Best Friend With Benefits Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Best Friend With Benefits Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Best Friend With Benefits Quotes and Captions for Instagram: Your best friend is your partner in crime. They’re the person you can be yourself around and can laugh with, cry with, and even white girls dance with. No one knows you better than them — they’ve seen all sides of you. This can lead to an amazing friendship or an awkward ‘relationship’…

You’re buddies with benefits. You like each other and have fun together, but you are both aware that the relationship doesn’t have to last. There is no pressure on either of you to change or grow. It’s all about the present and whether or not it works for you. Here is a collection of quotes from people who know what it’s like to have a best friend with benefits.


Best Friend With Benefits Quotes and Captions for Instagram

  • My first true love! You are emotional, sensitive, thoughtful, accepting and responsible. You never cease to amaze me with your intelligence and wisdom. I feel safe around you and somehow I feel as if you know just what to say every time we talk. I wish there were more people in the world like you. I’m so glad that we found each other and became best friends with benefits.
  • Wishing you love, peace and happiness on our anniversary! I’m so glad I have you in my life. You are the most amazing friend. I hope we can spend many more days together like today.
  • We’ve always said that we are like peas in a pod. We have been friends for so long it seems impossible for something to go wrong when had so much fun together. I also feel that way about you, but lately, I have been feeling more than friendship towards you. I think my feelings towards you are more than friendship. I was thinking that if we become more than friends there is no telling where our strong love will take us.
  • I’ve never met someone like you. I had a feeling from the start that we would go great together and I have never been happier to be wrong about something. Some try to complicate the relationship we have but all I see is complete honesty between us. We hardly know each other but I feel like I’ve known you forever. You make me happy and you always put a smile on my face.
  • I haven’t seen you all week, but invisible strings have connected us this entire time and I haven’t wanted to let go of every thought about you. I watched the sunrise and set just so it could bring me closer to you. Baby, please come back soon. I love you with all my heart.
  • I love you, you care for me. We are great Best Friends with Benefits. That may change in time but for now, we can sit and talk about any subject through thick and thin. We can have fun around one another, joke around and just have yourself a good ol’ time! So as I finish this text, please know that I do love you and that I always will.
  • I love you so much. You’ve made me feel things I never thought possible. Your smile and laugh always make my day. I couldn’t ask for anything more in life, because you have already given me everything.
  • My best friend is the best part of my life. She is my sanity and I am her escape. She loves me like no one else, and I love her back just as fiercely as I always have. I love everything about her, even the imperfections that make her unique to everyone else. She is completely irreplaceable, and I know that our friendship will last forever.
  • I am so lucky to have you as a friend, I feel like you’re my world, my everything. I miss seeing your face, it hurts so much to not have you here with me! I want to hold you close and make all your problems disappear. You are just so amazing! I can’t wait for us to hang out again soon!
  • If I could be with you every night, you know I would. I can’t get enough of your touch and intoxicating scent. You are my dearest friend, but that very well may change. I want so much more than this and it is killing me to know you feel the same. I see all we could be, but until then our friendship will have to suffice.
  • I just want you to know that I am always on your side, always in your corner. I will never let you get knocked out, I won’t ever let anyone take advantage of you. You are the best friend a person could ask for, and we’re getting way too old to be fighting every weekend. Let’s find some common ground where we can both be happy.
  • Wishing you all the happiness. I love our moments together, and I hope that we will continue sharing those special memories. You are my best friend with benefits, and I hope you will be forever.
  • I love you, ‘friend with benefits,’ but know that my love will never end. I want this to last forever and I will love you always.
  • There’s no one else I’d rather come home to every day. You know just what to say and do to put a smile on my face. You make me feel special, loved, and adored. I’m so glad you walked into my life and helped me forget my past. Thanks for staying by my side through everything and forever…
  • You are my best friend. You’re stuck with me forever. So let’s have a beer on it! But seriously, I can always count on you and I know that no matter what happens you will be there for me. I love our little family and I don’t want to see anything come between us because that would just kill me.
  • I love you more than the stars and the moon put together. You taught me what love really is. I love your warmth, your smell that makes my heart swoon.


Funny Friends With Benefits Quotes

Funny Friends with Benefits Quotes are something that can be used to describe your friendship. Funny friends quote is one of the best quotes you could read or tell your friend when you want to express how much fun it is to spend time together.

There are many examples of funny friends quotes for you to use, but if you want, you can get these funny friends with benefits quotes from here.


  • I am really happy to say that “We are friends with benefits”. You have had a lot of guys, I have been hurt a lot and have had bad experiences in the past. But we found each other at the right moment. Now that you realized your feelings for me, I don’t regret anything, no girls no cheating and I am very proud of you, to return that love and be here for you.
  • I still giggle like a school girl when I think about how we started. We are so much more than friends with benefits. You know what I want before even I do and you always know the right thing to say. I love our friendship and the fact that we can be completely honest with one another. You inspire me and make me smile when everything in the world seems to be going wrong. I love you!
  • Some people believe that the love shared between a man and a woman is stronger than any other love. The truth is, there is no bond quite like friendship because friends don’t lead you on, cheat on you or make you cry. I’d rather have any kind of love than no love at all. Friends are our family we choose for ourselves. Love ya!
  • There’s nothing we can’t do together. I think that is why I like u so much. As a friend and as something more, you have my hand and my heart. And for that…I love you!
  • To my dear friend, I love you. You make me smile when I’m sad and cheer me up even when I’m mad. You are the most amazing person I know – always there for me when I need a shoulder to cry on! I love you with all my heart. 🙂
  • Thank God there are still people in this world who are nice to each other without expecting anything in return. Thanks for being my friend [name].
  • Hey, if you need any “love” just let me know. I have some extra time on my hands and am ready to play.
  • “I love my family, but it’s my friends who make life worth living.” -Fraser Simpson
  • I’m fine, I’m an expert at friends with benefits. There’s something about you that makes me feel so attracted. Like a force from above. Something that draws me to you. Something that makes me want to hold your hand. I want to be yours, and only yours. When I look into your eyes, my heart races; it’s like life has meaning again. You make me want to be the best person I can be for you and for myself.
  • Just wanted to say you’re doing a fantastic job!! Keep it up!! Anyways, I wanted to let you know… I don’t think we should “sleep” together anymore. I mean, if we are going to be friends with benefits, at the very least we should be friends first!
  • “I think, at a certain point, people start to realize that they are friends with benefits with the person they actually want to be with.” – Jennifer Aniston
  • All my friends want some of this action. I just want to know what makes you so special. While I don’t understand these feelings, I know they’re real. You captivate me with your smile and crazy good looks. You are the best.
  • Girl, you’re the best! We make out like a couple of teenagers. You make me feel younger… it’s indescribable! You’re the best birthday present I ever got! You are the icing on my cake, so don’t ever leave me!
  • We are the best! What we have is so rare and special. It’s our own little world where everything is perfect. We don’t need anyone else in our lives. We have each other and that’s all we need.
  • I would totally be your booty call if I was single… but sadly I’m not! It’s a good thing though because you are far too good for me. You would make an awesome boyfriend, so find yourself a sweet girl who will treat you right…but no taking her out on Friday nights! 😉


Friends With Benefits Break up Quotes

  • Dear Candace, I have been thinking a lot about our relationship lately. You know that I have had feelings for you for such a long time. You are my best friend and we had some fun times together. However, I think it is time that we take time to grow and see other people at this stage of life. Thanks for being my friend and I will always remember all of the fun we had together.
  • You’ve said some sweet things, but I care about you too much to keep doing this. I’m sorry if this hurts you, but I hope we can stay friends.
  • I’m not big at long goodbyes so I’ll make it short, We wish we were better friends, So this won’t be too hard. It seems we’ve hit a dead-end, Things just aren’t the same. We used to have a lot of fun. Before we ran out of things to say. So here’s to happy times and all the crazy ones spent in between.
  • We weren’t just friends with benefits. We were each other’s benefit. I mean, we weren’t exactly friends either.
  • I think it’s time we go back to being friends. It breaks my heart to say this, but I really feel like we’re gonna drift apart if we keep this up. It was nice while it lasted.
  • I don’t know that we were ever friends and I don’t know that we were ever benefits but you do mean something to me.
  • Please find it in your heart to forgive me for what I am about to do. You don’t deserve this, you deserve better than me. I’m doing this because I feel that it is the best decision for myself and our relationship. I want you to be happy and someday maybe you will find the right girl to make you happy.
  • It’s not you, it’s me… I just don’t have time to devote myself to a relationship right now. It was fun while it lasted, but lately, we haven’t been getting along very well. We should probably just be friends.
  • I was hoping that you’d be the one to wake up and realize how amazing I am.
  • We both knew that this was a friend with benefits type relationship. I’m not saying we can’t be friends, but if you don’t know what you want from me, then why are we even talking? We both knew it wasn’t gonna last forever. But if you want more from me, then saying nothing isn’t the answer. It’s making things more awkward for us. We do still have a lot in common.
  • I am just so grateful for our friendship, you were there for me when I was down and I loved being in your company. I hope we can remain friends and you will find it in your heart to forgive me and wish me the best.
  • We had fun, but now it’s over. I will still be your friend and always have a smile for you. The roller coaster ride has stopped and we have to say goodbye. I know your heart is broken and you might need time to heal. My arms are always open if you need me.
  • Thank you for being a great friend. I really enjoyed the time we spent together, but I’ve realized that my heart belongs to someone else.
  • I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun we had. I wish you the best.
  • You know those friends that everyone seems to have, the ones who helped you through your rough times? The one’s you called whenever you needed a shoulder to cry on. The woman I thought you were. I was wrong.
  • I really enjoyed our time together. We had a pretty good thing going but I’m not looking for a connection beyond this, just let me know if you are.
  • I thought I could trust you, though you’re no better than my exes. Whatever there are plenty of women out there and they appreciate a bad boy.


Friends Only for Benefits Quotes

  • I called out your name at least 2 dozen times last night and not once did you hear me! It’s because I wasn’t talking to you, but I was thinking about you. I was thinking about how much fun it would be if we were actually together. Note: If you’re in a relationship and seeking friends only for benefits this is perhaps the best way to tell someone.
  • You are smart and sexy and I look forward to many more years being friends for benefits.
  • I may be your friend, but I have always wanted to be your lover. Every time we talk I become more interested in you, so much that sometimes I forget about the others. I hope someday we can discard all of this unnecessary space between us and become more than friends.
  • This one is more like a brag: “I’m here with friends and I love that you are not here to see how great life is”
  • A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
  • Friendship’s greatest pleasure is in friendship’s greatest virtue. -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Love is a good thing, hot buttered sex on a cold winter night.” — Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Being your friend is definitely for benefits. All the fun and none of the cost, relationships just don’t get better than that. Thanks for all you do. You are my best friend and always will be.
  • Dear Mike & _, I love you both so much. I feel like we’ve been through a lot together and I’ve learned so much from you two. You’re both my best friends and I would do anything for you guys. There isn’t enough words to express how much I love you guys. You are always on my mind no matter what!
  • You are my best friend, the one that I can always count on. You are such a great friend and I can’t imagine my life without you. I promise you that our friendship will never change no matter what happens in the future. We will always be friends and I love you for it!
  • I’ve always loved your work and feel like I can trust you with anything. I appreciate everything you do for me & know in my heart that you’ll always be there.
  • Because you are my friend, and I am yours. I love you just so much and would do anything for you. I’ve been with you through your worst and best of times, through happiness, sadness and anger. Whenever you are down, I always seem to be the first one to know.
  • You are just one of those friends that always had you back in the day. Love you man! Cheers to being buddies for life.
  • Hey, what’s up? Just wanted to say Happy New Year! I know we don’t talk much but hope we can be closer friends this year. :)You’re the greatest, friend. Have a nice day.
  • If I could have just one wish, I would wish to wake up everyday to the warm feeling of being loved by you. To feel your arms wrapped around me as a text message says “Good morning gorgeous”…
  • I wish you would stop caring about what others think and just be yourself. I love your authentic self and I know everyone else will too.

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