Top 50+ Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes

Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes

Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes

Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes

Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes: Ice skating is the perfect combination of art and sport. It’s just like ballet on ice, using your skates to make a shape as you pirouette around the rink. It’s graceful, beautiful, and unbelievably cool. And with hundreds of years of history behind it, taking lessons from a dazzling professional figure skater is sure to help you stand out from the crowd this winter.

Inspirational quotes are a great way to propel yourself, improve your self-confidence and change life for the better. Ice skating quotes can easily be used as the perfect source of inspiration to accomplish your goals, reach your potential, and do what you love. 

Quotes about skating can be inspirational in many ways. You will find that most of them show that if you dream hard enough and work hard enough, anything is possible, regardless of your circumstances. This means that they can help you feel confident about achieving your ice skating goals.

As a skater, I know it can sometimes be challenging to find inspiration. To be successful in something that is so hard, we need all the help we can get. Inspirational ice skating quotes are more than just sayings or poems. They give us all the right words to convey how we feel about our sport and why we continue to do it even when it gets us down.

We have compiled the best and most inspirational Ice skating quotes to help inspire you when your day is feeling a little dreary. These are all quotes that we live by daily, and we hope they will help get you motivated for the rest of your day and encourage you to pursue your dream of ice skating!


  • Every day, in every way, I’m getting better and better. -Emile Coue


  • I didn’t go to the Olympics, but mother nature always awards me for a well-done job. I call it the gold medal of awesomeness.


  • There is nothing that comes to make us so humble as remembering how little we can do alone.


  • I’m not great at skating. But I love the ice! The atmosphere makes me feel free. I’ve never been afraid of anything out there. I do my best and hope for the best – it.


  • Let your smile lead the way…On and off the ice’ – Ginny Gregory


  • We might not know where ice skating will take us, but that’s why we skate.


  • Sometimes, it’s not the wind that pushes you forward but the person that pulls you back. -Nancysucks #inspiration


  • You’ll have to do something pretty spectacular for the world to notice. So, go out and do that thing you’ve always been scared to do. #letsgoforit


  • Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes: Ever since I was little, I loved to put on the sparkle.


  • There’s a time for everything. There’s a place for everything, and that place is called home.


  • Conquer the world one twirl at a time. #BackOnIce


  • “I skate to the rhythm of my music,”  —Kristi Yamaguchi.


  • When you have fun, you do everything better. #excuses


  • Don’t fall. Just fly. #WEGO


  • Let your imagination take you away. Live in the moment, breathe it all in. I am Malibu Sky!


  • The power of imagination makes us infinite. – John Muir


  • Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes: Courage is found in unlikely places.


  • If you can’t succeed.. Skate faster. -Rita Mae Brown


  • Sometimes the ice is so thin, you can see right through it. But that means you have to work harder to stay.


  • Let your light shine. Be brave and brilliant. Shine bright for all to see! (You can do anything if you believe in yourself.


  • “It’s the possibility of being able to do better that makes us improve.” – Nancy Kerrigan.


  • It was so cold; I saw a girl catch her boyfriend’s eye and chew it off.


  • My blades will cut deep. I will scream and burn and bleed for this moment. I will be fearless, relentless, wild, and accessible.


  • Summer is almost over, but there’s still time to make your wishes come true.


  • You’ll see the BEST when you take your eyes off of what’s in front of you. – Emily Tan


  • Fall is a favorite season of mine. The breeze, the air, and the leaves are what inspire me. I hope it inspires you as well.


  • Let your actions speak for you. Speak less and act more.


  • Celebrate the little things about life that make it so precious + unique 💕 #littlethings


  • Nothing beats the feeling of gliding across an ice rink. If you can’t be on your blades, our oatmeal cookie restores that cozy feeling.


  • I’ve been skating since I was three, and I still can’t do a ponytail, ha! -Sarah Hughes


  • True friends support you even when the ice is slippery. Even when the going gets tough, having someone to lean on makes all the difference. -unknown


  • Inspire, motivate and succeed. By believing in yourself, you can accomplish anything. Put in endless hours of hard work and determination. It’s never too late to pursue your dreams!


  • “I want to do something for myself and my happiness and not to please someone else.” –Michelle Kwan.


  • It’s not the winning that counts; it’s the taking part. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again. – Peggie Knight


  • It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now. The future is waiting for you to claim it.”


  • I have decided today not to let a single obstacle, no matter how difficult or unpleasant, stand in the way of achieving my ultimate dreams and aspirations. I am blessed with a rare opportunity, and I will seize it!


  • “I love the feeling of gliding on the ice. It’s like flying in a way. And the cold air and the wind in your face. It’s so lovely!”- Danica McKellar, actor.”


  • It’s great to be back. Thank you for your patience and support.” – Nancy Kerrigan #OlympicMemories.


  • “When you skate well, you will feel as though you are flying.” –Brian Boitano.


  • Just remember: if you fall, get right back up, laugh about it, and keep going.


  • Close your eyes. Feel the rhythm around you. The music moves through you and pulls you where it wants. Dance without fear in the middle of your imperfections and let go.”


  • Inspirational Ice Skating Quotes: You’re only a failure if you fail to try.


  • “Skating is poetry in motion.” -Scott Hamilton.


  • Good skaters aren’t good because they have great technique. They’re good because they have great passion. – Kurt Browning


  • Skating: it’s a perishable skill. – Louis Stravinsky


  • Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.❤️


  • Embrace the cold with warmth in your heart.


  • Painful falls and brutal battles are a part of greatness.


  • Stay focused on what is ahead of you. Keep moving forward every day. There will be many opportunities to learn, grow, and have fun. 


  • Come for the sport, stay for the fashion. —Mark Twain


  • Rise high, rise fast. If you’re falling, don’t be scared to smile.¨


  • The long-distance is only two hugs away.


  • I am dancing on ice, the cold wind on my face, the sense of pure balance. The only way to fly!


  • “Strong women, strong daughters, however, you form it, attach strength to it.” ― Lindsey Vonn.


  • Ice is magic. It sparkles, shines, and gives children a sense of wonder. ― Donald J. Trump


  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Sharpie markers make me stronger.


  • We are all just winging it, and life is so fleeting. Just do the stuff that makes you feel alive.


  • I’m never going to be afraid to try something again. – Michelle Kwan.


  • You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…-Wayne Gretzky.


  • The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to love and be loved in return.


  • We’re always fast; we’re always free.


  • You can’t get through life without falling. Landing on your knees can be painful. Landing on your feet can be exhilarating. Come full circle today and find a way to stand tall.


  • 2 things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe.


  • There’s a delicate art when it comes to balancing on an ice skate. And you can’t just go out there and improvise *beep* – Dale Earnhardt.


  • It doesn’t matter who you are, what your story is, where you come from, what your disability is. It does not matter whether you have never ice skated before or if you’re a world champion. What matters


  • Go for the gold. Earn your stripes. Own the ice.


  • Nothing beats the freedom of skating on a pond, drinking in the cool air and warm sun. It’s heaven on ice.


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Go fast, Go far, Never give up. Even if you fall, get back on your skates and try #‎starbrighticehockey‬ ‪#‎starshinehockey‬ #starshine


  • So resolve to keep on dreaming big and go out there and get it! It’s our future, and only we can shape it!


  • On days like this, it’s nice to know there’s still something for the taking.  Nothing is truly impossible, and that kind of spirit carries into the second half of the year.  Here’s to keeping your head up high.


  • Things look big when they’re close…and small when they are far away. 🌟


  • One day, you will get to know what it’s like to be me.


  • She skates as gracefully as a swan. She is my Wonder Woman—the idol of my life.


  • I skate to the beat of my drum. And if I want to wear a tutu, it’s no one’s business but mine. Or something like that.  #Olympics


  • I am proud of you, and I will tell you why. You are brave, faithful, strong, and loyal to the end. And you know what, that is just about the finest compliment I could give anyone!


  • Find your flow. The journey is the goal. Love what you do….and do it often!


  •  Whenever you feel like quitting, think about why you started.


  • You never fail until you stop trying.


  • You have to see difficult things while they are still hard. . . . when it gets hard, that’s when all the good stuff happens.


  • Today you can do what others won’t, Even if you’re the only one who believes you. #quotes #inspiration


  • Wishing you the courage to try, and maybe… fall. There is no true happiness without some pride. – Jane Austen


  • Sitting in the stands, watching you skate. My breath fixes in the air as I wait for you to twirl around.


  • All you need is the ability to let go. Well, that and the ability to skate.’ ― Nathan Fillion.


  • There is no failure, only feedback. Keep eyes on the goal and cheeks on the ice. –– Johann Kost


  • We know the feeling…when you look at a #skiing and snowboarding bum and think in awe: “I sure wish I could do that.” If only you dared to pursue your passion.


  • Trust yourself. Create your path and follow it. #inspiringquotes #motivationalquotes


  • Words to live by: the faster you learn, the quicker you’ll go. Are you looking for the right coach? 💪🏻


  • When you stop believing in yourself, you stop believing in anything.


  • Here’s to taking chances, time with friends, and making mistakes. 😎 – Charlie White


  • If you can’t get a compliment from yourself, no one else will either. – Unknown


The inspirational quotes mentioned above suggest that ice skating is the best exercise. It has excellent cardiovascular fitness benefits and helps optimize your muscle builds. Experts opine that it is better than going to the gym as it improves body shape, improves posture, and strengthens the body’s core muscles. Furthermore, this sport helps in enhancing your stamina significantly. In conclusion, I hope these quotes will do you a lot of favor to inspire you to do better.

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