Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Gemini is the third astrological sign of the Zodiac. It comes after Cancer and before Taurus. If your birthday falls between May 21st -June 20th, then you are a Gemini. Gemini is a highly individualized zodiac sign that brings a lot of people’s attention on their birthdays. The year of the Gemini also brings us beautiful flowers, warm weather, and people wearing little clothing. This specific zodiac sign is a prominent member of the Zodiac family with almost 3% of the world’s population claiming to be a Gemini born on June 21st or May 22nd.

Gemini zodiac sign is related to communication gurus. Gemini persons like hard long conversations and they like them non-stop. They will talk gossip, politics, and their mother’s cooking (in the same conversation). However, the most marvelous thing with geminis is, they can hold several conversations at once even while multitasking. Here we have gathered Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram.

Gemini Zodiac Sign Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Bold like Leo, wise like Aquarius, playful like Libra. Meet the twins.

Your light-hearted Gemini zodiac sign *sign nobody can deny*

Curious, flexible, fun-loving. Are you a Gemini? Find your sign #GeminiSigns @gemini_horoscope

I’m the perfect balance between good & evil 😈 #SignsOfTheZodiac

Good things come in pairs, but great things definitely come in threes. Welcome to the sign of triple threats. #taurus #gemini #virgo #libra #scorpio #sagittarius #aquarius #capric

Oh, there’s two of us alright. #91⁄ 92 yrs #Taurus sign #Capricorn sign #Aquarius sign #Gemini

“The time between now and then is just life happening.” #gemini

Gemini: It’s true, we say one thing but secretly mean another.

I may be wrong but I’m never in doubt. Geminis are confident, adaptable, optimistic, curious, and curious. They love playing with ideas, juggling several projects at once, and have diverse interests. Always full of new projects about

This is a time of life when you can grow emotionally. You have two sides to live, one that takes the lead and the other that follows. Be aware of both and know how to utilize them. Use your logic and reasoning if you need to

Regardless of what it says on your birth certificate or on that piece of paper, you are a million different versions of yourself. It doesn’t have to be either black or white. There are infinite shades of grey.” -Bill Nighy

“Everyone you meet is fighting a difficult battle. Some battles are more easily seen than others, but all struggles are significant and worthy of respect. A person is a person through other people.” ~ Donna Hill

My stars say that bedtime is for those who can afford to take a nap. 😈

It’s OKAY to be jealous of my stellar hair. My stars just aligned to give me this special hair hurricane.

Well, what do you know…

Happy birthday to the twins 🤗 Woke up early to catch the full #Gemini #twins #astrology #astrologyaddict #astrologymemes #happybirthday #geminigans

Thoroughly confused? Find your zodiac sign or fall back on an old classic with these quips 🤷🏻‍♂️ #agemini

Gemini: You’re a fun sign with a lot of energy. The Gemini has a major case of FOMO and is the ultimate people person.

Gemini, your thoughts and opinions are like the stars: They sparkle and shine and make life all the more beautiful!

Friends come and go. Starry nights stay. ♎ Gemini 🌟

Be like water my friend 🌊 “Strong like cherry blossoms, proud like an oak tree, and elegant like the Moon”.

Once in a while, it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. ❤️

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball

It’s not that they are extroverts, it’s just that they have extroverted themselves in some direction or other.

Planet Earth is blue and there’s nothing I can do 🌍

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would, others make it happen.

Boomerang backward as they fade to black

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Gemini is the sign of the Twins, so once you know your birthdate, you can follow these Instagram captions. The Gemini symbol is often written as twins, or if you want something a little less literal, try

What’s your Zodiac sign? ⭐ #Gemini

We’re ready to sizzle into the weekend like… #cancersun #gemini #geminisunday

Gemini, you are very difficult to read. You are open-minded and curious about almost everything. And you are the perfect person to befriend if one is feeling unsure, or confused, or simply wants to be entertained. That being said.

I’ve never thought about astrology, but every time I’m told what my sign is I get reminded of why I don’t believe in it. Anyone should feel free to live their OWN ART ARTISTIC LIFE & create anything they want with any

Happy Birthday to the twin of me, to my co-captain, to my yin and yang, thank you for being there with me every day. Your friendship is a blessing 🤗 I hope that your birthday blessing – what you

Take your best selfie and post it with #ASTROsocial to be featured.

A photo isn’t good or bad in the camera, but what you do with it in post processing. #photography #instagood #instagram #beach #summer #vacation

“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”– When Harry Met Sally.

They say that life is full of choices, but sometimes choices are made for you. When this happens you have to learn how to move forward.

Shake off the summertime blues and get ready for a brand new start this fall.

If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change… ❤

Life is a party, and I’m wanna be perfect.

Let the stories you tell be rich with detail. – J.K. Rowling

That’s a cool shot from yesterday that I’m going to share on the gram. @adamhaydell #zodiac #gemini

Extremely sociable, witty, inventive. Sound like anyone you know? Gemini is the zodiac sign of twins best known for their quick mind, love of communication, and appreciation of harmony.

Gemini, you’re a pleasure seeker, a lover of travel and fun. You have a restless spirit and an inquisitive mind. Your amazing brain loves new ideas.

Gemini rules the sign of the twins—so there’s a lot of duality in these signs. Gemini does best when they balance their logical, rational head with their flexible, outgoing heart.

Gemini is a constellation of stars that represent twins. The good traits associated with Gemini men include being intelligent, funny, and fast-thinking.

Fed up with the daily routine and depressed by the monotony of life? You should take a step back and reevaluate your approach. The Gemini always keep looking for new perspectives, as they’re all about growth and self-improvement

A sign of true leadership is showing respect to those around you. Gemini.

You are one of a kind. You are not like anyone else in the universe, so never try to be someone else. Use your own abilities to the fullest extent. Try to have wings as an individual in this world, because when you do,

We like to entertain, choosing our moments with care. We love to spark feeling and inspire the heart.

Happy birthday, mystery twins.

Be bold and daring and let your freak flags fly!

Yes, I am indecisive. No, I’m making up my mind.

It’s extremely difficult to be positive and patient with someone who has negative thoughts.

It’s #nationaldogday so share some pics of your pup or pick up a Milk-Bone, all proceeds go to the ASPCA to help their efforts for homeless pets! #NationalDogDay #MilkBone

Gemini Instagram Captions

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who make things happen and those who watch things happen. You know which ones you are. Gemini.

There are two sets of twins in the Gemini zodiac sign. These twins symbolize duality, which embodies the Gemini nature. The sun sign has two personalities; one is adventurous, funny, and talkative. The other is more serious and reserved.

“When you travel with someone, you discover things about them they don’t know about themselves” – Jason Mraz #quotes #travel #gemini #gemini🇺🇸

Geminis are quick thinkers with great communication skills. We can adapt to any situation, travel far distances, and deal with change.

Put down your phone and live in the moment ☎️◾️◽️

When two become one, it’s about celebrating individuality and embracing your differences. 🌊🌈☄️

This weeks forecast: ☀🌤☔️🍦☃. Follow the stars to stay on top of the weather ☀

A little bit of chatter, a little bit of gossip. And oh so much fun. It’s Friday.

Being great at things can refine your talents, making it easier for you to try new things. Be open to trying new things today.#BeGreatByDefault #BeContentWithTheProcess

You’re both curious and charming, with a good sense of humor. You enjoy socializing, but also cherish your alone time. You don’t like to be bored, but you’re comfortable just doing nothing sometimes too.

May you find what you need on the road ahead and may you be happy, healthy and whole. We hope your next year is amazing.

It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice

You’ve got some growing to do.

This captures the essence of Gemini. These floating captions evoke such a feeling through abstract imagery such as, “let it be me and my shadow” since they can’t read.

May your Gemini Zodiac sign inspire you to live in the present and embrace change.

We’re not about to tell you how to live your life, but if you told us to be more chill, we think we’d do it in this Gemini-approved shade of blue.

We are Capricorns all day, but get us under the stars and Gemini is definitely in the mix.

Let’s get together, you show me your zodiac sign, I’ll show you mine. – Twins Club

You’re fearless and bold, but you also need time alone. “Moon Child,” just like the stars 🌎

This summer spread your wings and share your genius.

Hello from the other side! It’s been a while—it’s been a while.

Making bold choices and being fearless is the only way to live your life, baby! 👯

Love makes you do crazy things.

Living in the world of your imagination is a wonderful thing. Be curious, be adventurous, be courageous… the world’s waiting for you.

Feeling empowered, empowered to keep my cool and still be real.

Always trust your instincts.

It is better to be divided than to be conquered. Escape your comfort zone and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Many of us have a Gemini in our life – the best way to love a Gemini is to give them space.

🌠”Light as a feather, stiff as a Board.” Have you ever been compared to a Gemini before? ✨ #BFFDUO #signingoftheday

My zodiac sign is Gemini. My other zodiac signs are Scorpio and Pisces. All I know is that I’m a triple threat. 😉

Life has so many options, so I’m choosing to be flexible. It’s important to remain open-minded and versatile no matter what your Gemini horoscope says.

Snap, smile, repeat. #geminixx

Life’s about to get brighter with hot nights, cute clothes, lots of partyin’ 🎉💃🏾 #Geminis #Fun

May the bridge that links your two worlds never be broken #meangeminis

🌒 🌒🌒 Life is like a roller coaster, and it’s up to us to decide whether we’re the driver or a passenger.

We’re offering you sun-shiny happy Sunday vibes because you deserve it 🌞😎

When the best memories of summer come from lazy afternoons, and short camping trips 🏕.

How to escape the daily grind 🌌? We’re thinking of a trip to a far-flung destination, a rejuvenating detox at a wellness retreat—or both.

There’s a thin line between crazy and genius. Insanity is welcoming the stranger into your head, but keeping the one you know at a distance.

She can’t remember if he said he loved her or she said it first. But who cares? Because on some level, they both know that on that day, on every day since then, they were only ever saying goodbye.

Wise words of an outdoor writer for a men’s magazine

Gemini Birthday Captions for Instagram

Gemini—who are the true epitome of multi-talented. An adventurous, clever, versatile array of talent comes with this double personality birthday gift.

#Gemini A birthday is a milestone, a new start. We want to wish you a very happy birthday. Stay bold, stay real, and stay you—in all the ways that make you truly awesome.

To the only person that may ever understand my ridiculous 40 seconds of fame. You know who you are 😜 Happy birthday my Gemini twin 👯‍♀️

Today I’m celebrating my birthday with a free-spirited friend – Adventure – and a tote bag – Organization – from my sign – Gemini – at @thecoffeeminimalistcafe! Wishing you all the best

Happy birthday Gemini! Let the adventure begin. 🌟

Happy birthday, Gemini. Stay curious and let your light shine.

Born under Gemini, you tend to notice the little quirks and differences in each person you meet—and secretly appreciate their own personal style even more than yours.

Happy birthday, Gemini. Retrograde be damned, you’re a walking force of nature 😉

The Taurus traits that are usually associated with the Gemini are fertility, flexibility, resourcefulness, cleverness, organization, liveliness, laughter, drama, and tenderness. The constellation symbolizes duality which is why Geminis are easy to

Gemini after a night at the movies 🎥

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini: you know you like to socialize and network. You might be more of a risk taker and prefer to ditch the hat and sunglasses (“era”) and show off your natural talent onstage

Happy birthday to my other half 🐙 The only human who can always keep up with me 😂👻

Today, I’m going to be a better me.

Under-promise and over-deliver.

I’m a Gemini, which means I have a lot of people to celebrate with—my birthday is my twin sister’s too!  🌑🎂

Happy Birthday to my Gemini twin @mirandakerwoo, may you have a year of adventures and new beginnings ✨🖤

Remember your true self and your own innate good taste and style and you will always be glamorous and amazing! Happy birthday Gemini!!

It’s a Gemini birthday! These fun-loving twins have a knack for making friends and thinking outside of the box, so it should come as no surprise that Gemini has been used to describe everything from light fixtures to cars. You will find these ins

Your birthday is a special day for Gemini because it’s the only sign who has their birthdays split between two months. Happy Birthday.

So funny how most of my #geminibirthdays happen to be over the summer months 🧐

Happy birthday Gemini! Here’s to you and your double dose of fun.

Happy birthday Gemini! You are the starry night that brightens any room.

Hard to believe it’s been two years since we all met that special #somethingsomething Gemini 🦀🍒😎.

🌈 It’s a @Gemini_Sign thing–you wouldn’t understand 💭 #earthday

Happy birthday Gemini! May the stars above help you reach your goals.”

May your days be as colorful as a Monet landscape and as inspirational as the words from your favorite author. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to my twin, I can’t think of anyone who I’d rather go through life with.

Not that you need an excuse to eat brownies for breakfast, but happy #NationalChocolateBrownieDay! 🍫☕️

Celebrating the person you’re becoming all season long. Happy Birthday ♈️🎉 #GeminiBirthday

This week, I’m thinking about Gemini birthdays. (Because it’s yours, maybe?)

Celebrating Gemini’s birthday means celebrating your creativity and people skills. You’re the only sign that can be in two places at once.

Gemini, your birthday month has so many must-try festivals! Don’t miss our top 10. 🎂

We were skeptical at first, but turns out it’s pretty fun! We can totally relate to you, Gemini. Wishing you a happy birthday. 🎈🎉🎂

Happy Birthday to my twin flame, soulmate, and best friend, for this life and the rest of our lives together.

May the Gemini in you be with you today.


Lucky enough to get to spend my birthday with the best partner in crime 💗

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. –Helen Keller #happybirthday

Happy birthday to everyone who shares this week 💜

If it weren’t for the fact that the sun actually sets rather than circling endlessly around the earth, I’d swear my birthday lasted an entire week.

So much to say, so little time. 🌲

Gemini Birthday Captions

A Gemini birthday is a perfect excuse to sparkle and shine 💎

Turn up your energy, turn on your social life, and turn out to all the fun that happens this week. It’s a Gemini birthday week after all!

Gemini, you are the cool breeze on a hot day. The dancing glow in the sunset. The sound of waves in the ocean. And when your birthday comes around, remember to play the leading role in your own life story.

Happy Birthday to my Gemini twin! You’re as inquisitive and full of life as the zodiac sign you came under.

Happy Birthday, Gemini. May your two-star signs bring you a duality of motion and stillness, love and logic, and creative inspiration and practical backbone to make both halves of you equal parts wonderful.

Happy Birthday to a wacky, fun-loving Gemini! And cheers to no matter which year you’re born…

May your day be as unique and mysterious as you. Happy birthday Gemini!

Happy Birthday to this guy (and Gemini) who keeps us laughing whenever we’re around him! 🤣

May your birthday be as bright as you are✨💫

Happy Birthday to Me, A Pisces with the Sun in Aries and My Moon in Gemini.

Happy Birthday, Stephanie! 🎂

Happy birthday to my other half, ✨☽✨

Your constellation is in my eyes tonight.

Today is a good day to check yourself, you might have been looking for happiness in all the wrong places, just remember that happiness is a choice that you have to make every day.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – Saint Augustine

May your Gemini birthday be filled with surprise, wonder, and plenty of happy moments to come. Happy Birthday! 😎

Exactly how we feel about our Gemini friends. Happy Birthday everyone!

Happy Birthday, Gemini! To each of you, I bring all your best qualities to light. May your birthdays be this vibrant and unexpected.

Happy birthday, Gemini! You’re a dreamer and a doer, you can never sit still and you’re always on the go. With your mind as sharp as a tack, you’re a real brainiac. May your

Oh hey, it’s your birthday, Gemini. Celebrate you! Gemini-style. 💎 Gemini Rules.

Happy birthday Gemini! You know that I am one too and you can just imagine how much we love this month, always having some kind of excuse to celebrate.

How cool is Gemini? How cool do they look in this black and white zodiac sign tee?! 🌙👑

Happy birthday to my 🥳 Gemini sister, my eternal best friend, and drinking buddy.

What do I need to know about your birthday? The sun, Mercury, Venus are all in your sign today. Awesome!

Happy Birthday to someone who is weird, unique, adventurous, and brave. I love everything about you!

Solving puzzles and riddles… chasing butterflies and shooting stars… laughing and learning… This will be a year filled with magical moments! #HappyBirthday

Celebrate your birthday with friends—lots of them! 🎂

Celebrating 2 years and you’re still my better half. ❤

Life is such a roller coaster ride–there are ups and downs, the highs and lows. And in each end of the spectrum, we adapt and evolve to current situations.

We’re like two peas in a pod, except we’re not.

Someone’s birthday is approaching. Gemini birthday captions help to make their birthday special.

Happy Gemini Birthday! The stars align and you get another year to explore and connect with people and humanity in all their forms.

🖤 Happy Birthday Gemini! May your day be full of love, laughter & new adventures! 🌟

Celebrate a Gemini, a birthday, or a friendship with a custom stack of tasty treats! 🎂❤☕️🥰

Gemini, it’s a birthday 🎂 for a Gemini today!

Here’s to having Gemini on your birthday, twice the gifts and twice the words of inspiration! ☀

Happy Birthday, Gemini! The stars have aligned, so you can grow your horizons in the coming year.

It’s your birthday! Celebrate with all the signs of this astrological twin 😅

Happy birthday to the modern-day Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde. My Gemini twin, you are my constant source of inspiration, self-discovery, and magic. I’m so grateful for our endless conversations that uncover buried truths,

May all your birthdays be on the twins—May’s 🦹

All about that balance, Gemini.

Today I offer you the best of both worlds: my firm handshake and a hug that lasts an hour. -Two Face

It’s October, and we can finally start wearing our favorite color all the time again—brownish-red. Happy birthday, Libra. 🕰😎

May your day be full of all the little surprises that make life worth living

We are all these things, above and beyond 👍🏽

Gemini Captions

Keep it simple. Be you. Nothing more, nothing less. Gemini Captions

This year is going to be so fun… I can almost taste it. 🍁 Let’s have some Gemini adventures!

We’re stoked for this Gemini season. And we hope you are too 🌙

Be the best you’ve ever been. Gemini. 🌟

On this day of Gemini ☀️🌈🔮

What’s your astrological sign? Gemini ♊️

It’s double the fun with you around 🔥

Friendship is the most beautiful of all love because it is never get tired of your company, makes you smile when you feel worst 💕

Me, you, us—it’s always been about the two of us. Happy Birthday, me. 😎

The stars are aligning, the planets are becoming one. Change is in the air. What will you change today?

When you’ve got so much going on you forget what day it is, but everything is still perfect 👍

We’re making a list and checking it twice. Who’s naughty and who’s nice?

Gemini, your zodiac sign says you’re a whirlwind of energy. Gemini Captions to follow suit!

For Gemini, I wanted to find a caption that somehow captured not only their dual nature but also the meaning behind the zodiac sign: “People born under the sign of Gemini are charming and talkative. Intelligent and versatile, they can easily adapt to

🎉Treat yourself or someone you love to a little star magic. Be the first to shop the new Gemini Collection at @NordstromRack

You know you’ve got a winner when everyone is talking about you. 🚀🚀Our Week of Gemini clothing line is out now on our website and in some of our stores! 👉 link in bio ❗️

You know you’re a Gemini: you see the beauty in everything and everyone. Let your beauty shine through by discovering new ways to enhance and update your natural beauty.

What are you curious about? What do you want to know more about? Get answers with Gemini.

It’s a double dose of fun when the sun and moon align. Gemini, you’re it.

Happy birthday, Gemini! May your day be full of shock and awe. 😍

Part of being a Gemini is being inquisitive. The other part? Being indecisive.😁

Ever heard of the twin effect? It’s basically when one person’s actions can sometimes cause drastic changes in someone else. #Gemini

You’re a dreamer, a schemer, a child of the stars, a thinker. Whether you believe in fate or remember how to let go, know that your light just shines a little brighter when you’re around me.

Grandiose plans for operations on Geminis’s birthday. Source:

October is the time for spookiness to take over. But don’t worry, there are still stars in the sky to show you the way. #GeminisAreStars

🌏sunset over the ocean 🌊sunrise from a mountaintop ⭐️ balancing out your sun and moon energy 🌕

You’ve put in the work to make this year your best yet. Now, get ready to take it all in hand over hand.

Gemini, it’s time to make your move. We’ll provide the inspiration you need to attract the person of your dreams.

Hey, my name’s Gemini and I change personalities as fast as the sun changes phases. How about you?

How fly are these Gemini folks?

Gemini, are you tired of being hard to read? With the help of your twin, you can learn about yourself. Or not.

How do you want to spend this Gemini weekend?

Gemini: I’m talking too much.

Hello, Gemini 🌞☀ 😎

Celebrating the zodiac sign Gemini and gifts day in and day out.

It’s my party and I’ll post what I want to. #Taurus #Cancer #Gemini

Never let someone’s opinion of you become more important than your own.” – Coco Chanel. Gemini season is almost upon us, here’s to being more #geminiselfie of the wind, of the clouds, of

🎁Moving into fall, your life should be equally colorful. Slay your closet with the new looks dropping this week.

If we’re wearing clothes, we’re dressed. 😎

There are demons. And there are angels watching over you.

The most holistic way to strengthen your intuition—through your mind, body, and spirit.

Funny Gemini Captions

Are you a Gemini? If yes, then check out these captions to brighten your Instagram feed!

😎 All of the Gemini’s out there #HappyGeminiDay! Wishing a wonderful day to all the twins out there – your twin flames too! Love you guys!

You can’t make me mad, I’m a Gemini.

We’re the best duo ever!

The best person you will ever meet. Personality: Full of surprises.

While most people like to take pictures of their pets… We like weighing them.

We’re just too complex and fascinating to ever get boring.

“Cats and unicorns are both magical and mystical. Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!” -Jerry Seinfeld

Differences are what make you unique from others 👀👀.

I’m an odd mom. My baby wears waterproof mascara to protect his inner beauty…er…outer beauty.

How is it possible that u and I didn’t know each other b4?

Goals for today: 1. Watch Netflix 2. Sleep 3. Repeat

I keep my life orderly by alphabetizing the drinks I plan to consume today: beer and more beer.

If your Pisces and your Gemini are fighting, just keep providing snacks for both of them. They’ll eventually make up.

If you’re ☽ Gemini like I am, you probably don’t want to hear any of this—because you already know it all 😉

I’m Gemini, I was busy all October #shrug

You’re a Gemini, the alchemical sign of Mercury, ruling both communication and commerce.

August 19th is the day of the summer solar eclipse and Geminis, here’s to you! It’s your time to shine through. We hope the sun and moon will align for you this coming month as well.

I bring *two* different personalities to every situation. Or at least, I try to.

I still don’t know if we’re twins or we’re not 🤔🙅

It’s hard to be deep when you’re superficial. -Emo Phillips. Gemini.

You’re a lot more mature on the phone than I was expecting.

Annoying 😤😤

Baaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh! You’re never on time for anything!

I’m young, I’m passionate, I’m impatient. I do it my way. 😏

Always a little bit divided.

In an effort to be less indecisive, I’ve decided to flip a coin. Heads it is today, tails tomorrow.

Your ability to adapt and shift with ease will make you more flexible than most.

I’m a Gemini and I can talk to you for hours! Right now, we only have like 5 minutes because I’m late… (tiger emoji)

Those born under the Gemini sign have a good sense of humor, great communication skills and tend to keep friends up all night with deep-rooted conversations.

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a Gemini!! #Gemini #Geminigraceful

Confused about your zodiac sign? If you were born between May 21-June 20, then you’re a Gemini. 🛰

You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)

We’re excited to announce that two Gemini representatives will be sampling the new line at a mall near you! Please use your best Greek voice when speaking to them.

Snapchat… you need to update your app so we can follow each other, again.

Gemini: There are two kinds of people in this world: those who divide people into two kinds of people and those who don’t.

When life hands you lemons, make sure to wear your best hat (no really, wear your best hat) 🍋✨

We go from smiling to crying to singing in a matter of seconds. Whenever we’re mad, we say the meanest things. But, when we feel bad for someone, we’ll do anything to make them feel better.

Hey Gemini, Be yourself today. Remember, don’t make someone else’s stress your problem.

I’m basically a fisherman, I only love you when I don’t see you. 😛

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me there

Is today gonna be super weird or super awesome?

I think therefore I am, which means I’m thinking… This could be a problem. 😳

Gemini Instagram Bio

Some people read a hook. Others go straight to the heart. And others skip right over all that and dive into what you do for fun, Gemini.

Two sides of a coin. Two polar opposite personality traits. Two identical faces, yet so different. These faces mirror the Gemini—the Guardian and the Maverick. The latter two personalities are boisterous and loud, yet both have a levelheaded

A painter, a scientist, a musician, a dancer. Gemini. ❤

Gemini: April 21 – May 21

Welcome to the family 🤗👉 #followforfollowback #kikilifestyle #sisters

We’re always looking to find the next big things, and Leo Burnett attracts them like honey attracts bees…

The only #Zodiac sign with two faces.

Some twins are stars, some shadows of stars, but all twins are stars in their own right.

Travel companion, show-talker, and best friend. I talk more than @theandylindner and Nate is the better looking one of the two of us:)

It’s complicated. ✔️

All roads lead to Heaven & All Paths are Pre-determined by the Heavens, May your “Clockwork” be Dutch & your “Fate” Be “Tight”…!

“Two sides, one story.”

Each moment holds the possibility of a miracle. Today I choose to see beauty and love everywhere I look, participate in life with passion, and keep my heart open for adventures to come. Each week, I find my #MondayMotivation from one of

Animals and plants are like people… they have their own personalities, quirks, and funny things to say. They’re even aware of time, so I think the same rules apply! What a cool world we live in…. a world where animals

Gemini: A double dose of #swag.

New York. LA. Happy. Gemini is the intersection of cool, laid back style with premium quality.

Live your best life! Find your inner genius. Expand your perspective. Do it all. Gemini is here to help you discover the person you never even knew existed.

I’m a Gemini. I love people for who they are, not what they are.

I’m a Gemini… I love reading, writing, and singing. This is me.

Two Of Everything. Two Degrees. Two Million Followers.

Inventing a way for you to see your life moments through the eyes of others.

The Twins are now on 🔝 ✌🏽

The stars have aligned bringing you sunshine and 80-degree temps in the dead of fall. Let’s be friends? 🌝

May the best part of your day be the person you share it with.

You know it’s the weekend when you choose to finally go with a solid outfit and let your hair do whatever. ☀#StyleOnPoint

We rise, we fall, but our stars never fade.

Are we even surprised? Gemini is the quirkiest of all signs and this bio portrays that perfectly.

Gemini is an adventurous, fun-loving sign.  We love to explore new places, try out crazy new adventures, and share our stories with the world. FREE !!!

Gemini traits: quick-witted, adaptive, flexible, versatile, dual-natured. This next year is going to be full of evolution. See you there.

We’re getting ready to paint the town red, white, and blue!!! T minus 10 days until Gemini Day!! #geminicafe

Born on May 21st? You’re a Gemini! 💫

Hey there, astronomy enthusiast. If you’re reading this, your sign must be Gemini.

A zodiac bio of a large media company

Nothing gets me down on a Monday.

Congratulations on your twins, you’re going to need double the help and love in your life! Congratulations Twins.

The life of an entrepreneur is a complicated one. Some days, you feel like a boss, and others you feel like a day trader. Overwhelmed by the top-of-mind-concerns, underwhelmed by the lack of

You have a busy mind and so do we. So take a break from it all, sit back, and enjoy the ride because this month is all about you.

Live everyday like it’s your birthday, because every day is a gift 🎁✨

Come for the spectacle. Stay for the snacks. 🍔 #HelloLF

Everything’s better when there’s a little bit of you and a little bit of me. –Lewis Carroll

Wherever you go, I will be there. Wherever I go, you will be there.

Gemini Quotes Today

5.22 ♋ Gemini “If I’m invited to a party, then I’m there!”

Today is the beginning of your happy ending 💕

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage”

Be the kind of person you’d like to have for a friend.

The only color that matters is the one that moves you.

When you choose to shoot the moon, expect fireworks. – Diane von Furstenberg

Twinning with this photo 🆒

Be a lifestyle curator and you’ll never have a bad day.

Sometimes you need to take an extra break–from your screen. Switch it up with some eye love.

“Life is a drink of water.” ― Anton Chekhov

Don’t kill yourself working. Save that for when you get old #GeminiQuotesToday

🍃 Gemini: It’s a beautiful life when every day you meet smart, interesting people that inspire you. #gemini

Having opposites in the same aspect of life is called Gemini, which means each person needs two different things to succeed. We can easily use our Gemini nature to our advantage in many ways. Geminis are the symbol of duality.

You are always evolving. Your tastes, your perspectives, and even your very sense of who you are—these things do not stay absolutely fixed for all time. Gemini is the sign of change and duality, so it’s easy for you to see

Radiant. Edgy. Intense. The stars say it best about the Gemini of the moment. We’ve got all your signs covered on Her Campus, but what’s Gemini’s deal anyway?

Today, your mind is sharp and incredibly curious, and you want to learn about everything around you.

Somebody has charm, but it isn’t me. It’s you.

Today is a good day to do the impossible because if you fail, you will tell an incredible story.

The greatest gift is that of friendship, and I have received it.

When life gets you down, step off the beaten path

It’s easy to be single-minded when you’re focused on one thing. But it’s harder to do the same when you have a hundred.

I believe that all of those people who are considered pessimists are those who can see the problems better. And those considered as optimists are those, who rather turn a blind eye to them and look for solutions – Abraham Lincoln.

The less complicated the outfit, the more elegant and chic it is.

Each day of the week has a certain element to it. Find out what’s yours with this cool infographic from Mind Body Green 🎃 .

Stay cool, calm, and collected. Today’s a good day to fight jet lag with a healthy dose of Gemini energy. Zodiac Sign: Gemini

*Mercury (the planet associated with Gemini) rules communication 📱📲👄. People in the sign of Gemini are champions at spinning words, turning situations around, and presenting themselves in different lights.

Stay Focused. – Gemini

Gemini, your second chance is to be better than your first.

Wondering what this week has in store? You’ve got a Gemini on your side! This week is all about balance and flexibility, and it’s time to cut loose. Get ready for a roller coaster of an adventure:

Think Happy Thoughts – Day by Day

Oh if you could see/ This girl beside me/ Who I know’d of her and all the things she seen and done.

Of course, there are moments when I have this old-fashioned idea that if somebody’s going to be in my life, it has to be forever. Because I wouldn’t want somebody just to divide my pie into pieces. I want them to eat

Some weight loss tips: always eat breakfast and add exercises to your life. Good nutrition and exercise is crucial to managing your weight. Do you like this quote?

It’s your birthday! Make sure to take a snapshot and share it with us so we can celebrate and wish you a very happy birthday 😀😀

Cherish the time you have together, it’s not forever. ♥

Sometimes our biggest obstacles end up being our smallest stepping stones 🌊

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

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