Funny Skydiving Captions for Instagram

Funny Skydiving Captions for Instagram

Funny Skydiving Captions for Instagram: Skydiving is probably the coolest activity ever. Not only because it’s really fun, but it’s also really dangerous. It’s one of those activities you can do in your life that will both make you instantly cool, but also make your friends worry about your safety. Since this activity is so fun, adventurous, and somewhat risky (at least in my opinion).

If you have a taste for adventures and have decided to give skydiving a try, here are some funny quotes from those who have been there and done that.

Funny Skydiving Captions for Instagram

Oh, snap! The weekend is almost here and you have nothing to do—so why not jump from a perfectly good airplane? #skydivingday

What’s better than one day of skydiving?  Two days in a row!  🏅

Skydiving is like taking your clothes off and leaping into a pile of cotton candy. 😬

I’d always wanted to do something crazy. So I quit my job, sold all my stuff and skydived from a plane! 😲

If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving’s not for you. Failure is something to embrace, not avoid.

I do not always skydive, but when I do, I prefer to have a pair of well-fitting briefs.

Fall is one of the best seasons to romeo somebody #romance

You’ve always wanted to, now you will. The simple joys of jumping out of perfectly good airplanes. 💨

Today I jumped out of a plane with a parachute and lived to tell the tale.

It’s not that I’m afraid of heights. I’m afraid of widths. – Woody Allen

Life is short, but if you’re going to do something you might as well make the most of it.

Just think about the smell of freshly cut grass, and maybe you can live through this.

And if they ask you, “How was it?” You just say, “It was good.” So good🤫

It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s the sudden stop at the end.

We’re not the only ones who love skydiving! Hope u like our new #flyflyhappy campaign. ❤️❤️❤️

I’m jumping out of a plane and everything feels like it’s happening in slow motion… {{(not an actual skydiving photo, just one of us doing the happy dance on the ground!)}}

Science teacher, blogger, stay-at-home dad, and adrenaline junkie with his own skydiving company. He’s also my hero. Happy Father’s Day to my #1! 😘😘

As a skydiver, you can either look out at the world from 30,000 feet or keep your eyes on the prize. Here’s to focusing on what matters. 😀#keepitup

When life gets you down, literally let go of it, free fall into the abyss of uncertainty, then pull the cord on some cool dude on an airplane.

A jump from ten thousand feet is one of those things people say they’d like to try.

Oh no! I dropped my iPhone! Oh, wait…

I’m not afraid of heights. I am afraid of widths.

🏅 that’s my hometown. #‎besttowin‬

A toast to you—the best part of my day.👬

This weekend, forget everything. For the rest of your life, remember this moment.

Feeling squirrely? Take the plunge with @raptorized_uk 🌊🤸🏻‍♂️

Life is about finding adventure. And here it is. -Gumby

Today is today, forget about yesterday and don’t worry about tomorrow. Be happy now and live your life to the fullest.

Skydiving is so on-trend right now! #fashun

Happy weekend my friends. #skydiving#army##nickiecody

Life is short. Skydiving is fun.

Skydiving with the squad !!!

Skydiving is just about the best way to spend a day at work. #feelthewind

As you fall into that post-vacation feeling of just “okay I guess this is what my life is now,” remember why you fell in love with your city in the first place. It’s waiting for you just outside the door!

Do you have a mental list of places where you’d like to jump out of a plane? We need to be on it.

It’s always nice when you find an excuse to hang out with someone.

It’s pretty awesome when a plan comes together. 😎

Growing up I wanted to be a princess, then I realized that I can’t sing. So thank you for this eardrum-bursting sound check #icanthearthis

I’m falling like I’m falling in love, falling for the first time.

Life is a daring adventure or it is nothing at all!

Life isn’t about waiting to be happy but making yourself happy.

I’m going in! For science.

Only one thing could top today… skydiving into the weekend. Cannonball! #WeAreSkydivers

A skydiving instructor has to juggle many things, but letting go of old beliefs is not one of them. 🤹🏻‍♂️

There are only two reasons to sit on an airplane for more than an hour. To watch a football game or skydiving.

Things are about to get pretty real up in here. 👉🏼 @skydiveamerica #leavenotrace

Up, up and away! Taking in the sites of fall foliage in Vermont 🍂❤️

I don’t dye my hair, for men it’s true. I look this way ’cause I jump out of planes for fun

Inhale your fears, exhale your worries, and smile 😀

Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is potential

I’m falling… and I feel fine.

Piggyback to infinity and beyond.

The truest test of courage is not to die but to live.‭ ‬~‭ ‬José Saramago‭ ‬

You’re probably wondering what we’re doing up here. Well…we’re skydiving! Up, down, up—it’s all relative. 😜#usfwscaptions

Like all great adventures, skydiving begins with an adorable pair of socks. #SkydiveWithPetal

Yep, I’m the parent who brings the skydiving suitcases for Christmas.

You know you’re a skydiver when…. You come home from a jump and it takes you an hour to get your harness off.

So this happened… #oneteamonewheelie #youdontneedwings #whydontwemovethisoverthere #okbutnotuntilicangetmyselfagoodpic

I spent $200 on a tandem jump. The instructions said, “open parachute.” I said, “sorry, I can’t do that.”

I’m not afraid of heights. I’m afraid of widths.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? And let us tell you, that is a real bummer. Laugh away at your problems with us.

🌠🌟🌠🌟🌠 Since you’re not here with me, here’s me wishing you were. 🍭

We’re on the same team, you and me, the sky.

Just came back from the gym… I THINK. #pushplay #bellyrub

Sometimes it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission 👍🏼

When you have a need…

When there is Parachute, there is no fear.

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. ~Franklin D. Roosevelt

I freaking love skydiving. And I really mean 💕it.” ~ @annapurna #kieraskydive

I couldn’t find a caption that really captured the feeling of skydiving. So I took matters into my own hand and made this one up.

Heck yeah, we’re going skydiving. Target: to be cool, free & happy.

Use your chute as a floatation device, not as a parachute. #skydiving

Skydiving is so much better without a parachute.

If you see me on the street and want to take a photo with me, you can ask nicely and I’ll probably say yes. If you’re with five friends and ask for a group shot, I’m going to tell you where I keep my

Sydney way to see 🌃 #backintown #adventuretime #goforthoseboogers

Feeling the fall vibes in Colorado. ☀🍂

Feeling the wind in your hair at 120 mph. No big deal. 🌪🏂👢🍾

Hello October, Goodbye September! The only thing I miss about Summer is my hair. #baldlyforward

It’s a little-known fact that the only safety equipment Aerosmith ever wore was a parachute.

Props to you, adrenaline junkie.

Puppy, is that you? 😱

You don’t have to be Superman to fly.

Told you I’d make it 🎈

#skydiving #skydive #facefulloffear #nosefullofwind #adventurelifestyle #adventurephotography #adventuretime

When you’re too scared to skydive on your own, just bring a friend.

There’s no place like home. Unless you’re jumping out of a plane, in which case there is—a skydiving drop zone.

No two skydives are ever the same. That’s why I’m always looking up.

This past weekend we celebrated two years of hitting the skies with you! We’re growing and we want to take YOU along for the ride. Whether your goal is fun with friends or building a skill that could change your future, Growing Sky

We’re ready to fly! [Insert flying emoji] [insert jumping out of plane emoji]

I used to be afraid of heights. And then I skydived.

Spiraling through the air with a parachute is always fun. Don’t miss out on this stunning view from 10,000 meters.

You know it’s a good day when you wake up, look out the window at the clear blue skies, say “Mmmmmm” and then jump out of a perfectly good airplane. #HappyBdayAmerica

Floating into the new week like a heart-shaped airplane 🎈😎

I get such a rush when I hit 10,000 feet.

Sometimes you’ve got to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.

High diving into Fall with some crisp, cool brews 🍺

I meant to text you…

It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden stop.

There’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than by jumping out of a plane. #skydiving #skydive #skydivingisamazing #jumpoutofablueplane #braveskys

Skydiving: Not just a sport, it’s also how I get my coffee in the morning.

If you’re not failing, you’re not flying. #tandd #skydiving #falling

We’re on a Mission to Stay Up in the Air, but We’ll Land on Our Feels.

Vouching for a fearless mate who can keep it light even in free fall.

I’m about to take this 5,000 feet to the ground! Who wants to come with me? 💨💨

I’m on a mission to drop your jaw! And your groceries.

Life’s too short to check the weather… jump out of an airplane!

I am an old man and I hate my body, but I like this idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.

C’mon in, the water’s fine. #TheNewOffice #WeDoWork #MondayMotivation

You can take the boy out of the country…

I don’t like this thing called fear. It’s bad for your brain.

It’s an oldie but a goodie.

My skydiving instructor threatened to sue me for posting photos of our tandem jump on Instagram, so I told him that I have good lawyer lawyers.

I’m living my best life and checking the skydiving box ✔️❤️

These are my real thoughts on skydiving. Seriously tho… it’s lit.

Even though you’ve never done it, you know exactly what the fear of skydiving looks like.

Skydiving helps me slow things down, be more present, and allows me to appreciate the moments along with all the little things around me. It’s truly helped boost my happiness quotient. Here’s to living with purpose! ❤

Always push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you just have to #gopro it.

Don’t Close Your Eyes, Hold My Hand! @skydiveperris #HoldMyHand

It’s #FashionWeek in New York City! Visit our #ADidasStore to find out the latest trends. 🌎 @adidasoriginals

When you’re out on a date but you can’t really enjoy it because you have to drop him off at the airport afterward.

We’re all about celebrating your weirdness.

That faraway feeling you get when you realize your barista can fit inside a teacup.

Life is only as sad as we make it. It is up to us and we can choose to be happy and free.

Looking at the bright side of a bad situation.

Let go. Worry less. Just jump already.

If you’ve never had spaghetti, you’ve never really had noodles.

This caption is for a skydiving company

Pumpkin spice season is here, which means it’s time to lace up your skydiving boots and hit the skies! 😎

Make today your skydiving—and breathing—day.

That feeling you get when your parachute deploys. #LetItFly #Skydiving #FallenAngelCloth

Watching the fall leaves float by beneath your feet as you float through the air–isn’t that what it feels like? #FallCrasher

Get ready for this weekend to drop. Get it? 😂😂 #fall #gearup

Sometimes you just need to jump out of a plane.

When you need a little push to make it happen, shall we? 🤙👊💨

Welp, guess I’m all out of ideas! #nailedit

It’s easy to get lost in someone else’s dream. Make sure they see the real vision is yours. 🌏☁️

Stopped to smell the roses and ended up smelling like roses.

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

What a view…

I’m shakin’ like a scarecrow, I’m quakin’ like a bowl of jelly, don’t know what I’m doin’ by myself.

Totally not looking forward to this #skydive #bomb #dropzone #fail #badidea

@skydivesoulsville for anyone wanting to take the plunge 😉 We’re also on Facebook and Twitter!#instasky

Skydiving? Yes, we will. However, we aren’t guaranteeing we’re going to live to tell the tale. Not that we don’t trust our parachutes and instructor (of course we do), but the better

I took my first flying lesson today … I think I just discovered my new adrenaline rush. #skydiving

This weekend I’m sipping on wine, skydiving, camping, celebrating fall with friends + family, and rocking gold shoes 👞👟

Jump out of airplanes. Talk to strangers. Drink good beer. Visit faraway places that have nothing to do with work. It’s important to take chances and live life fully because you never know how much time is on the clock.

Brunching in a treehouse, looking at a sea of awesome people, inspired to keep on trucking 👊

I’m far too classy for this jump today, so I’ll just sit in the classroom and learn how to fall gracefully. 📖🚁

I’m jumping out of a plane. Am I having fun yet?

Who’s that daddy?

So this just happened!! #WhatDidISayAboutTheTrees

I told my boss I was leaving work because it’s hot. He said, “So Jump!”

High above the logan “airport” in my very own county.  Hoping to find airports with better service.

Enjoy the little moments—there is no such thing as a small accomplishment. You accomplished something today.

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