Catchy Instagram Bio for Cake Business

Catchy Instagram Bio for Cake Business

Catchy Instagram Bio for Cake Business: Many people have a dream to own cake business. It seems glamorous, after all, who wouldn’t want to create and share their delicious creations with the world? However, many have struggled to take the next step in starting a cake business. This is especially true for those who have no formal training, but still want to go out on their own and make it happen.

Cake business is something many people aspire to run. But you can’t bake the cake first and then start the business; it should happen simultaneously. You already know how to bake, but now you must learn how to market your cakes. After all, marketing is just another form of baking, just with a different ingredient.

Although it has an extremely high dependence on its craft, at the end of the day, every baker is also an entrepreneur. With the help of social media, you can grow your cake business while having fun posting pictures of your creations online.

This article will give you some hints on how to use Instagram to make your business go viral. There are many stories about people who were able to quit their jobs thanks to their amazing cakes! You might be next if you take inspiration from this Catchy Instagram Bio for Cake Business!

Catchy Instagram Bio for Cake Business

I’m not a baker. I’m a unicorn 🦄 cake artist.

What better way to kick-start your Friday than with a slice of one of our mouthwatering creations from the queen herself, @catzotcake? @catzotcake #food #🍰 #fresh

They say you can’t put a price on happiness. But when it comes to cakes, they sure can. 😋😂

Cake on my 🍰 #cakedecorating #bakingbusiness ##cakeinsta ##bakerylife

A sweet cake doesn’t need to come with a sour attitude, so remember to keep smiling! 🎂

So this happened. 😍🍰 #littlepinkbakeshop

Despite the generous amount of sugar I’ve used, there’s a subtle hint of tartness, thanks to the cranberries. Happy baking!🍰

Slice into your weekend with these the best things in the world: cake and puppies. #NationalPuppyDay #Cakemonday 😍

It’s a cake-filled world and we’re just living in it 🍰

CHEERS to all the 🎂 birthday🎉 partiers out there cranking up their 🔊 music and cutting ✂️ cakes! #HappyBirthday

Cake is love, cake is life.

Sprinkles on top of the cake, not the weight on my shoulders.

I used to take life for granted… Then chocolate met peanut butter.

“Round and round the garden like a teddy bear, like a teddy bear…” 🐻

So soft it’s like eating clouds.

#1 cake business on Instagram with 190k! 🎂  Hello! My name is Janna with @jandazzling_cakes and this is my cake account.  I’m in Seattle, WA and I make cakes for…

One year ago, I quit my job and set out to turn my baking hobby into a passion project. Here is the story of how it all began, and where I hope to be one year from now. 🙏❤️ (Link

Cake is love. Cakes are happiness—and today we get to share both! ❤︎

All you need is love…and cake. *Cue music*

All we need is a sprinkle of imagination and a cupcake’s worth of effort to turn our dreams into reality.

When you change your mind about a cake, we don’t tell the other cake. We substitute it.

Eating cake is a special occasion. So special, you only do it if it’s your birthday or if you’re at a baby shower.

Cake gets all the gifts for birthdays, but what about you? [[[[[[[[_(._.)_)]]]]]]]]

What’s the best part of waking up, donuts for breakfast? 🍩🍩 #YumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumYumY

Get handsy with it.

“You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Christopher Columbus #SundayMotivation

A gluten-free vegan goddess has opened her bakery – she makes cakes that are 100% cruelty-free, because nobody should suffer for your cake.

It’s official – sugar formations are in!  If you enjoyed this then please share it with your friends, and I’d really appreciate a follow (or two)…pretty-pretty please… 💗 ‘

Like cake? So do we.

Your life is like a cake: it’s all about the layers.

In a world of fancy cakes, there’s something to be said about a good old fashioned layer cake.

A cake is just a celebration, on a plate.

Where cake is our master, but humility is our servant’s master! 😜✌🏼

Ready to bake something sweet? 🍰🎂

This is going to seriously rock the 🍰 empire.

Cake + Coffee = 💗

Life is just like a piece of cake if each day you take one bite at a time. -Unknown

Hi 👋👋 We’re a veritable rainbow of colors and flavors! Hope that’s OK with you because we’re all about making everything a little brighter, a little more cheerful, a little happier. And when it comes to our

I’m no princess, this ain’t a fairy tale… I don’t need you to save me 🍰

If you know you know.

There’s no business like 🍰

Do you have a cake in your future? Come grab a spoon and have a taste. We’re going to have so much fun!

We like to bake real cakes—and not the kind that requires you to take out a loan. 😊❤ #sweet #cakes #🍰

CAKE is my BUSINESS, but cookies are my PASSION. 🍪🍰

We’re in love with great flavors. We’re in love with great friends. So it doesn’t really matter where you are when you enjoy one of our cakes—you’re home. 😍

My passion for baking was something that sort of crept up on me, but now I can’t get enough of it!

Are you ready for a cake-ception?! ☕🧛♀️

Dream big, work hard. Cake by Adriane Martela.

My cupcake cravings have been going off lately.

It’s all about the buttercream. #cakenphoria ☀

A seasoned baker’s secret: add a pinch of sugar to add shine and sparkle♥️ Psst…#nationalcakeday

🌈🎂👰 As the baker/decorator of these cakes 😋, I like to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I’m also looking for more cake projects (individual or small

Great things can come from small packages. If you have a dream, dare to live it 💃

Trying 😃🔪n’🍩😜 happy #nationalicecreamday 😂

It’s always better with frosting. Sincerely, Mom

Making people smile makes me smile 😃 …that said, I don’t think these cupcakes are smiling. 🎂

Happy National Cake Day! Embrace the sweet life and treat yo’ self today and every day 🎂✌💖

Bake delicious creations that are one of a kind.

My morning starts with a layer cake and a cup of coffee ☕️

So fresh, so smart #BakingMadeSmarter

Cake is a big deal here. No cake is too big, too small, too challenging. Whatever the occasion – birthdays, weddings, or just for fun – we can create something special just for you. And if you have something special in

Do you want to know what’s trending? It’s cake! Dreamy, delicious, colorful cake. So much inspiration for any occasion—from birthdays to weddings, or just to indulge.

”A day without cake is like a day without sunshine” – Valerie Bertinelli

You can have your cake and eat it, too.

Cake for 👩✌︎👨

Baked with Love

How do you tell someone to go away in an inoffensive way but in a gentle tone? Like, discontinuing communication, but without any hard feelings whatsoever. As in, “Hey, thanks for reaching out again. I’ve already told you

Home is where you feel the most yourself. Here’s to a Happy National Selfie Day! 😍

New bakers will see you no cake, we see only layers of possibilities #BringYourFlairToTheLayer

C is for Cake! This #CakeDay we’re taking a look at some sweet #birthdaycake ideas from our favorite bloggers.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, right? We think so. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition, unicorn-themed bagel! It’s unicorn everything…even the cream cheese!🦄

🍰You can never have enough cake in your life! 🍰

What are your goals for 2019? Is there anything specific you want to achieve in the new year? Make it happen! 😁✨

My love of baking comes from my mother. When I was little, she would teach me how to bake cakes. The scent was magical—it evoked fairy tales, chocolate chip cookies, and sunshine. After I cut out the letters for her handmade

Cake: easy as pie #🍰

You can make a rainbow but you can’t dream it. 🌈

Life is like cake. Eat more of the good stuff and less of the bad.

Cue the pumpkin spice and everything nice.

Pssst. Can I tell you something? It’s easier than you think. 🎂☺️

Don’t be afraid to push past your comfort zone—in grooming, style, and in life. Always Keep on Growing.

You had me at hello. 😜 🍰 Happy National Cupcake Day!

Cake is one of life’s true pleasures, and we’ve been making everyone smile with our whimsical and delicious cakes for over 50 years. We invite you to visit your neighborhood Crumbs Bake Shop for a sweet treat and a great experience today!

Thank You for living your cake dreams, #pastry chefs of the world. 🍰 🎂💫

Baking a cake is like making a wish—you never know how it will turn out. – Melba Bennett – #FlourNotGuilt

I don’t always make cakes, but when I do they’re 🍰

I love baking cakes for my friends, I love desserts, and I love the color pink. All are equal in my book.

Did you hear the news, everybody? We’ve launched a new range of cake slices for kids! Pick up individually wrapped slices of our most popular flavours at a store near you. ☺️

Our Grand Opening Celebration continues with 25% off every flower in store all weekend long! 🌱💐

🎂🎈You’re the cake boss, and we’re celebrating your sparkle—because everyone needs a life lil’ sprinkle in their day. 🍰

We’re not crazy about the taste of cake, but we sure love to look at them!

Not all celebrity Bakers are created equal. Ours isn’t afraid of making a mess. #beboldwithcake

It’s cake time. Always better with frosting!

Life has no limits, it is limited only by your imagination. 💡

“Cook like you’re working for the CIA. Bake like you’re in love.’” – Fran Gage

Rainy days don‘t have to get you down. Put on your galoshes and grab this sweet paw-sitively adorable dog toy for a romp in the mud! #mudbuddies

Delicious spongy Cinnamon Coffee Cake. The perfect autumn snack or family breakfast! Don’t forget to eat something else today 😉

Cake is love. Cake is life. Cake is better shared with friends. Get to know our story, but don’t eat it all at once!

Rainbow cakes for all! 🌈 #CakeSnob #CakeJobs #TheHappiestPlaceOnEarth

Cake is a girl’s best friend. Especially when it’s filled with pastel, rainbow or unicorn 💛🎂🎉

Pucker up 💋 to this sweet little unicorn 🦄 cake that took me back to my childhood (and then some).

There is always a cake for every single situation in life‍♂️

Nothin’ sweet about this Monday 😖 But we’ve got a 🔥 birthday cake deal on our best-selling cupcakes + brownies. Stop by before the weekend to get your hands on them!

Basic cake ingredients don’t have to taste basic. #sogoodtheyccantag #cutedesserts #summercakes

*Adjusts tie* Icing on the cake business. Because if you bake it, they will eat it. 🍰🍰

Ummm, lemme just look at my calendar to see how many down days I have this month? 🌞 .. #fallvibes

Your life is what you make it. The best way to get something done is to start now.✔

Summer may be over but the heat is only just beginning 🔥

“No little cake has ever been amiss.” ― Emily Post

Hello, world. I’m a cake business. Are you hungry? #Showmeyourcake

When it comes to dessert, I’m not picky. Be it pie or cake, if it has sugar in it, I’m all for it! #FollowThisCakeBusinessForGlowingPies

I’m not a baker. I just really like cakes.

Hello, rainy days. The cake is ready to comfort you with all the rainbows and glitter. 🌈🍰🖤’

So, we made every kind of cake we’d want to eat: nutty almond, floral lavender and even something tropical and citrus…but what’s a celebration without some sprinkles? And what’s a party without cake 🎉

Is anybody else daydreaming about cake? 😋☀️🍰 *swipe for recipe

Making pastries that don’t look like the dog had them on the sly #snowflakecake

Baking is #1 on my list of favorite things—just behind cake 😉 🎂🍰

This cake looks so good you’re going to want to smack your mama #cake #bakery

This cake’s for baking.

It’s not a crime to watch from the sidelines, but it is a crime to eat the extra food on the sidelines. – Cake Boss

There’s nothing more comforting than putting on your favorite outfit to celebrate the first day of fall. -Cara @coffeecupsandcake

My life is sweet because my blog is sweet. Cookies and Cream ✔️🍪❤️😋

Born in Colorado, raised in Austin Texas, & now residing in NYC. Loving life one cake at a time.

Getting in the autumnal spirit with all things gourd-geous 😁☃️ #bakery #baker #cakes #cupcakes #cake #confectionary #sweets #yummy #mybusinesscaptions

My boyfriend loves it, I love it, and you will too. 🍰😋

Cake Boss Buddy Valastro, “when you want to eat the cake…smash it in your face!” 😋

CakeSmith Bakery is here to bring you fresh, wholesome creations baked with love. 💜 We’ve handpicked the best ingredients to make every bite delicious! #cake #cakesmith #bakery

Making cakes since 1999.

Yay! 3 years of baking and counting…❤️🍰🎂

The cake is the new pink. 🍰

Cupcakes cause more happiness than cake. So says @GuildOfStarChefs.

Where our passion goes, dreams come true.

I dabble in baking.

Pair some cake with a frosted 🍰… but you know we only use the finest cake on top of our coffee.

Caked Up.

All the ingredients for success are already inside you; you just need to believe they’re there.✨

Freshly baked, Instagram captions for slices of cake or a whole display, and cupcakes for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more

When you realize you accidentally used all of your cake batters for gifts 🎁, you panic and hide from the guests for a few minutes. Bad Anna! #cake #baker #bakery #foodblogger

I’m a self-taught baker.

We’re not just baking cakes… We’re making dreams.”

New shortbread cookies are in the cutest shape of little pumpkins 🎃🕯 .

Baking for my baby girl’s first birthday. 🎂 #babycakes #enjoyingcake #babylove #1yearsold #birthdaycelebration

We’re baking up a storm in August, and we know you’re baking along. 🍰🧡☕

I know you’re perfect just the way that you are, but I’d be happier if you got yourself a cake 🍰

I’m going to be a billionaire one day.

It’s the sweetness at the centre of everything we do ☺️

Get your crumb on!

Down to celebrate a new beginning with you _ You know I had to ride that wave into a new pair of kicks _ 🎶🔥

“It’s time to stop talking about happiness and start thinking about happiness.” – Robert Holden

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Call us today at 1-800-841-2221

I’m not a baker…I’m an engineer! Rewarded with the opportunity to share my wide-eyed wonder at the simplest of things, I am forever enthralled, and eternally grateful. And cake is delicious.

Baby, it’s cold outside, but your lemon bundt cake is warm and cinnamony enough to stay. 🎄

There’s nothing more magical than a perfectly frosted layer cake.

We are bakers of dreams. #Wearebakersofdreams

They say all good things must come to an end, but every crumb of this cake is pure goodness.

Berry tart, vanilla custard, marshmallow fluff. You’ll like it like that 🍓

Member with us this fluffy, magical Friday ☁️🍰

Today is a great day for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake !!!

Holding your breath but #breathedeeply through the hard moments so you can truly #embrace the good ones.  ✌🏽 💚

Life is short, so Eat Dessert First.

As pretty as the outside is, what’s on the inside is even prettier. Come try our soft buttery 🍰 filled with rich creamy 🍨 topped with a drizzle of salted creamy fudge ^^

Feed bread🌽and grow yeast🍾 #breadstagram #bakery #selftaughtbaker

*OFFICIAL* follow for #cake pics, cheats, and tricks. Ask me how to run a cake business on Instagram ✨🍰🍰

Trust yourself. Create the life you want to live. That’s what I did, and it worked out great! #lifelessonsfromcakebusiness

I used to think I could never be part of a couple with the baker and cake business, it would be too complicated… But now we’re both very happy and we run a cake business together.

Hi, I’m just a simple cake that wants to bring joy to the world. Life is really sweet when you learn how (le sigh). #makecakes #cake #happy#bakeforfun

Making cakes is fun, but sometimes life is just more magical on the outside.

Almost makes me wanna learn how to bake a cake… 😏

People say baking is an art, and we’re inclined to agree: It takes precision and passion to create our delicious pastries,” says Cake.

I know it’s not a real dog but I’m going to treat you as a real dog. #bakerybio

Rainbow cakes are my new favorite thing–literally can’t get enough of them! It only made sense to share this joy with all of you ☀ #rainbows #rainbowcake #cookiecutterwonderland

Throwback to the days when a slice of cake was a simple choice. #nostalgia #sundayfunday

A slice of the pie can change a lot of things. 🎂

Marketing is advertising. Advertising is salesmanship in print, radio, or television.

Let’s bake up something sweet today! 🍰

Everyone is a poet in their own way because everyone sees the world through different eyes. ~Robert Brault

This is a great Instagram bio for a cake business or bakery that shows off its variety of cakes.

Making cups and lids come together since 2017.

For a cake business or a cupcake business, a dessert business, a bakery business, a dessert shop, a bakery shop, a gourmet cake company, a gourmet cupcake company, the bio needs to be catchy. It should make people

I don’t buy cookies, I make them.

Who says you can’t be a unicorn and bake?  You can do anything you want in life, so long as you never lose your 🦄

Throwback to that time I tried to make a unicorn cake without my white chocolate 😂😂😂

Even if this just tastes like a blueberry pancake, it’s still Instagram famous. 😍 #blueberrypancakecake #bakingfun #spicedcake

🎂It’s not just a birthday cake. It’s an entire birthday celebration! 🎂

I dream of a better cake world. 🌈❤️🍰

When it comes to being a Master of Cakes, there ain’t no shortcuts. Just creaming butter, sugar, and eggs 🍰

When you press play, make sure you remember everything.

Think you got the mix right? 🤔

“You have to believe in yourself. That’s the secret of success.” – Louis Pasteur

Just a few months ago, I was cleaning houses for a living. Now I’m running a cake business from my house, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made 😊🍰

I am a self-taught cake artist with an art degree in painting. I am obsessed with baking, pretty design, and cats. All my cakes are hand-painted on fondant, not the cake itself. But don’t worry, they

Nothin’ like a fresh slice of buttery, crumbly, creamy, melt in your mouth… #Cake

Hello, world! You’ll find a cake for any occasion at _ _._._._._._._._._

Freshly baked, or you’ve had my double chocolate chip cookies before? 😋 #bakedfreshdaily

When you’re ready for your next sweet adventure, always turn to the Cake Batter Bakery. 😋

There’s no business like croissant business.

My favorite time of day is sunset – I’m ready to go home and bake.

Good thing we’re made of sugar, flour, and lots of love. Happy National Cake Day!

When you see their eyes light up at the mere mention of your birthday cake smothered in icing and filled with sprinkles, you know your little one is a certified sprinkles goblin ❤️😍

The best things come in small packages. And so do the best food and drink combinations. ⚯⁀‍♀

Yay for being the boss of your own holiday! Join me as I experiment with Christmas-y vegan fare on a weeknight. 😊❤ #vegan #cookingfornye

Throwback to my very first cake! I’m seriously still in awe… If you need a little #inspiration rn, remember that with hard work and determination you can do anything; even create things out of sugar, flour, butter.

My Cakes bring all the boys to the yard 😍‼️😘

Have frosting dreams and cupcake fantasies? We do too. Life is short, eat the cake. 🍰🍰

“A little more elbow grease and determination, and we will make this country shine again!” —Donald J. Trump

Bake the sweetest memories into every celebration. ▪️▫️▪️▫️

Put a little zebra in your life 🦓 …#unicorncake #unicorndesserts #sweettooth #dessertaddict #sprinkleful #sprinklesarelife

🎂 Everything’s coming up roses! 🍰

EDITED: In honor of #worldwidefreesweets day – 3, 2, 1…

All the best things in life are sweet.

Two years old – and still taste buds-approved.

Batter up! ✋ Grab the field and make the perfect pitcher for this weekend’s celebrations 🍻🍦

Love is in the Air – #weddingsbyjennifer

It’s all in the frosting… #letstalkcakes

The best bakers in town bring the prettiest pretties straight to you. Let’s cut these beauties and get started! 😊

When life gives you cakes, make a cake. 🤗 #bakersofinstagram

Hello, friend. Crumbly and moist #bananabread, toasted and anointed with 🦄.

What time is it? Cake o’clock. Love those easy peasy days when all you have to do is swirl some frosting and sprinkle on a few sprinkles. 😋

#QoL:  Quality of Life

My last slice of birthday cake is like my last breath. Last. Last. Last.

I’m not a baker… I’m a cake artist. ##baking##cake##sweet##cakelife##sweets#cakes#dessert#muffin#food#foodstagram #foodie#yummy

Free of preservatives and artificial ingredients, our #glutenfree treats are made with simple, wholesome ingredients. They’re so good, they should be illegal. 😍

Your happy place is a slice of cake away 🍰☀ .

We all scream for ice cream‼️😍❄️🍦

Alright, y’all—it’s that time of year when you can wear open-toed shoes, drink iced tea on the back patio without sweating through your shirt, and eat ice cream for breakfast. #nuzzless

If you could make a flavor out of a person you know, what would it be?

Hey gorgeous! Specializing in cakes, don’t be afraid to try something new. We make our magic from scratch using premium ingredients. Making sure to always leave a sweet taste in your mouth, follow along on Instagram!

I always dreamed I’d be a baker, but I never thought it would be so much fun! 🍰

Your smile tells me how much you love your cake. Now that’s a sweet way to start the day!😁

Don’t forget to add a capital letter in a bio

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the cake-and-candles emoji. 🎂 Eat, Drink & Be Cakeful #cakeday #cake

The secret to a long and happy life? Eat more cakes! 👑 #cakebusiness #usecakeforsnaps #bakingbusiness

Start’em outright. Invest in learning the basics of creating the perfect layer cake.

Cake is forever—and so are you. 🍰

Two things were noticeably absent from the garden of Eden: 1) death & 2) gluten-free cake.

I’d rather be slathered in buttercream than with Bear Bear!

With a sprinkle of sugar, sprinkles can make it all better. 🎂

It’s my party and I’ll eat if I want to! 😊

Not much beats a bite of Brooklyn Blackout cake ⚗ 🎂 .

While the appearance of this key lime pie may be deceiving, it’s deceivingly delicious too. Come on by #

Omggggggggggg I can’t wait to get my hands on these!! 🐰🍰 #cake #sweet #sweets #dessert

Having so much fun in the kitchen, it’s easy for me to wake up early every day.  You know what is even more fun? Eating my creations all day!  It really makes my day when I get comments about

Cupcakes are our business and business is good…

TWOKEY CAKES🍰- self taught baker who cant bake a sad sheet of cake. Also – I use the word ‘twokey’ as a noun adjective and verb #twokeycakes #twokey

Cake and sprinkles and sunshine and rainbows and clouds.

We put the frosting on top of the cupcake, because that’s how it eats.

🍰 We’re baaaack!

Through many slices of bread, the best kind of happiness is homemade. – Erin Calder

Who needs coffee to wake up in the morning when you have fresh ☕️☕️ to look forward to?

🌧 The best things in life are still made the old way.

Growing old gracefully is a waste of time.

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