NationalBikeToWorkDay ! Nothing beats an early morning commute on two wheels. So hop on that bike and pedal to work! 🚲

Feel the breeze with our wildly popular bike filter.

Sometimes the best way to get around is riding on two wheels #JoinTheHerd

Life is like riding a bike—to keep your balance you must keep moving 🚲

Pumpkin Spice Latte ☕️ or Nutella Cafe au Lait? You decide. Happy First Day of Fall!

Riding, riding, ridin’ 🚲

What do you get when you combine a boomerang with an antique map and a cute dog? One epic #takeover.

Put the pedal to the metal and pedal your way to a healthy lifestyle

Thrilled to announce that my second book, What We See When We Read, comes out on September 25th! Pre-order it here. For more info, check out my Instagram stories @jefriestantonnnn.’


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