Dragon Boat Festival Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Dragon Boat Festival Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Dragon Boat Festival Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Dragon Boat Festival is a meaningful traditional festival of boat racing for several centuries-old. It falls on the fifth day of the fifth month on the lunar calendar. This time, people from different areas will join hands to race dragon boats or enjoy various activities.

In this article below are Dragon Boat Festival Quotes and Captions for Instagram.


Dragon Boat Festival Quotes and Captions for Instagram

1. Share the joy of Chinese culture with your friends on Instagram through the use of our captions. Raise your dragon boat paddles in the air above you, jump up and down and shout “shuāng lóng bào z

2. The day of the Dragon Boat Festival has come. #DragonBoatFestival

3. Acknowledging and cherishing the good and happy things is what makes them grow. Be grateful for what you already have, and work hard to achieve even more good things in the future. Wish you all a happy Dragon Boat Festival!

4. It’s that time of year again! Ping zhong, ting ting ting ting ting ting… #DragonBoatFestival #DuanwuFestival

5. Happiness is like a big dragon boat, and we are the dragon paddlers. Keep rowing and stay together! –Chinese Proverb🏖️

6. “Before 3000BC, Chinese heroes thought dragon boat racing was an effective way to keep their bodies fit. It is the earliest group exercise that people ever played.”

7. Together we can sail through the ninth month of the lunar year and cross the Dragon Boat Festival successfully.

8. “When adversity hits, face it with courage. “ – ― Albert Einstein

9. Like the dragon’s tail, our days are numberless.

10. Paddle like the wind, paddle like our strength never ends…

11. Press on regardless: Look forward with courage and confidence. The secret to success lies in the way you handle tough situations.

12. Teamwork achieves the dream.

13. Dragon Boat Festival captions are another great way to wish your loved ones a happy day.

14. Let’s celebrate the power of togetherness with a team you can always count on. Happy #DBSGDay! #JupiterDragonBoat

15. “Eat less meat, be a smart eater.”  ~ Traditional Chinese Proverb🖐

16. In it together, all the way to the finish line. May the Force be with you.

17. Remember, only the oarsmen row in this life. Others merely happened to be born in the same time and space as you.

18. Stay strong and courageous as you chase your goal this year.

19. Because life’s too short to be ordinary.

20. “With a hardship, we bring out strength.” – Jhihmoi Hwang

21. A Caption for a comedy game about bugs

22. You can always go faster.

23. A victor is never defeated, he just victoriously finds more ways to win.

24. Those who know me, know that I am so so so very competitive. And I love Dragon Boat Fest!

25. It is time for something wicked this way comes…Dragon Boat Festival #DragonBoatFestival

26. 🌊️👏 Celebrating the importance of teamwork and brotherhood this weekend at Chinatown Dragon Boat Festival with @myblackbird. Join us at #myblackbirdco #BBQ & #drinks.

27. May the paddle that brings you here be the paddle that takes you back. #DragonBoat2017

28. What does Dragon Boat Festival mean to you?

29. Cheers to getting together with friends and family at the riverbanks, joining dragon boat races, eating good food, dressing up in traditional clothing, and of course enjoying time with your loved ones. We are happy to celebrate the new year with you!

30. Celebrating Chinese New Year with our amazing team. With gratitude to all our customers and supporters for this year’s growth, we wish you a joyous year of prosperity and good fortune! 🎉

31. 7/5 is just around the corner! More hardworking people on the racecourse, more exciting entertainment on the shore. Go and join us at this huge festival to celebrate a meaningful day!

32. Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Year of the Dog! 〰️

33. Today we raced and rowed and smiled and talked and laughed and had some damn good food. We celebrated our heritage while we embraced the future. This is our culture – this is who we are!

34. My journey to learn about myself begins with accepting others for who they are and loving them openly. It all starts with me.”

35. Let’s celebrate today with our close friends and family members.

36. Teamwork makes the Dreamwork!

37. Dragon Boat Festival Quotes on Instagram. Brush your teeth with confidence, because #youknowyoucandoit!

38. The chestnut tree wishes you a Happy #DragonBoatFestival today. May your boat be fast, your paddling strong and your fortune impressive🐉

39. Celebrate the festival with friends, family and enjoy the good food ⛵ #DragonBoatFestival

40. Quintessentially Chinese, Dragon Boat Festival is about reuniting with loved ones and giving thanks to the blessings in your life.

41. The Dragon Boat Festival is an important traditional festival. Great job paddling our boat forward together!!!!

42. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 🎊 Let’s beat the summer heat with some refreshing Peppermint Mocha or Coconut Coffee. 🍈

43. May all your journeys be smooth and sweet as the Dragon Boat Festival.

44. The dragon boat races are soon, which is the perfect chance for you to train that dragon to hop into the water and take on any challenges ahead.

45. This festival is about joy, merit-making and healing. It is one of the most important components of Chinese culture.

46. Practice makes perfect and you can’t be perfect without practising. Enjoy the process, your progress and the action that leads to victory. – Lolo Jones

47. We are not heroes, but we are survivors.

48. Down with the flu!

49. The person who never makes mistakes generally does not make anything. -John Powell

50. What better way to wipe the slate clean than to come together with friends, eat delicious food, and celebrate with dragon boat races! Today marks the beginning of the #DragonBoatFestival! Are you ready to #MakeASplash?

51. Let’s hope our team has a great fortune. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! 😍

52. Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all! May this year will be full of memorable moments, avoid all avoidable accidents, and achieve your goals. 🐟🎉

53. Dragon Boat Festival is coming! It’s that time of year when you can indulge in all things sweet—and savoury.

54. Let’s try to have a little fun while helping to raise awareness and funds for the seven million people that will set out on our waterways this holiday weekend.

55. 113. You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

56. May all your wishes come true!

57. “Those who challenge themselves will experience victory. Those who challenge their luck will experience failure.” –Y. Lang

58. Some like it hot, but for us, it’s all about that sweet-and-sour sauce. 🍋🌶 Happy #DragonBoatFestival!​

59. Each dragon boat on the water is fueled by an indomitable spirit of courage, selflessness and unity. Happy #DragonBoatFestival from all of us at Sunteck!

60. Learn a few dragon boat facts in this infographic, and congratulate your teammate on a hard-earned victory 🐟

61. Go ahead shout about it! Talking about it is half the fun! Bring a chair to the water’s edge and celebrate this time-honoured festival with a day of dragon boat racing.

62. Together, we cross the finish line. Together, we double our hope. Together, we rise. Let’s be warriors together. – Du San Yuan

63. For when your boat sinks, your dreams will still be alive. Have a blast with us at this year’s festival!

64. Fishing is about patience, timing & being in the right place at the right time.

65. Race to the top of the podium.

66. Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your journey.

67. You don’t get stronger by competing with someone better than you, you get stronger by competing with someone worse.

68. 🍿 Here’s to health, happiness and prosperity at #DMD2017! #China #DragonBoatFestival #DMD

69. That continuous beat of the drum beats in rhythm to the paddles. The team hears this, staying in sync with each other. This is teamwork.”

Best Quotes and Captions on Instagram for Dragon Boat Festival

70. Sea of joy. Sea of passion. Sea of life. #DuanwuJie #DragonBoatFestival

71. Let’s bathe our sorrows in colourful Water Lanterns, on Dragon Boat Festival.

72. Every day is a good day for a race to honour the dragon boat! 🐟

73. We all live in this yellow submarine, yellow submarine. Yellow submar—oh, sorry, I got carried away…haha! 😂 Cheers to everyone taking part in this vibrant marine tradition today! 🍻

74. It’s a festival full of spirit and dedication, where family and friends work together to make a difference in their community.

75. “To keep a light heart and a firm spirit is the secret of youth.” -Henry David Thoreau 🕯

76. Patience and tenacity can overcome ✊🏾👍🏼

77. Today is a perfect day…

78. Making progress isn’t always step by step. You will rock some days. You’ll rock some weeks. And then, you’ll look around and wonder where the year went. Whether we’re talking business or sports or personal growth, making progress

79. “Do the thing and you will acquire the power.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

80. It’s that time of year to celebrate the coming summer with food and dragon boat racing! #HappyDragonBoatFestival

81. Today, tomorrow, forever together. Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

82. Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. Celebrate the hard work of the Chinese people, to commemorate Qu Yuan 诸葛亮.

83. Dragon Boats’ beautiful design also reveals intricate artistry. When we were young we pushed the boats to the river and climbed in. The boat was steered by one oar and everyone held onto their position by either hand or feet.

84. Rowing with all your might, And moving forward with courage.

85. “Laughter brings brightness into the world.” -Haiku, Pira Wu-

86. There can be no great accomplishment without risk #HappyDBA2018

87. Not only in the past but in the future, I will never forget this day, for it was the happiest day of my life.

88. Families and friends will celebrate this holiday in their own way, but our hearts grow when we think of the love shared by each person at the table.

89. Living more doesn’t always mean doing more. Sometimes it means not doing things the way we’d always done it.

90. There can be no friendship that can last unless based on sincerity.

91. Dragon Boat Festival Quotes can be funny or sad, let’s get inspired and be unique on Instagram with quotes about each new year

92. Happy Dragon Boat Festival to all my friends in Asia! May you stay safe and healthy, and may the new year bring us happiness and prosperity. Together we can make an impact on the world while saving lives with blood donation.

93. We are born of the water, and to the water, we return. Happy Dragon Boat Festival 2018!”

94. Dragon Boat Festival is this month! You can win prizes in the Dragon Boat Challenge by lapping up lifesaving skills with your special one!

95. Today is the Dragon Boat Festival, celebrated to commemorate an ancient Chinese folk hero Qu Yuan. Let’s celebrate with one simple act of kindness towards others 🐟

96. The pitter-patter of paddles makes the heart grow fonder.

97. Let’s take the time to appreciate how amazing people can be, especially around this time of year.

98. We go because we care. We come back because we are connected.

99. Today is the day for courage, someone’s hand to hold. Today is the day to say no to drugs, yes to life. Today is the day to open your heart, you are not alone. Today is the day for sharing, caring,

100. It is better to lead through new methods than to follow old ones. -Lao Tzu

101. Today if your devotion is enough, you will see the dragon boat festival quotes with motivational captions.

102. ️Happy Dragon Boat Festival’s Eve! Say no to drugs and enjoy a healthy life ✌🏽 #WishingYouAHappyRitualDay #DragonBoatFestival #DragonBoatFestivalQuotes #DragonBoat

103. TIP: Use them within this Dragon Boat Festival Quotes post, where I displayed the collection in a vertical fashion.

104. #DragonBoatFestival with the family is such a beautiful tradition. I can’t think of anything better than bonding over action-packed races, traditional foods and loads of snaps!

105. May the spirit of the dragon boat be with you! #DPF#dragonshuttletour

106. Happy Dragon Boat Festival! May the spirit of the day, guide you through your journey in life.🎂!

107. Celebrate the spirit of teamwork and drive towards victory as we bring home glory for Beijing on Dragonboat Festival.

108. Let’s celebrate Dragon Boat Festival! A celebration of triumph, courage, unity and perseverance. Let us together race the boat of a strong body with diligence and great resilience to continue to move forward towards the goals of community mutual progress.

109. For that diaspora who join us for this festival, we hope you feel that you are part of the Singaporean family.

110. Hitting the water to help us beat our goals seems like a pretty good idea for this weekend.”

111. May your happiness be as high as the sky. Thank you for making our lives happier. We’ll always be together. Live happily forever.


Dragon Boat Sayings

1. Rowers propel the dragon boat

2. We are brothers in the crew

3. Something to remember the event by

4. Keep striving and striving

5. Dedication, hard work and teamwork

6. Big dreams can come true

7. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

8. Go with the Flow

9. Passion, Perseverance, Success

10. Dream little dream.

11. You either live life to the fullest or you are just wasting your time

12. Lift the dragon boat, and master the paddle

13. Rowing for health and life

14. Rice boats, rice paddles, racing is fun

15. Rowers struggle against wind, current and each other

16. Steer, paddle, stay focused.

17. In it to win it. Not just a team, but a family.

18. Winning is living

19. The Rhythm. The Pace. The Ride Of Your Life.

20. A dragon head leads the boat forward

21. Keep paddling, the dragon is near.

22. Tough enough to beat the dragon

23. Don’t waste the opportunity to make a memory

24. Never give up

25. Louis Baylis

26. Learn to forgive, for you are forgiven.

27. Because we CAN, we WILL!

28. In the end, only the truth remains

29. Forge unity through struggle.

30. Paddle your boat in the moonlight

31. Slap the water, pull the oar

32. Row like the wind.

33. Everyone was kung fu fighting

34. Stronger together

35. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is that little extra

36. Just do it

37. Go the distance, Speed kills.

38. ‘Cause I’m all that.

39. Rowing like a dragon. Fighting like a tiger.

40. Sun, wind and water make the boat sail

41. We row to live, live to row.

42. Any paddle. Any board. Any boat.

43. Row, Row, Row Your Boat

44. For life, for health

45. Teamwork, communication, self-discipline, determination, drive

46. Courageous, hardcore, committed

47. Strive for excellence in teamwork.

48. Racing is a tonic for the mind and body.

49. Learn the dragon boat saying of old, It will help you on your way.

50. Rowers powers the dragon boat”’

51. Dragons: Ultimate team sport

52. Let the wind carry you

53. Row your hearts out

54. row strong. stay strong.

55. Passion. Power. Purpose

56. For the final sprint, expend your strength

57. Had enough, give us a call

58. Practice makes perfect!

59. At the peak of our play, nothing is more precious than the time we spent together.

60. Dragon Boat Racing has taught me…

61. Dragon’s bane

62. Giant dragons fighting over the precious pearl

63. Always remember your paddle

64. No paddles. No pain.

65. Hey! Hold water!

66. It’s a killer

67. Practice is the mother of success.

68. If you can row, you can dragon boat

69. A dragon can not climb a tree

70. Courage…in the boat; Respect…on the water.

71. Enjoy the water, But remember…

72. Learn from the water.

73. Teamwork, Cooperation, Friendship

74. All for one and one for all

75. Steady as we go!

76. All for one. One for all.

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