Funny Hiking Captions for Instagram

Funny Hiking Captions for Instagram

Funny Hiking Captions for Instagram: Amusing captions are what people search for the most on the internet. Captions are an excellent way of sharing something humorous with your friends.  Hiking is one of the best ways to explore new places, meet new people and push your creativity within your limits.

Using good hiking captions for Instagram is very important because it gives you the right to show off your imagination.  Here are some funny hiking captions for Instagram which you can use for all your pictures of mountains, hiking trails, trees, sunrise, waterfalls, etc.

Funny Hiking Captions for Instagram

Hiking is a great way for me to keep my sanity. #hiking #hikingmemes #hike #hiker

We’ve seen some pretty incredible things today. Too bad we can’t Instagram them. #justhikeandtherestwillfollow #outdoorwonderland #heforshe #supportwomenintheoutdoors #ste

“It’ll be fine!” Said no one ever to anyone while hiking. Peace out

If you’re getting tired, remember this is only the first 3rd of the hike.”

Loving the great outdoors, but also kind of mind-blown at how high this trail goes.

If you wanna tackle a mountain, be prepared to face it head-on… And bring trekking poles. ❤️

Mile 41. Taking a little break from hiking to walk around the rainbow

Trail mix is the perfect snack for any outdoor activity. It’s better than sliced bread, or having dessert at breakfast!

Can’t wait for the inevitable shirtless-in-boots photos from our hike this week      ☀  #procrastination

So, this happened today. Climbed a cliff, ate a sandwich, and played with a baby alpaca. Day made. ☀

No, my dog is hiking with me. Just waiting for a good picture opp.

Some days I wish my legs were long enough to reach up here. #needhelp #crabbysodden

There was no room in the other pack.

Why are there are so many miles?

This may be harder than I thought.

Life is too short not to hike with your best four-legged friend.

Best way to spend a Friday? Hiking with some friends!

Hardcore hikers pass this sign all the time #notme

The view is always better at the top. #ICanHikeIt

Good buddies, great vistas, and amazing hikes are the perfect way to ring in an all-new season.

Walking is beneath me. Hiking is above me.

Going on a hike today. Wish me luck. Or don’t. Anyway, I’ll probably get eaten by wild animals. #CantLose

You can’t keep your feet dry when you’re the most famous rainmaker around…☂❄️

Sometimes I pretend to be lost so I can Snapchat people’s weird looks as they search for me. —Nikki Waller

Climbing is mean, and we’re not even close to the top.

#tbt to that time she fell on her butt at a concert and so happened to meet a guy who would eventually become her husband. ‍♀️

People under 5’6” should not be allowed to talk about how tall they are.

Let the journey begin! #namaste

I’m telling you, it’s the shoes. Not the hiking boots that MOM let me wear, but my slip-on.

Don’t follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

Hiking, bringing out the crazy in us since I was just a little girl!

Hike it, don’t hide it.

Making the most of my day by counting all the things I didn’t see in the woods. #hiking

Hiking in the heat is not an option, but somehow you always find yourself in that position.

And we’re sure it’ll be a great day hike once we get past the gnarly bushwhacking an impassable waterfall.

Mountain air, check. Views for miles, check. Flat terrain, unfortunately, not so much.

Hiking shoes have their own personalities, just like other people. *kisses all his shoes*

If you go up to the woods today, be sure of this one thing: You may see some slight inclines.

No matter where you go, there you are! I’ll see you guys when I get back to civilization.

In the woods, at the farm, you’re looking good. Happy Hump Day!

This fall, a little prep is a lot of help—in your pack and on your plate.

I’m in shape…this is just how I hold my beer.

You’ll make it to the top faster if you never stop moving.

Walking relaxes me. It’s what I do when I want to think and be in the moment. – Bill Bryson

Hiking: It’s not just for Chippendales models anymore.

Hike your own hike, hike your own hike.

Happy trails, to all the bright people. Happy trails, to you. We’ve got hiking boots, for when it’s really gonna rain. Life is just a hike, and I’m ready for mine.

Did someone say adventure? It’s a good thing we have a little Mr. Rogers in us, otherwise, this hike might be too tall for us.

Shout-out to all you outdoor enthusiasts! #LiveLifeOutside

The Great Outdoors was even greater when you didn’t have to pee.

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, keep those feet moving forward. ⛰

Explore your world. To travel is to live.

You better watch out, you better not cry, ’cause Santa Claus is coming to town

You have to laugh when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere–the least funny thing about it is how much you paid for your hiking shoes.”

It’s always that time of year when you wonder if it’s too late to cancel Thanksgiving.

Get me there fast.

If you’re following the path, you’re on the wrong trail.

We did not prepare for this.

Hiking? Check. Outdoorsy filter? Check. Hashtag that makes you look cool AF? CHECK! ☀

What’s the point of having the Instagram Explore option if it’s not to creep on hikes across the globe? #gottaluvselfie

When you apply for a #hiking permit, you have to tell authorities what you plan to do with your free time. A map just raises too many questions.

Are we hiking or are we taking a walk in the park? ❤️

If you could sum up this hike in one word, it would be: mesmerizing. (P.S. Don’t step on the thimble.) #nationalgeographictruthordare

Great scenery, great people, and great beer. What more could you ask for on a beautiful hike through the Arizona desert?

Got the perfect outfit for the perfect hike, but what are you going to do with your beard?

The only thing better than the view at the top of a hike is the view at the bottom of a brewery.

Mountain air: Clean and free. It’s so simple, but so hard to breathe.

My favorite kind of Monday: one spent exploring the cool and crisp mountains #MondayMotivation

This is definitely not the cake I ordered. #marchmadness

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, this is an emotional day. We made it to the top!

Oh, hi there. I’m on vacation.

Someday she’ll be like dude slow down you’re making me carry all the snacks.

Joke about how you make the perfect hiking partner. All you need is a whole lot of patience.

You’re never too old, you’re never too young. Hiking and the outdoors is for everyone! From young and old #hikingwithyourdog

Looking for a new adventure? Come hiking with me and I will show you a good time. We’ll hike through the unforgiving landscape, getting lost in the moments of conversation and snapping photos along the way.

Happy #NationalHikingDay! Make sure to stay safe when pursuing your outdoor adventures.

Rise with the sun, go to bed with the moon. Here are our 10 hiking commandments. #hikingbros

I’m an Angry Hiker, I take life too seriously.

Well, this hike doesn’t seem right at all. I need to go home now.

Feeling adventurous? Here are some of our most favorite hikes from across the national park system.

Feels good to be back on the trails. #appalachiantrials2016

What’s the best way to leave a mark on the land? Take a hike – and craft a craft beer.

I’m a slow hiker, but I never hike slow.

Ready to get out there and explore the great outdoors like a boss?

What? No, it’s a granola bar, not a bear claw. #fbf #gr8adventures

I’m going to need a bigger backpack.

You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. – Harvey Dent

Can I keep this trail please? @hannahmorrisonn

How to tell if you’re lost on a hike: 1. You’ve been hiking for the whole day. 2. You intend to sleep outdoors. 3. There’s no cell service. 4. There are bears everywhere

Need to get out there and get lost. #hike

When you’re hiking… always carry a hot friend.

There’s a difference between a path and a trail…the trail makes you choose your own adventure. #fall #hike

What is hiking the north-south trail the north-west trail anyway?

Didn’t anyone tell you that it’s polite to say hello? #HikerProblems

No hike is too large, no journey too far.

If you’ve never hiked up a mountain and thought, “Surely this will be the hill I die on,” then you might want to re-think your hiking strategy. – Jeff Allen

Reviewing the trail ahead, because the last thing you want to waste is time.

Let’s go for a hike, not because we like hiking or even like each other that much, but because it’s 5 p.m. and the sun isn’t setting until 9, which gives us plenty of time to figure out how many calories

If the only way to take a nice vacation was by walking, we’d be getting fit at home. If only

I got 99 problems but hills ain’t one

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams

Maybe we should’ve left a note…☀️ #HikingCaptions #FunnyHiking

Some days I wish Instagram came with a stick. That’s when you know you’re hiking the right trail—one that has views worth sweet selfies!

Down the trail, you know the views are breathtaking. But so is the underbrush

Life is like a day hike—some beautiful views of nature and lots of bugs.

Me tomorrow when I get back from my hike

After a hard week, I love to hike to the top of whatever hill is closest and sit with my dog.

I don’t always hike… But when I do, I eat a bunch of snacks.

Hike hard or go home.

It’s not easy being this awkward… but I’m much more relaxed in the woods.

We got lost in the woods, but we made it out alive!

It’s like a game of Pac-Man, except there are no fruit pellets.

It’s too much. Even the trees are sweating. #letitsnow

Yeah, my trail name is still Caspar, but I’m honestly starting to prefer Wendell.

Don’t shed a tear because it’s over, smile because it happened.

Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to the mountains we go. I hope my thighs will be pin-worthy by then. 🙂

It’s all fun and photo ops until you get #hikingfeels.

There’s a lot you can learn about yourself from a long-distance hike…such as, how quickly you’ll abandon a group selfie if there’s a bear. #hiking #keeponhiking

Taking selfies at the summit after hiking for hours to get there is not only acceptable, it’s mandatory.

Hike your own hike and don’t be afraid to get lost!

Looks like you are about to go on a hike, are you? Relax. You are at home with your laptop. You are safe.

Isn’t the view from here so totally killer? The trail was less killer, but quite lovely. -Becky

Just got back from a long hike and I am so happy to see my bed.

I said I was going to Mount Fuji, not moving there.’ -Me, five minutes ago

Hike on.

Explore the world, not the internet. #scope

When you find yourself in this position, call us.

It fills me with delight to be alive and on this ridiculous planet.

It’s raining outside but this one’s made of water, so it doesn’t count 🙂

I’m taking the stairs one step at a time

I’m not lost, I am geolocating.

Go big or go home is so my motto! #hiking #outdoors #travel #fridayfeeling

Finding the right hiking buddy is a quest in itself. #ExplorationIsEverything

How did I get myself into this mess #hiking #me #wandering

Hike your own hike. That’s what I do.

Hiking is not for pussies.

Hiking is good for the soul…especially when it only consists of walking from room to room.

When you run out of batteries, make your own art with the trail. #autumn

Let’s hike it up, way up! #wanderwithus

At the top of the mountain, this is my kingdom. And you don’t have to be a mountaineer to claim it! #NationalNPSDay

Getting lost is just part of the adventure. #GetOutside

It’s so beautiful to me. Every single time I see it, I want to stuff my face with all the colors of this tree. Just don’t bring an umbrella—the leaves are so big they will definitely poke holes in your tent that night

Getting out of town is a no-brainer on the best days.

It doesn’t get any better than this.

Where does this path lead?

Hiking alone is a lot more fun when you have this trail mix to munch on.

When you can’t decide if you should bring your hiking friends or your dog

Summer time is almost over… Hope you’ve been hiking as much as you can before the season’s end

Hiking is my idea of a perfect date—take me to the mountains and well, you know the rest…

Someday I’ll climb that mountain, @jenny_koh. #hiking

Hike your own hike—and also carry water.

Best hike ever! And we did it all in these low-key hiking shoes.

Everything is better when you’re standing on top of it—especially when that thing is this beautiful mountain.

The terrain was rocky and we didn’t have enough water, but we still made it to the top. We’re that good.

I don’t want to brag, but this is one heck of a view. Wait, I actually do want to brag. #OutThereDoingStuff

It’s all about the journey, not the destination. #onthetrail #hipstertrail #foreverindenial @___indigenousskateboarding____

Just like you, I like to dress up in the latest gear.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. Which one do I climb?

If you went to sleep on the hill, don’t wake up in a valley.

I don’t need a road map. I have a compass and a dream.

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